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Hacking Your Meatware


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Exercises you can do at your desk - understand and protect your shoulders and back.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Hacking Your Meatware

  1. 1. Hacking yourMeatwareExercises you can do at your deskKurt
  2. 2. Failures and SuccessesFailures● AC separation● Stretched ligament● Torn ligaments insideboth shoulders● Destroyed 1stmetatarsaljoint● Countless broken toes● RSI and laptop back● Weight: 190 in Feb 2009Successes● DL: 2x, Squat: 1.5x, Bench:1x● Weight: 175 ± 3 for over 2years● Cut my chiropractor visitsfrom 2/month to 2/year● I can still carry mydaughter a full Portlandblock (shes almost 14)● Born in 1961, and Im stillgoing
  3. 3. Sittingwill kill you
  4. 4. BalanceFront to backPectoral to deltoid and latissimus dorsiHip flexor to gluteus maximus
  5. 5. Lets move6-breath “sun salutation”BandsWall stretchesLungesLacrosse ballsCreative use of stuff at hand
  6. 6. Links and stuffPosture
  7. 7. Links and stuffPosture