Social Media Plan Presentation


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Social Media Plan presented to fulfill coursework requirement in Deltina Hays Spring 2013 Social Media Certificate course through Drury University

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Social Media Plan Presentation

  1. 1. Social MediaPlanFor: The Center for NonprofitCommunication, DruryUniversity, Springfield, MO
  2. 2. Our Mission Our Mission: The mission of the CNC is to enhance the quality of life in Southwest Missouri by partnering with nonprofit organizations to help maximize their impact. Drury University’s Center for Nonprofit Communication provides public relations and integrated communications services to support area nonprofit organizations in fulfilling their missions and achieving their goals. The center serves 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. The key component of our mission is to partner with nonprofits to help maximize their impact; in doing so, we increase the training and service-learning opportunities for Drury students and expand the university’s commitment of service to the community and the world. Nonprofit organizations work directly with undeserved and impoverished communities supporting a range of fields including education, the environment, public health, the arts, and other critical areas. One of their greatest challenges is communication; telling their story to stakeholders from the general public to lawmakers. These organizations often lack resources in management, development, and personnel. The Drury University Center for Nonprofit Communication will assist these organizations by providing both resources and training.
  3. 3. CNC’s 2012 NonprofitCommunication Conference
  4. 4. CNC’s 2013 NonprofitSustainability Conference
  5. 5. Existing Social Media Platforms Wordpress based website Facebook Twitter
  6. 6. Strengths of the Center’s Communication Platforms Large database of nonprofit organizations and individuals interested in developing the nonprofit sector in the community Connection with nonprofit leaders in the community Name Recognition Enthusiastic partners, board members, contacts and employees
  7. 7. Weaknesses Website: Not dynamic enough: not blogging with frequency, not enough followers Twitter: Too infrequent, not enough followers, not promoting the CNC in the most optimal manner, lack of nonprofit community interaction Facebook: Not enough likes, interactivity level at a low, not enough traffic to the page
  8. 8. Proposed Plan of Action Use the resources currently available optimize each site before… Establishing other platforms such as1) Pinterest2) YouTube channel3) Facebook Page
  9. 9. Website Focus on optimizing blogs more effectively1) technology2) events3) news for nonprofit organizations Update the news section once a week1) Integrate nonprofit community event calendar Download a plug in, add badges and widgets to make the site mobile friendly Add video1) CNC TV (bi-monthly interviews with local NP organizations: air on DUTV and post on CNC site)2) Post sections of seminars from recent CNC workshops and conferences
  10. 10. Facebook Connect with like-minded organizations Promote Facebook on website, twitter and at events Engage the audience on a more interactive level (questions, etc…) Add Facebook link to emails Post more photos/video of conferences and other events
  11. 11. Twitter Update daily with news, supported blogs, cause awareness Use hashtags during conferences and trainings to connect members and share ideas Follow other nonprofits, actively pursue followers Ask more questions and allow audience to respond to encourage interaction