Intranet/Digital Workplace Navigation that works!


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Finding the best navigation for your intranet or digital workspace is a challenge. This workshop provides tools to create an intranet strategy and goals that appeal to c-suite executives. It will also cover how to find the biggest challenges with your intranet, how to find your target groups, ways to discover your colleagues' most valuable tasks and how to prioritize them, and suggests tools to find your top level navigation and how to test it. This highly interactive workshop will challenge you to think about intranets and digital workspaces in new ways, and give you the tools to find your top levels of navigation.

About the presenter:
Kurt Kragh Sørensen Aarhus, Denmark, is the CEO and intranet consultant at IntraTeam A/S. Kurt Kragh Sørensen heads the largest intranet membership organization in Scandinavia, and has offered consultancy services, workshops and lectures on intranets, knowledge sharing and communication on the Web since 2000.

About IntraTeam
IntraTeam has arranged the famous IntraTeam Event intranet conferences in Copenhagen for eight years.


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Intranet/Digital Workplace Navigation that works!

  1. 1. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comIntranet/Digital WorkspaceNavigationKurt Kragh SørensenIntraTeam A/S
  2. 2. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comKurt Kragh Sørensen• Worked with intranets since 2000• Facilitated Community of Practice groupssince 2002• Benchmarked intranets since 2005• International conference about intranetsince 2006• @KurtKragh• @IntraTeam
  3. 3. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comAbout IntraTeam• 260 members of our 25 communities ofpractice in Denmark and Sweden –Primarily focused on intranet and the digitalworkplace• 2,300+ profiles on our online• Community about optimizing the intranetand the digital workplace• @IntraTeam 5,000+ followers• IntraTeam Event Copenhagen
  4. 4. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comAgenda• Introduction and your challenges• Strategy and goals• Target groups• Find your colleagues’ tasks• Shortlisting• Prioritize the tasks• Find the top level navigation• Test it
  5. 5. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comAbout you?• Communication?• Consultant?• Responsible for your intranet?• Responsible for findability/navigation?• Responsible for collaboration?• Relaunching your intranet• Can your colleagues find what they arelooking for on your intranet?
  6. 6. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comQUESTIONYour Challenges?
  7. 7. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comChallenges• Too many want their project, product ordepartment in the top navigation or on thehomepage• Not many can find what they are looking for in theorganizationally focused navigation• Hard to satisfy everybody• Some understand the menu; others don’t• Hard to prioritize
  8. 8. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comWhere are:• Products/Services?• News?• Minutes from the last meeting?• Projects?• Competitions in the top level menu?Home Knowledge Information Employee Reports Competitions
  9. 9. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comAnother exampleNew menu
  10. 10. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comQUESTIONHow did you find your navigation?
  11. 11. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comHow did you find your navigation?• You or a small team made your navigation• Involved a lot of people
  12. 12. Billede af strategiStrategy
  13. 13. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comQUESTIONWhat goals do you have for your intranet?
  14. 14. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comGoals for your intranet?
  15. 15. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comDigital Workplace Trends Report 2013 by Jane McConnell,
  16. 16. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comQUESTIONWhat will give you attention at C-level?
  17. 17. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comInternal communication andsharing knowledge are tools- and not goals!- that the CEO will givemuch attention!
  18. 18. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comGoals for your intranet
  19. 19. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comwww.IntraTeam.dkSell more
  20. 20. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comwww.IntraTeam.dkSave Money
  21. 21. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comwww.IntraTeam.dkBeat the Competition
  22. 22. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 Innovation
  23. 23. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comwww.IntraTeam.dkAttract and Keep
  24. 24. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comHelp your CEO toimplement his strategy
  25. 25. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comWHATWhat tasks should you include?
  26. 26. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comCommunication
  27. 27. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comDocument management
  28. 28. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comCollaboration
  29. 29. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comProcess Optimization
  30. 30. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comE-learning
  31. 31. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comCulture
  32. 32. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comSource: Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting & IBF
  33. 33. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comHOWHow are you going to developyour navigation?
  34. 34. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comTARGETGROUPSWhich target groups do you have for yourintranet?
  35. 35. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  36. 36. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  37. 37. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  38. 38. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  39. 39. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comMax. 3-5 targetgroups
  40. 40. Find all the tasks
  41. 41. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comWhere do you find the tasks?• Business strategy• Stakeholder interviews• Workplace observations• Existing intranet• Top search results• Most visited pages• Other intranets• Relevant medias• Employee feedback/research
  42. 42. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comImportant• Include every department, location,business unit etc.• Influential employees• Trouble makers• C-level• Managers
  43. 43. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comManaging the Long List
  44. 44. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comShortlisting
  45. 45. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13“Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus onthe good stuff.”
  46. 46. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNo brands
  47. 47. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNo internal language• Dealer locator• BBC Fleet
  48. 48. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNo demographics• Headoffice• Business Units
  49. 49. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNo formats• PDF• Word document• Excel spreadsheet• PowerPoint• Video
  50. 50. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNot too high in the structure• People• HR• IT• Global
  51. 51. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNot too low either• Product X manual• Parental leave
  52. 52. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNo duplicates• Forum• Discussion• Product Description• Product Facts
  53. 53. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comExceptions
  54. 54. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNo abbreviations• TLA• OMG• TGIF
  55. 55. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comNo verbs• Organize Leave -> Leave• Manage Benefits -> Benefits• Access Training -> Training• Resolve an Issue -> Issues• Search Jobs -> Jobs
  56. 56. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comAvoid repetition• Organization charts• Organization facts and figures• Organization history• Organization magazines• Organization newsMaximum 4 tasks thatbegin with the sameword
  57. 57. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comComplete• Make sure you get tasks from– Every department, location, business unit etc.– Influential employees– Trouble makers– C-level– Managers
  58. 58. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comOne at a time• Marketing material & tools• News & Events
  59. 59. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comShort• Max. 7 words / 55 characters
  60. 60. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comEliminate duplicates
  61. 61. FinalShortlistChecklist
  62. 62. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comClear and Precise• No brands• No internal terms• No demographics• No formats• Not too high• Not too low• No abbreviations• No verbs
  63. 63. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comClear and Precise (continued)• No repetitions• Complete• One at a time• Max. 7 words / 55 characters• No duplicates
  64. 64. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comSurvey• Representative share from each targetgroup answer the survey
  65. 65. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comDanish Dairy Company1. Long list2652. Short list70
  66. 66. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comExercise• Please look at the list and choose the topFIVE most useful tasks for you on yourintranet Give a score of 5 to the mostimportant, 4 to the next most important,then 3, 2, 1.• Please give only one score of 5, one 4, one3, one 2, and one 1. Leave the rest blank.• Note: The list has been ordered alphabetically to make it easierto review. Be careful not to be unduly influenced by words thatare near the top of the list.
  67. 67. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comComparison
  68. 68. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comTop 5 tasks always gets more than25% of the votes.70% of the least voted tasks getsless than 3% of the votes.
  69. 69. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comHow to find the top navigation
  70. 70. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comOptimal Sort – OptimalWorkshopHow to find the top navigationOptimal Workshop
  71. 71. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  72. 72. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  73. 73. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  74. 74. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  75. 75. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comOptimal Workshop
  76. 76. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  77. 77. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  78. 78. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  79. 79. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  80. 80. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  81. 81. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  82. 82. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  83. 83. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  84. 84. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  85. 85. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  86. 86. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  87. 87. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  88. 88. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comHow to test your navigationTESTING
  89. 89. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comTreeJackOptimal WorkshopHow to test your navigationOptimal Workshop
  90. 90. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  91. 91. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  92. 92. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  93. 93. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  94. 94. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  95. 95. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  96. 96. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  97. 97. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  98. 98. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  99. 99. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  100. 100. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  101. 101. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  102. 102. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  103. 103. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  104. 104. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  105. 105. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  106. 106. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  107. 107. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13 www.IntraTeam.comRecap• Strategy and goals• Target groups• Find your colleagues’ tasks• Shortlisting• Prioritize the tasks• Find the top level navigation• Test it
  108. 108. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  109. 109. @KurtKragh @IntraTeam #IABCWC13
  110. 110. Thank you for your 4018 1655@KurtKragh@IntraTeam