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Overview: History of PDR in AIST


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Overview: History of PDR in AIST

Published in: Engineering
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Overview: History of PDR in AIST

  1. 1. ISMAR2003 Image registration + PDR PLANS2010 PDRplus (PDR + Action recognition) PLANS2014 Handheld PDR (Walking Direction Estimation) 2015- 2015- PDR/VDR Module ICAT2006 PDR + GPS + RFID G-spatial EXPO2010 PDR demo on iPhone 4 ICServ2013 Best Paper: Computer-Supported QC Circle (CSQCC) with PDR IPIN2015, 2016 10-axes PDR, Time-series sub-optimization in SDF 2011- Docomo map navi (As of Aug, 2017, 540 areas including subways and underground shopping arcades in Japan) 2014- PDR Benchmark Standardization Committee Established in 2014 (Chair: T. Kurata, 38 organizations in Japan as of September, 2017) Overview: History of PDR in AIST AIST Start-up AcademiaIndustry PDR: Pedestrian Dead Reckoning VDR: Vibration-based/Vehicle Dead Reckoning SDF: Sensor Data Fusion (Hybrid Positioning) RFID: Radio Frequency Identifier GPS: Global Positioning System G-spatial EXPO2016 Extending PDR to VDR 2017 AIST President Award