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Men’s magazines


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Men’s magazines

  1. 1. CONTENTS ANALYSIS OFOne of the main things you tend to see inmen‟s magazines is women. Not necessarilyon the front page but somewhere on the What you see inside this specificinsides of the magazine. You also see“perfect bodies” – Men‟s Health. The bodies magazine is; how to get a nicelyare to catch eyes of other men who would shaped body, how to save money, howlike to look like that. As you can see in the to plan your week (fitness wise).picture, it consists of a main image or „Cover Basically, what most guys are lookingStar‟. Around the image there is a „preview‟ for. The magazine will also consist ofof the information that is inside the advertisements which will interestmagazine. “FROM FAT TO FLAT!”, “The NewRules Of Money p76”. These are known as men. E.g. watches, protein shakes„Cover Lines‟. The information is bold and and even how to “BUILD A TOTALreadable, these lines are to sell the HOME GYM FROM JUST £44”. Menmagazine and the information also directs find this very interesting and usefulyou straight to the page to help the reader. that there are ways in which you canOverall the magazine will give you tips on get the most out of your time and/oreverything in life, from: how to get the bestout of your body, all the way to, how to excite money!your sexual lifestyle!
  2. 2. Although the magazine has sub- This is a page from Men‟s health. Here‟s another page. This is acategories, the main focus about You can see that it gives you an work-out plan which readers canthis particular magazine is health idea of the type of food you should take out the magazine and pin itand relating that to a man roughly be eating if you are working on your up on there wall and refer to it aged 20-35. body and how to get the best and when working out. quickest results.
  3. 3. CONTENTS ANALYSIS OF To interest men into the magazine even more, there are cover lines suchThis is a whole different type of men‟s as this one. It is there to be seen andmagazine in terms of content and who it read, which then gives the reader aappeals to. As you can see above, this thought of actually going on to theintends that the magazine is for people who page and reading more about theare in time with the current generation (18- article. Most men are attracted to35). With Drake on the front cover, this shows females.that people who are interested in the musicand entertainment industry would pick this upand read it. “THE BEST STUFF OF THEYEAR” – Stay modernised with the latestinformation on newly releasedelectronics, clothing, cars, etc.
  4. 4. The front cover appeals to men This is a page within the magazine What also features in this magazine aged 18-35 and can be nicely and it is all about the current is information on the latest cars. spotted on the shelves at a trend, how to fit in with fashion. In This is because the vast amount of store, standing out from rival this case, bracelets or „mangles‟ are men are very interested in cars. magazines. very popular.
  5. 5. SUB-CATEGORIES OF MEN‟S MAGAZINESMost male magazines cover similar areas: Sub-categories are basically different types- Health, Fitness, Protein, Relationships, of categories which the magazine consists Food, Technology, Travel and even of. For example, if the magazine is about sex! health then it is not banned for the magazine to provide information on cars or women.There are many different types of men‟smagazines… This magazine is relevant to ages 20 and over because the cover star is a man with a very good body shape and he looks in his mid/late 20‟s. Another reason why it would be aimed at that age is because many teenagers aged 16-19 would be occupied by their education. “YOUR NEW BODY IS HERE!” – This phrase written out in bold The similarity of the logo‟s are very yellow almost shouts out to the reader and makes it clear that this interesting. A bright, eye-catching, bold magazine is for people who are red font! interested in shaping their bodies.
  6. 6. MEDIA PACKS – MEN‟S MAGAZINEMedia Packs are mostly found online and are normally provided bymagazine companies. They contain information on who reads themagazines that they are producing and various other information likethe age group, marital status and how often they read/buy themagazine. Media Packs also show figures of how much each pagessells/costs, dimensions of the pages being produced and whatadvertising agencies are producing them. Media Packs are veryhelping in the industry because it helps advertising easier for peoplewho would like to aim at certain people and/or age groups.
  7. 7. Font appropriate to the reader.. „Masculine‟ DETAILED ANALYSIS OF Magazine titles are normally in Date Line + Price the top 3rd of the magazine cover (Mast Head) (The more expensive themagazine, the smaller the price) “BIGGEST ISSUE EVER!”- This „splash‟ tends to make you think that there is more in this issue Cover Lines, also known as than any other. Sell Lines Directs you to the page Banners – Top & Bottom “Strap Lines” Cover Star – Main Image (Gives the reader a little (one) Sometimes magazine bit more information) covers consist of three different pictures at the front. The word for this is Triptych.
  8. 8. HOUSE STYLE OF Men‟s Health always have the same logo/title and most of the time the cover star is overlapping a part of it but with such a successful reputation The colour scheme tends to stay the and popularity, people will still know same inside the magazine as well as that this is Men‟s Health. the outside (red, blue, black, etc.) The white background contrasts very well with the font colours and also adding to this effect is the grayscale image in the centre which brings the words out even more on the cover.
  9. 9. HISTORY OF MEN‟S MAGAZINES The history of the men‟s category in terms of magazines, is astonishing. The first ever men‟s magazine was published in 1731 and was founded by Edward Cave. The magazine was called “The Gentlemen‟s Magazine” and was about anything that the male gender was interested in at the time. This magazine ran un-interrupted for almost 200 years, until 1992! You can see how the magazine looked in 1731 (left) and how it has evolved in the picture (right) massively to the present year, 2011. In the early stages of men‟s magazines, there were not many sub- categories as we have today like; technology, sex, sport, cars, health, music etc. It just use to be anything and everything that would interest men in reading about it. The magazines were also published monthly, whereas some are now published weekly or even daily! azine