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Multiple channels in banking


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multiple channels of indian banking

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Multiple channels in banking

  1. 1. Multiple channel delivery to a self employed professional Kunal Shradha Shadab Uday Sakshi Dhruv
  2. 2. •Agenda Outline of the discussion Category of self employed professionals The possible financial needs of such a professional The significance of these channels from the professional’s perspective Conclusion Types of multiple channels offered by a bank
  3. 3. Self employed professionals
  4. 4. Common banking needs of these professionals  Making payments  Withdrawing money  Depositing money  Transfering funds  Checking available balance  Updating financial statement
  5. 5. Traditional way of doing it is by going to a branch of the bank and operating my a/c So, Let us go to a BRANCH and see
  6. 6. Cheque Demand draft Pay in slipDeposit slip ENQUIRY
  7. 7. Banking made easy at the branch THANKS TO-  Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)  National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) System  Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) System Certain other electronic options available, which has made a bank look like this…
  8. 8.  Pre-paid Payment Systems  Mobile Banking System  Point of Sale (POS) Terminals  ATMs
  9. 9. Objective is to enable the development of inter-operable standards so as to facilitate funds transfer from one account to any other account in the same or any other bank on a real time basis irrespective of the mobile network a customer has subscribed to. Mobile banking ATM tech
  10. 10.  ATMs are continuously evolving  They are much more than an ATM  Transformed into a personalized bank  Innovative technology  Enriching the user experience INTERNET BANKING
  11. 11. An innovative channel: M Pesa
  12. 12. INNOVATION DRIVEN…. A multi-channel banking system should be simple, convenient, affordable and anytime anywhere accessible, providing a unified view of customer’s banking relationships for customers as well as for relationship managers. True multi-channel banking extends beyond the provision of banking access over multiple channels, to add value through: Superior user experience • Personalized banking • Interactivity
  13. 13. Thank you