Sportshook Internet Marketing And Social Media Marketing Strategy


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A sample client proposals focusing on increasing online visibility and driving memberships through Social Media Marketing.

This was the first Social Media Proposal I ever wrote.

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Sportshook Internet Marketing And Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Kunal Kripalani Visibility & Membership Growth Proposal September 30, 2009 Business Goals Increase visibility & awareness Increase membership base Note: We should decide on some specific business objectives and define KPI’s accordingly, so we can benchmark our progress. Methodology Drive visibility and membership by going to where your audience already is and convey the Sportshook value proposition. This will involve a combination of SEO, Social Media, SEM, banner ads and onsite optimisations. Aside from the tangible benefits of finding sports partners, events and courses, emphasis should be placed on the perceived value amongst a member's peer group. Sports people need to be convinced that there is social value to be gained if they share Sportshook with their friends. Especially enticing opportunities lie with sports that are not well established in Singapore. A big opportunity exists to create a community for these people on For example: Parkour (Free Running.) There is a waiting list on of people interested in the sport: These people are looking for a home - Very warm leads. Kunal Kripalani 1
  2. 2. Kunal Kripalani Engagement Proposal I recommend carrying out the following activities to increase awareness and to drive memberships on Create Social Media Presence - Friendster, Plurk, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr ( or Photobucket) Manage Social Media Presence - Facebook Pages & Group creation / optimisation. Twitter profiles creation & management setup. Training of Sportshook community manager to use social media management tools. For example, using a tool to manage multiple Twitter profiles from a single deck or having posts on Facebook distributed across all other social media properties also. Social Ads: Optimise ad performance on Facebook. Setup ads on Friendster / Myspace Adwords Campaigns targeting sports event organisers SEO: Audit site and benchmark current SERP rankings for selected keywords and other relevant KPIs. Perform SEO tasks to increase visibility. Capitalize on changes to SEO algorithms which happen from time to time. Optimise Facebook Connect interactions: Ensure that every appropriate opportunity is taken to post Sportshook member actions back to Facebook in a manner that conveys social value for the member. Social Media PR: Write press releases and distribute for maximum online visibility as and when needed. Onsite optimisation ('Usability for Evil') Increase the sign up rate by making subtle changes to the page layout, pitch copy, button positioning ('Invite Friends' more prominent), sign up process workflow, Facebook Connect communications. First impressions count. Prospect need to be hooked within milliseconds or they will leave. Banner Exchange: Find complementary, but non-competitive websites to exchange banners with. All of these activities can be tied to defined KPIs to measure their Kunal Kripalani 2
  3. 3. Kunal Kripalani value to Sportshook. Details of Proposed Tasks SEO ♦ Google Insights: See what search terms people are using to find what Sportshook offers and create keyword rich and relevant pages. ♦ Webmaster Tools: Tell Google that you are targeting Singapore, submit a well crafted sitemap (HTML & XML) ♦ Formulate an internal linking strategy ♦ Increase backlinks using social bookmark websites: This is a key element in 'Social Media Press Releases' ♦ Increase site authority with security certifications ♦ Setup a presence on Yahoo & Bing ♦ Get local search engines & directory listings(DMOZ) Local business directory, blogs, press releases, Youtube and Flickr results sit near the top of SERPs. ♦ Properly use and name images on the site. You will find that you can drive a significant amount of traffic from Google Image Search by using search engine friendly image names. ♦ Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, News and Local business listings appear first on SERP Pages (below Paid Search) making these key areas to address. Regularly updating these profiles keeps them ranking highly on SERPs. ADVERTISING ♦ Facebook Social Ads optimisation: Making changes to ad- copy and targeting user profiles more closely can reap higher returns. ♦ Friendster offers a self service ads platform similar to Facebook ( Kunal Kripalani 3
  4. 4. Kunal Kripalani and still has a significant user base in Singapore. ♦ Paid Search: In Sportshook's case, paid search ads will work best for a B2B play, targeting sports organisations and event organisers to list their courses and events. Creation of a landing page that caters specifically to this audience is recommended. ♦ Banner Exchange: Establish relationships with other online properties that offer complementary, yet non-competitive offerings. Forums, Discussions & Existing Sports Community networks hosted on Third party Sites The easy way is to comment (with relevance) and link back to Sportshook for more details. The other way, is to have the community administrators endorse Sportshook. With more established sports, the challenge is to give the group admins a reason to promote their events on Sportshook (more members, entrants etc.) as they will not want to cannibalise their own membership. However, there are complementary groups out there that Sportshook can work with. Social Media Presence & Social Media Optimisation Establishing a presence on popular social networks will increase awareness of the Sportshook brand and drive membership. It will help Sportshook becomes more visible on search engine results pages (SERPS) because Google attributes high authority to these sites. There is a direct correlation between publisher activity on a social network and interaction from the community. While establishing your social media presence takes time, maintaining a presence (monitor and update your profiles, as well as answer questions from the community) does not have to be an onerous or time Kunal Kripalani 4
  5. 5. Kunal Kripalani consuming exercise. Knowing what social media monitoring tools and aggregated distribution services to use actually makes the whole process easy. Social CRM ties in here as well. It's about interacting with people at a place (be it Facebook, Twitter, Email, IM...) and time of their choosing. It's important since customer service is being touted as the new marketing. In a Web 2.0 world where sentiment spreads like wildfire, treating people as individuals is key. Managing your social network presence can be time consuming. Having a community manager to keep things up to date is important. Twitter Strategy While owning @Sportshook is an important step, building a base of interactive followers is more important. Furthermore, owning niches (individual sports) on Twitter, whether Singapore specific, or the generic sports name (Tennis, Volleyball etc.) on Twitter, will prove to be even more valuable in the long run. for people looking for places to play / learn sports in Singapore. Target the right keywords and responding using a url will allow you to track clickthroughs and virality. From an SEO perspective, Username / Real Name can be tailored to the most appropriate keywords, geared towards attracting your audience. You can even change your name to attract people for a particular sport when trying to develop a specific niche. Regular posting is essential to keep your audience engaged and to appear in SERPs. Updates on upcoming sports events is one easy option. Kunal Kripalani 5
  6. 6. Kunal Kripalani Youtube, Flickr / Photobucket Attend sports events and post Sportshook branded videos. Related videos should be posted as 'replies.' to boost virality. Sportshook event photos on Flickr or Photobucket (More popular in Singapore) Onsite Changes There are specific changes to your Facebook interactions that can reap results. For example: Additional posting back to Facebook with the right message. Consider how the message displayed affects the individuals social status? Does it add value to the individual in the eyes of his/her peers? Eg: “Jon is now a Top 10 tennis player. Get your ranking on Sportshook.” Game Theory This highlights the importance of Game theory in building a member base. People might accumulate points for contributing: listing events, commenting etc. eventually being invited to become an 'ambassador' for the sport. This could get them a 'featured profile, which leads to more ‘friends’ and greater social status on Sportshook, further fuelling their ongoing interactions. Lifecycle Messaging This engagement aspect brings a customer lifecycyle messaging into play. By developing a plan to interact with your users at various stages of their membership, you can optimise your new member acquisition through word of mouth and viral efforts, as well as drive crowdsourcing that add value to Another consideration is the positioning and visibility of your social Kunal Kripalani 6
  7. 7. Kunal Kripalani bookmark sharing feature currently on Sportshook Next Steps If you agree that there is value here that I can add to, then let’s define some clear business objectives, benchmark where things are today and then move on to the next steps: -- Kunal Kripalani Blog: Twitter: @KunalKripalani NZ: +649 889 3792 About Kunal: Kunal Kripalani loves helping remarkable organizations succeed online. He is an internet marketer by trade and has integrated social media into his practice. Since 2004, he’s been managing teams and developing marketing strategy at web & mobile start-ups and corporations operating in Japan, USA, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Kunal is available for digital and social media strategy engagements, workshops and strategic consulting across the Asia- Pacific. ----END---- Kunal Kripalani 7