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The tale of genji report


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tale of genji is one of the famous Japanese first written novel, romance novel

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The tale of genji report

  1. 1. Murasaki Shikibu Born about 978 in Kyoto, Japan and a daughter of a provincial Governor serving under Fujiwara clan. About the Author Her real name was never known. A Japanese novelist, one of her country's greatest writers and maid of honor in the imperial court.
  2. 2. Murasaki Shikibu Little is known about her except that she was married to Fujiwara Nobutaka and that she kept a diary of court life, which she transformed into a novel after her husband's death. About the Author
  3. 3. The Heian Period 794-1192
  4. 4. Heian means “peace and “tranquility” in Japanese The Heian Period 794- 1192 Heian capital is the “Kyoto” today The last division of classical Japanese history Period of rise of samurai class The birth of Japan Literatures
  5. 5. The Tale Of Genji Background Written about 1,000 years ago and has 54 chapters and over 1,000 pages of text in its English translation. It is generally considered to be the world's first true novel, and was certainly the first psychological novel ever written.
  6. 6. The Tale Of Genji Background The tale of Genji deals with the life of a prince and his seemingly endless affairs with various court ladies The novel depicts a refined Japanese court life during the Heian period,
  7. 7. The Tale Of Genji Background It was created for the purpose of entertainment for upper class women of Aristocracy. It is both romantic and political type of story.
  8. 8. The Tale Of Genji Background The tale is parallel to the Heian society, one group of elites obsessed in rank, leisure and breeding, they were acutely sensitive to beauty of nature and pleasures of music, poetry and calligraphy, as it was portrayed in this tale.
  9. 9. in The tale of Genji
  10. 10. Prince Hikaru Genji Son of the Emperor and a low-ranking court lady; hero of the novel he is described as a superbly handsome man. Genji is the second son of an emperor, but he is delegated to civilian life for political reasons and lives as an imperial officer.
  11. 11. Emperor Father of Genji, and his favorite concubine is Lady Kiritsubo, the mother of Genji. Later he married Princess Fujitsubo who resembles his former Lady Kiritsubo.
  12. 12. Princess Fujitsubo Emperor's Wife, Reizei's mother She resembles the deceased concubine of the Emperor, and later she becomes one of his wives. Genji loves her first as a stepmother, but later as a woman, and they fall in love with each other.
  13. 13. Princess Aoi No Ue She is Genji's first wife, the Left Minister's daughter and mother of Yugiri (Son of Genji) She’s married to Genji by political arrangement, and with out mutual feelings they didn’t have a good relationship with each other.
  14. 14. Lady Murasaki Murasaki becomes the love of Genji’s life but was not originally his principal consort. Genji’s deepest and most enduring love is for Murasaki, who enters his life a waif in need of protection but whose first claim in Genji’s affections derives from her resemblance to her cousin
  15. 15. Lady Rokujo Another Genji’s mistress It was said that she became anxious over Genji’s wife, Lady Aoi because of the carriage accident, that she turns into an evil spirit and attack the lady night by night until she finally kills her.
  16. 16. Lady Kiritsubo She is the favorite concubine of the emperor and mother of Genji. The concubines were jealous. With their continuous jealousy and hostility, it led her health failing and later on death.
  17. 17. Lady Oburuzukiyo She is a concubine of the Emperor Suzaku and another Genji's secret love affair. Their relationship was exposed when they were discovered meeting in a secret place that caused Genji’s exile.
  18. 18. Lady Of Akashi Wealthy merchants daughter of Akashi. Genji had an affair with her during his exile in Akashi and she gave birth Third Princess Akashi whom soon became Empress Akashi.
  19. 19. Princess Ona Sanno Miya Genji’s third wife and cousin of Fujitsubo Had an illicit affair with another man because of jealousness on the attention of Genji to Murasaki
  20. 20. Characters in the tale of Genji CHARACTERS DESCRIPTION Reizei Emperor son of Genji and Fujitsubo Yugiri son of Genji and Aoi Kashiwagi Sano Miya Illicit lover, Father of Kaoru Hyobu, Prince Fujitsubo's elder brother, Murasaki's father Kaoru son of Third Princess and Kashiwagi Akashi Empress daughter of Genji and Akashi Lady Niou Grand son of Genji, Son of the Akashi Empress Nakanokimi Sister of Oigimi, had an affair with Niou Rokonokimi Daughter of Yugiri, Became wife of Niou Ukifune Step-sister of Nakanokimi, Became mistress of Niou and Kaoru
  21. 21. The Tale of Genji 3 Major Sections I. A Youth Chapters Love, Romance and Exile II. Triumph and Obstacle Chapters A watch of power and death of his Beloved wife III.The transition Chapters Genji’s Death Genji’s Descendants, Niou and Kaoru
  22. 22. Tale of Genji
  23. 23. Tale of Genji
  24. 24. Lady Fujitsubo Emperor (I) Lady Kiritsubo Rezei (Emperor III) Yugiri Aoi No Ue Murasaki GENJI Akashi Lady Lady Kokiden Sanno Miya Niou KaoruAkashi Princess Rokonokimi Suzaku (Emperor II) Kashiwa gi OigimiNakanokim i Ukifune
  25. 25. Theme The Tale of Genji, probes a romantic and political workings of Mid-Heian Japan. The tale spreads across four generations, splashed with poetry and romance and heightened awareness to the fleeting quality of life
  26. 26. Conflict The Man versus Himself or Moral In this tale the main character struggles in a great dilemma living between pleasure gratification,deceitful acts or living principled and decently
  27. 27. Arigato Gozaimasu!! ! Kurasmeto