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The VUCA is changing.It's the new VUCA which will change the world and solution to it.

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  1. 1. VUCA World BY -Kunal Basin
  2. 2. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous "the new normal”
  3. 3. Where did VUCA come from? US Military started using this term in late 90s for the post-Cold War world Reflects a fast-paced, increasingly unstable and rapidly changing world
  4. 4. To deal with a changing battlescape Business leaders face a similar, challenging, dynamic landscape
  5. 5. Volatile Unstable Hard to predict Be prepared Match investment to risk
  6. 6. The challenge is • Exponentially accelerating change • Unexpected • Unstable • May be of unknown duration • Requires accelerated decision making • Require an urgent response But • Its not necessarily hard to understand • Knowledge about it is often available Example Prices fluctuate after a natural disaster
  7. 7. How Does it impact? • Causes fear • Risk Aversion Leadership Lessons • Translate date into information • Communicate early • Ensure your intent is understood We can use • Rapid advances in computing power • Unprecedented access to knowledge • 24hr news • Viral stories • Expanding social networks & media
  8. 8. Uncertain The inability to know everything,the lack of predictability and likelihood of “surprise” events
  9. 9. Uncertainty Leadership Challenges • Abstruse to situation • Insufficient information • More information • Abstruse to understand out come event
  10. 10. The VUCA prime The VUCA prime can be seen as a continuum of skill leader can develop to help make sense Of leading in VUCA world
  11. 11. VUCA : UNCERTAINTY Victim of Uncertainty Master of Uncertainty • See the only one out come and does not think beyond the immediate • See only problem with potential outcomes • Clings to existing processes even when they are inadequate • Rely on past solution to solve today issues • Concerned with the here and now • Able to see a range of outcomes and think in terms of confidence intervals • See uncertain time as opportunities make bold moves • Recognize issue with current state and seeks to adapt • Looks for flaws in the past solution to today problem • Concerned with the future, looking for the weak signals which are the harbingers of change
  12. 12. Complexity
  13. 13. Leadership challenges • Driver • Where to start • Quick wins • lack the time • Mitigating actions • Stuck
  14. 14. Ambiguity The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and- effect confusion.
  15. 15. Ambiguity – Leadership Challenges Failure to understand the significance of an event High risk of miss-interpreting events and responding inappropriately in ineffective ways Leaders are too far removed from the source and context of the events Leaders act based on a limited understanding of events and their meaning Source:
  16. 16. How to lead effectively in an Ambiguous environment? Listen well Think divergently Set up incremental dividends Source:
  17. 17. Ready for a VUCA World?
  18. 18. The Antidote (Solution) Bob Johansen VUCA Prime
  19. 19. Example Adapting VUCA&VUC A Prime Expectations & Challenges Change- Decade LAUNCHE D 2001, New Leadership Development Programme Need for Specialized Leadership Programs
  20. 20. Battle Against Create a vision and “make sense of the world.”  Things Changing Rapidly.  Clear Vision- Focused People. Right Direction Informed Choices. Communic ate Belief see things from a more strategic & long-term perspect Focus
  21. 21. Battle Against CURIOSITY - ask questions (coach) that challenge the status quo in your organization every day EMPATHY - get where people are coming from – their hopes, fears and desires OPEN MIND - explore new ideas, reflect and seek constructive criticism
  22. 22. SIMPLIFY - chop the fat, cut through the complexity and distill the core down to its essence INTUITION - use the gift of knowing without reasoning, trust your gut and your experience SYSTEMS THINKING - approach problems from a holistic perspective (a system of dynamic, interacting, interdependent parts)
  23. 23. DECISIVENESS - adapt quickly to changing circumstances and make decisions with confidence INNOVATE OR DIE - learn from your mistakes and continuously seek new ways to get better at what you do EMPOWER - value networks over hierarchy, collaboration over control and set people free to do great work Ambiguity Agility
  24. 24. References • What VUCA Really Means For You by Nathan Bennett and G.James Leoine, Harvard Business Review, January 2014 (Kindle edition) • Winning a SuperVUCA World – • VUCA -,_uncertainty,_co mplexity_and_ambiguity