Zinc pyrithione


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Zinc pyrithione

  1. 1. Kumar Organic Products Limited Product Information Antidandruff Active Ingredient Zinc Pyrithione 50% FPSContents• Introduction• Product Data• Anti-microbial properties• Clinical Study• Benefits of Zinc Pyrithione• Our Export Destinations• Product Specification Kumar Organic Products Limited Usha Krishan Centre, No.819/C, 13th Cross, 7th Block (West) J.S.S. College Circle, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560082, Karnataka, India. Ph : 00 91 80 – 41525960, 080-41425832 Fax : 91 80 -26715688 Email : sales_india1@kumarorganic.net
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe first antidandruff shampoo containing Zinc Pyrithione was launchedalmost four decades ago. Since then Zinc Pyrithione bactericide-fungicide hasbecome the worlds leading antidandruff agent. It also used as an antibacterialagent in Dermatological creams and ointments.It effectively does the job any antidandruff agent is expected to do i.e.relieving the flaking and itching symptoms of dandruff. Its lastingproperties make Zinc Pyrithione a superior one, meaning it sticks andremains active on the scalp, so it’s effectiveness lasts from one use to thenext.Combination of efficacy and safety has made it most effective antidandruffagent for several decades.
  3. 3. PRODUCT DATAStructural Formula N S O Zn O S N Zinc-2-Pyridinethiol-1-Oxide Zinc Pyrithione is actually Zinc complex of Pyrithione which is 2-Pyridine thiol-1-oxide. Under chemical abstracts registry it is named as bis[1-hydroxy-2(1H)-Pyridinethionato-O,S]-(T- 4)Zinc (CAS No: 13463-41-7). The molecular and structural formulae are C10H8N2O2S2Zn and
  4. 4. Physical PropertiesDescription : Off – White color, stable aqueous dispersion free from sign of impuritiesOdor : Mild, Characteristic odorAssay ( % ZPT ) : 48% - 50%Zinc Content : 09.3 to 11.3 %pH ( 5% Slurry in pH 7 water ) : 6.5 to 9.0Particle size : 90% < 1 MicronSolubility PropertiesWater : 0.01% MaxEthanol : 0.02% MaxMethanol : 0.03% MaxChloroform : 0.10% MaxEther : 0.01% Max
  5. 5. Stability StudyHeat Stability :It is stable at 100°c for at least 120hrs. Around 240°c it undergoes decomposition.pH : Stability :Zinc Pyrithione is quite stable over the pH range from 4 – 10. Below 4.5 theZinc complex starts dissociating, forming free Pyrithione. Above pH 9.5 theZinc complex undergoes hydrolysis to give ionized PyrithioneLight Stability :Zinc Pyrithione undergoes gradual decomposition when exposed to light
  6. 6. Anti-microbial properties of ZPT:Data shows very low concentrates of Zinc Pyrithione inhibitsthe growth of many micro-organisms Minimum Inhibitory Concentration(mcg/gm)Microorganisms Staphylococcus aureus 6.3 Escherichia Coli 12.6 Bacillus Subtillus 6.3 Pytyrosporum Ovale 6.3 Trichophyton 12.5Zinc Pyrithione, an effective biocide with anti Pityrosporumactivity, eliminates P.ovale the causative organism of dandruffand maintains good personal hygiene.
  7. 7. In – House Clinical StudyClinical trial to study the efficacy and safety of Anti-dandruff shampoo containing1.0% of Zinc Pyrithione was conducted on 20 male volunteers with moderate tosevere dandruff for 04 weeksResults of Clinical TrialsNon of them complained of any adverse effects like pruritus, erythema, hair fall or localdiscomfortthere was definite reduction in dandruff (White powder / flakes in the scalp) in all the volunteers S.no No.of people Percentage Reduction in dandruff in % 1 16 80 90 2 2 10 80 3 1 5 75 4 1 5 60After 04 weeks of product usage it was not possible to isolate P.ovale in culturefrom all the volunteers. Isolation of P.ovale Isolation of P.ovale in culture before % in culture after % S.No treatment treatment 1 20 100 NIL 0
  8. 8. World wide Clinical StudyThis graphic shows the clinical studies success rates of SKINCARE in the treatment of severe skin disorders
  9. 9. Conclusion of different Clinical Research of ZPT FormulationThis therapy represents one of the best advances in the treatment of psoriasis. - Abbott Northwestern Hospital, USAPositive effects in 95.5% of the treated cases. Good anti-inflammatory effect. Noside effects. Disappearance of itches. No irritations. Very good results in dermatitisand neurodermatitis. - State University of Medicine of SiberiaPositive effects were observed, with decrease of inflammation, itching and flaking.ZINC PYRITHIONE spray can be recommended for the treatment of psoriasis,dermatitis, seborrhea rosacea and eczema. Centre for the Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children Affected by Allergodermatitis,RUSSIA,ZINC PYRITHIONE spray is a very effective and safe treatment, speciallyreducing flaking and plate erythema in patients affected by common psoriasis - University of Buenos AiresGood and very good results from the 6th day of treatment. Very good results,above all with spray and shampoo. Good absorption. Absence of side effects.Effective alternative for the treatment of psoriasis.University Hospital of Dermatology - University Hospital of Dermatology
  10. 10. Benefits of Zinc PyrithioneIt produced dramatic healing effects on skin lesions produced by psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, ringworm, fungus, athletesfoot, dry skin, atypical dermatitis, tinea etc.An effective, practically nontoxic antidandruff active ingredientSuitable for the manufacture of antidandruff shampoos and hair care products such as hair tonics and cream rinses with an antidandruff actionLow concentration is required.No side effects : Safe and effective antidandruff agent
  11. 11. End Use / Formulations• As an antidandruff agent in Shampoo• Effective antibacterial – Anti fungal agent in derma – Cream Spray and Soap.• Highly effective in Dandruff control, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Other Dermatitis and Eczema
  12. 12. Our Export DestinationsAmerica Europe-USA -United Kingdom Asia-Canada -France -China -Philippines -Indonesia -Thailand -Taiwan -U.A.E. -Iran Africa -Vietnam -South Africa Latin America -Kenya -Brazil -Argentina -Venezuela -Columbia -Guatemala
  13. 13. Kumar Organic Products Limited Product Specification - Zinc PyrithioneSl.No. Properties Limits 1 Description Off - White colour, Stable Aqueous dispersion free from signs of impurity. 2 Identity Confirms 3 Odour Mild, Characteristic odour. 4 Assay 48-50% 5 Zinc content 9.3 –11.3% 6 PH ( 5% Slurry in pH 7 water ) 6.5-9.0 7 Particle size by Malvern 90% < 1 Microns 8 Iron 10ppm max as Fe 9 Arsenic 5 ppm max as As 10 Lead 5 ppm max as Pb 11 Chromium 3 ppm max as Cr 12 Cobalt 3 ppm max as Co 13 Nickel 5 ppm max as Ni 14 Mercury 1 ppm max as Hg 15 Microbiological Test 1.    Total plate count/g Less than 100 (Including yeast and mold) 2.    E.coli/g Negative 3.    S.Aureaus/g Negative 4.    Pseudomonas/g Negative 5. Enterobacteria/g Negative
  14. 14. Kumar Organic Products LimitedUsha Krishan Centre, No.819/C, 13th Cross, 7th Block (West) J.S.S. College Circle, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560082, Karnataka, India. Ph : 00 91 80 – 41525960, 080-41425832 Fax : 91 80 -26715688 Email : sales@kumarorganic.net