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28667906 project-report-on-havells-by-abhishek-mittal

  2. 2. PREFACESomeone has rightly said that practical experience is far better and closer to the realworld than mere theoretical exposure. The practical experience helps the student to viewthe real business world closely, which in turn widely influences his/her perceptions andunderstanding of the real situation.Research work constitutes the backbone of any management education program. Amanagement student has to do research work quite frequently during his entire life span.The research work entitled “Brand Awareness And Preference Regarding HavellsGREEN CFLs” aims to know customer awareness regarding Havells and the productsoffered by it.The present report is a part of the project that contains the work done by me during thetraining period at Havells India Ltd. Chandigarh.True to the core, a properly and executed industrial training helps a lot in providinglinkage between the student and the industry. It develops the awareness of industrialapproach to problem solving based on a board understanding of the mode of operation ofindustrial organization.This project has offered me an opportunity to put all my efforts and the theoreticalknowledge to practice and enhance my knowledge, and at the same time, given mepractical experience in the field of marketing. It is surely going to help me in my futureprojects too.In the preparation of this report, I have made every effort to ensure that all steps involvedin development of this project are adequately covered and the report be completed in it.Any suggestions for improvement, if rendered, will be gratefully accepted.I sincerely hope that this project will prove pure knowledge imparting, through provokingand thus stimulating future research work on these guideline. II
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT“Such Thanks I give As near death to those that whish him Live” - ShakespeareA formal statement of acknowledgement will hardly meet the ends of justice in the matterof expressing my deep sense of gratitude and obligation to all those who helped me in thecompletion of this project report.The past six weeks working on this project under the guidance of my Project Leader andGuide has greatly influenced my way of thinking towards facing the challenges duringday-to-day development of this project. This will help me a lot in future as I move furtherahead in my professional life in the days to come.I am especially indebted to my Project Manager, Mr. Varunjit Khurana ,without whoseprecious time & expert guidance, the project would not have taken the current shape. Hisguidance and in depth knowledge of Marketing concepts have boosted my confidence tocomplete this project successfully. He made the intricacies of the existing project clear tome. He deserves special thanks for his technical guidance throughout the project.He washighly supportive to develop this project.Last but not the least I would also like to express my gratitude to Havells employees andall my friends who helped me a lot throughout this project. Abhishek Mittal III
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION Chapter -1 TOIntroduction COMPANY to company V
  6. 6. Company Profile (Havells India)Figure # 1.1 Havells starting as a trading company – 1958 1.1) ProfileStarting off as an electrical trading company in 1958, Havells India Ltd. today is anemerging leader and an end-to-end solution provider in the Power DistributionEquipment industry. The company catering to the needs of domestic and industrialmarket has seven manufacturing units in India.Havells India Ltd, a billion-dollar-plus organization, and one of the largest & Indiasfastest growing electrical and power distribution equipment company, manufacturingproducts ranging from Building Circuit Protection, Industrial & Domestic Switchgear,Cables & Wires, Energy Meters, Fans, CFL Lamps, Luminaries for Domestic,Commercial & Industrial application and Modular Switches.Havells owns some of the prestigious global brands like Crabtree*, Sylvania, Concord,Luminance, Claude, Sylvania: Linolite, SLI Lighting & Zenith. VI
  7. 7. Havells reach stretches across 91 branch offices, over 2000 authorized dealers andthousands of approved retail outlets. The company has an enviable clientele, not only inthe domestic market, but also in international markets like UK, Malaysia, Singapore,Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Africa, Iran and Iraq. The company is currently exportingto over 50 countries globally.Havells is acknowledged as a manufacturer & supplier of the widest range of quality lowvoltage electrical equipment. With a number of strategic alliances in place, Havells is theonly company that has shown phenomenal growth rate with the help of various jointventures, acquisitions, mergers and takeovers.Havells recently acquired Frankfurt headquartered, SLI Sylvania for $ 300 mn . Thecompany is a leading global designer and provider of lighting systems for lamps andfixtures. Sylvania is one of the most globally recognized brand for over a century in theelectrical industry with brands like Sylvania, Concord: marlin, Lumiance, Marlin, Claudeand Linolite-Sylvania..Figure# 1.2 Havells Today “POWERING LIVES” VII
  8. 8. Vision:"To be a globally recognized corporation that provides best electrical & lightingsolutions, delivered by best-in-class people."Mission:To achieve our vision through fairness, business ethics, global reach, technologicalexpertise, building long term relationships with all our associates, customers, partners,and employees.Values:Customer Delight: A commitment to surpassing our customer expectations Leadership byexample. A commitment to set standards in our business and transactions based onmutual trust. Integrity and Transparency: A commitment to be ethical, sincere and openin our dealings. Pursuit of Excellence : A commitment to strive relentlessly, to constantlyimprove ourselves, our teams, our services and products so as to become the best in class 4981 4741 4603 3909 3742 3418 2996 2453 2487 2100 1738 1563 1382 1160 961 1001 863 715 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 [---FY 05-----] [------FY 06-----] [---FY 07----] [-----FY 08-----][ FY09]18 consecutive quarters of growth VIII
  9. 9. Figure # 1 .3 Showing growth of Havells from 1997-2009 (Figs in USD mn.) USD 500mn. USD 10mn. 1997 20091.2) PromotersQRG Group is one of the fastest growing Electrical and Power Distribution EquipmentCompany in the country, manufacturing products ranging from building circuitprotection, industrial & domestic switchgear, cables & wires, energy meters, fans, CFLs,luminaries, bath fittings and modular switches.The group comprises of 5 companies –1) Havells India Ltd. (the flagship company)2) Standard Electricals IX
  10. 10. 3) Crabtree India Ltd4) TTL5) SylvaniaWith 13 state of the art manufacturing plants, 24 branch offices and a strong backing ofover 3000 professionals across India the group has achieved rapid success in the past fewyears.The group has recorded a turnover of Rs. 963 crores in the previous financial year and ispoised for another quantum growth with projections suggesting a 50% increase overprevious year. While the industry has been growing at a pace of 20% CAGR, QRGEnterprises has been marching faster at a compounded annual growth rate of 35% in thepast decade.1.3) Board of Directors 1. Qimat Rai Gupta (Chairman and Managing Director) 2. Anil Gupta (Joint Managing Director) 3. Surjit Gupta (Director Operations) 4. Ameet Gupta (Director International Marketing) X
  11. 11. 5. Rajesh Gupta (Director Finance) MilestonesYears Achievements1958: Commenced trading operations in Delhi XI
  12. 12. Set up the first manufacturing plant for Rewire able Switches and Changeover1976: Switches at Kirti Nagar, Delhi.1979 : Set up a manufacturing plant for HBC Fuses at Badli, Delhi1980: Started manufacturing high quality Energy Meters at Tilak Nagar, Delhi The Company was originally incorporatd as Havells India Private Limited on 8th August under the Companies Act 1956 promoted by S/Shri Qimat Rai Gupta and Surjit Kumar Gupta. The Company also entered into a Technical Collaboration with M/s Christian1983: Geyer GmbH & Co. Germany for the manufacture of Miniature Circuit Breakers in India. Acquired Towers and Transformers Ltd. and turned it into a profitably manufacturing Energy Meters Company in 1 year Started manufacturing MCBs at Badli, Delhi in Joint Venture with Geyer,1987 : Germany.1989 : The company undertook addition to its tool room facilities by going in for manufacturing of sheet metal and moulding tools in-house1990 : Set up a manufacturing plant at Sahibabad, UP for Changeover Switches1991: The company amalgamated with itself Elymer Havbells Pvt. Ltd. which had facilities for manufacture of HRC fuses with an installed capacity of 2 50 000 pcs.1992: The name was changed to Havells India Limitd vide certificate dated 31st March For the manufacture of ELCBs the Company signed another Technical Collaboration with M/s Schiele Industrieworke Germany.1993 : Set up another manufacturing plant at Faridabad, Haryana for Control Gear Products1994 : The company successfully launched the latest IEC design contractors relays and motor starters for the first time in India which have been well received in the XII
  13. 13. market. The company has finalized tie-ups in UAE Oman Kuwait and Egypt for marketing its vast range of products in these countries.1995 : The Company has introduced Product Managers and "Industrial Teams" to emphasize the product mix and to strengthen its presence in all market segments.1996 : Acquired a manufacturing plant at Alwar, Rajasthan for Power Cables & Wires and entered into the manufacture of low tension power cables. Entered into a Joint Venture with Electrium, UK for manufacturing Dorman Smith MCCBs and Crabtree Modular Plate Switches. Schiele industriwerke Germany who have been our collaborators for ELCBs have entered into a new technical collaboration with the company for quality upgradation for its products in the controlgear division. The company decided to enter into the manufacture of Three Phase Energy Meters for industrial applications. Havells group signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Hanson Electrical a group company of the UK Pound 11 Billion Anglo-American conglomerate Hanson Plc. one of the top ten Companies of UK.1997 : Acquired Electric Control & Switchboards at NOIDA, UP for manufacturing customized packaged solutions. - Havells Dorman Smith Pvt. Ltd. U.K. JV company wherein Havells India Ltd is a 25% shareholder with Electrium Ltd. UK with the introduction of state-of-the-art `DORMAN SMITH brand Moulded Case Circuit Breakers in India. - Havells group has signed a new JV agreement with Ampy Automation Digilog Ltd. UK. JV partners have tested the MCBs and have entered into an agreement with the Company to exclusively market the MCBs in the world wide markets Introduced high-end Ferraris Meters in Joint Venture with DZG, Germany.1998 : XIII
  14. 14. Cable division at Alwar is now ISO-9001 certified. The 50:50 JV company "Havells Dorman Smith Ltd. in which Havells India Ltd. is a 25% shareholder had launched Moulded Case Circuit Breakers last year in the Indian market. The Company also launched "Crabtree" brand modularplate switches which is being perceived as the best available product in the market1999 - Electrical switchgear makers Havells India has entered into a strategic partnership with Cambridge Technology Partners India for implementing ERP on a fast-track. - The company has a 50:50 joint venture with DZG of Germany for manufacture of high-end electromechanical and electronic energy meters.2000 : Acquired controlling stake (60%) in Duke Arnics Electronics (P) Limited engaged in manufacturing of Electronic Meters-Single Phase, Three Phase, Multi Function, Tri Vectors. Havells entered into a technical collaboration with Geyer in 1998 to manufacture miniature circuit-breakers. For MCBs the company has a technical collaboration with Geyer AG of Germany with Schiele Industriewerke of Germany for RCCBs and with Peterriens Schaltechik Gmbh for changeover switches. Acquired controlling interest in an industry major-Standard Electricals Ltd.2001 : Acquired business of Havells Industries Ltd, MCCB of Crabtree India Limited and merged ECS Limited in the company to consolidate its area of core competence. Awarded the highest revenue payer award for the year 2000 in the organised sector category2002 : Standard Electrical Company becomes a 100% Subsidiary of the company. Attained the IEC certification for Industrial switchgear and CSA certification for all manufacturing plants. XIV
  15. 15. 2004 : Set up manufacturing plant at Baddi , HP for manufacturing of Domestic Switchgear. Set up a manufacturing plant for manufacturing of CFL at existing manufacturing plant in Faridabad, Haryan. Set up a manufacturing plant for manufacturing of Ceiling Fans at Noida, UP. Set-up our own marketing office in London through our wholly owned subsidiary company Havells U.K. Ltd. Attained the CE certificate for CFL. Havells India Limited has sold out its entire shareholding of Standard Electricals Limited an un-listed public limited company which was a 100% subsidiary of the Company. Consequently with effect from such transfer Standard Electricals Limited is no longer a subsidiary of the Company.2005 : Set up manufacturing plant in Haridwar, Uttaranchal for manufacturing Fans. Awarded the KEMA certification by The Dutch Council for Accreditation, making QRG the only group to attain this certification. Set up of R&D Center in Noida H.O.2006 : Crabtree India merged with Havells India. Added CFL production unit in Haridwar manufacturing plant. Expansion at Alwar manufacturing plant for increase of production capacity. Expansion at Baddi manufacturing plant and set-up of an Export Oriented Unit. First Company to get the ISI Certification for complete range of CFLs. Started mid-day meal program at Alwar, Rajasthan caters to 10,000 students from 77 schools.2007 : Set-up of Capacitor manufacturing plant in Noida, UP with the capacity of 6, XV
  16. 16. 00,000 kVAr per month. Acquired the Lighting business of a Frankfurt based company "Sylvania", a global leader in lighting business and now the companys turnover crosses US$ 1 Billion. Warburg Pincus, a global private equity firm and one of the largest investors in India, invested US $110 million in Havells India Ltd. Havells issued fresh shares to Warburg Pincus, representing approximately 11.2% of the fully diluted share capital of the company. QRG Group entered healthcare business by acquiring a majority stake in Central Hospital and Research Centre, Faridabad2008 : First Indian CFL manufacturers to have adopted RoHS, European norms on Restriction of Hazardous Substances in CFLs. Set up of Global Corporate office, QRG Towers at Expressway Noida Investment of Rs.50 Crores in Global Center for Research and Innovation (CRI)2009 : Set up of fully automatic switchgear manufacturing plant at Baddi. Consolidation of CFL manufacturing plant at Neemrana for domestic and export purposes.1.5) Work culture at HavellsQRG is continuously applying modern management techniques such as Kaizen to enableemployees to improve their day to day functioning in small steps, one at a time. QRG hasalso implemented Japanese version of 5S which stands for "a place for everything andeverything in its place". The company has introduced these techniques as it firmlybelieves that small changes add up to large results and the only way for a corporation togrow, is to make its people growThe Group is driven by qualified and experienced professionals backed by a work forceof over 4000 employees. All branches and manufacturing facilities are computerized and XVI
  17. 17. networked with each other. An open door policy at all levels encourages employees to beparticipated, innovative and creative. Empowering employees helps the organization inharnessing individual talents to the fullest. Emphasis is laid on building team spirit whichhelps employees to realize collective potential.1.6) Manufacturing PlantsPowerful trends are shaping up industry for the 21st century. Because of rapid spread ofadvanced technologies complexity of work is increasing - almost daily. With the state ofthe art equipments and manufacturing facilities, QRG group is helping to boost safety inworkplaces from the factory to the offices, domestic buildings to commercial plazas. Allthe manufacturing units are ably supervised and controlled by technocrats and industryspecialists.The group has well managed, well equipped tool rooms with machines like CCV Line,CNC Machines, EDM Wire Cut, Spark Erosion Machines, Lathes and Surface Grinders.Our strategic alliances with some of the leading technology corporations in the world ofelectrical engineering, ensure constant access to the latest developments in theinternational markets, which are then adapted to the tough tropical conditions.Our manufacturing units are fully equipped with the latest and most sophisticatedfacilities in India. And in the hands of our highly qualified technical experts, this resultsin some of the most advanced product development in the countryLocation: Branch offices / zonal offices / manufacturing plants • Haridwar, Uttaranchal Products manufactured: Fans and CFLs • Baddi, Himanchal Pradesh Products manufactured: MCBs, CFLs and Switches • Samepur Badli, Delhi Products manufactured: MCBs, ELCBs and DBs • Tilak Nagar, Delhi Products manufactured: Energy Meters XVII
  18. 18. • NOIDA, UP Product manufactured: Fans• Alwar, Rajasthan Products manufactured: Cables & Wires• Faridabad, Haryana Products manufactured : CFLs and Industrial Products.• Gurgaon, Haryana Luminaries and Lighting fixtures• Jalandhar Products manufactured: MCBs, ELCBs, DBs, Wires and Industrial Switchgear• Gurgaon, Haryana Products manufactured: Modular Plate Switches & Accessories• Bhiwadi, Rajasthan Products manufactured: Bathroom fittings & Accessories• Sahibabad, UP Products manufactured: Trivector Meters, Reference Standard Meters• Hyderabad, AP Products manufactured: Energy Meters Organizational Structure XVIII
  19. 19. Head Office,Noida Branch Office North Chandigarh,Ludhiana, Jaipur, Kanpur, Dehradun Branch Office East Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Ranchi, Siliguri Branch Office West Ahemdabad, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Raipur, Surat Branch Office South Calicut, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hydrabad, Kochi, Madurai, Trivandrum Branch Office Abroad London, Nigeria, Bangladesh, China, Sri- Lanka, Dubai1.7) Quality control at Havells XIX
  20. 20. The essence of quality at QRG is closely wrapped in the way we think, plan and work. Itfinds its true expression when we extend beyond ourselves to exceed our customer’sexpectations. To deliver products that are safer, faster and simply better.Each time, every time. Building customer confidence through teamwork is a top priorityto provide a wide variety of products and services.Realizing and respecting the basic needs of customers to feel more secure, wevecommitted ourselves to make our products better, safer and smarter than what he or she islooking for. Thats a passion that began 30 years ago and thats how it continues to beeven today. Our customers rely on us and it is our responsibility to give them the verybest. All our products are as per IEC standards.Certifications / Approvals • ISO-9001 : 2000 (all manufacturing units) • KEMA KEUR • CE • S–mark • CSA • CB • SEMKO • SIRIUM (Malayasia) • SPRING (Singapore) • TSE (Turkey) • SNI (Indonesia) • EDD (Bahrain) XX
  21. 21. Netherlands Canada UK Europe India Malaysia Europe Russia Singapore Sweden TurkeyFigure # 1.5 Certifications / Approvals XXI
  22. 22. Major Clients of Havells India Ltd. XXII
  23. 23. 1.8) Research And Development At HavellsInnovation is the hallmark of every vital development at QRG. New ideas, inventionsdeepen scientific knowledge and give its work force a new impetus towards technicalprogress.QRG technological strengths and its endeavor towards continuous research &development has allowed it to fulfill its responsibilities towards its customers. Theresponsibility of providing its customers the best products and zero defect services toenable them to be comfortable and secure in usage of electricity.Center for Research and DevelopmentHavells has recently invested 20 million dollars in a new centre for research andinnovation. This centre has been set-up at the company’s H.O. premises in Noida.The task of this centre is to provide the theoretical & experimental foundations for allsegments of electrical engineering. The centre closely cooperates with the variousdepartments so as to provide the best and the latest in terms of technology and design.The Group has also decided to dedicate 2% of its turnover towards R&D.1.9) Safety MatterProtection against Electrical Shocks and fire:With the ever increasing of the usage of electricity in our daily lives , the risk of electricalshocks and hazards related to electrical fire to overcrowded wiring and leakage due toinstallation failure.Poorly insulated apparatus, faulty wires or the incorrect use of an electrical device causecurrent to flow through the wrong face (i.e. through the insulation) to the earth. Thiscurrent is called the "Leakage Current". Leakage current in an electrical system isresponsible for two major risks. • Risk of electrocution(electric shocks) XXIII
  24. 24. • Risk of fireRisk of Electrocution (Electric shocks)Electrocution is the passage through human body, which is dangerous .The flow ofcurrent through human body, affects two vital functions • Breathing • Heart BeatElectrocution can lead to muscle contraction causing respiratory paralysis, cardiacfibrillation and immediate cardiac arrest resulting in death depending upon the magnitudeof the leakage current and the contract voltage.Risk of firePoorly insulated wiring or loose connections are enough to create fire hazards a portionof the current which normally flows in the conductor can find a way back to the earththrough these "leaks" and through materials with varying degrees of conductivity. Thesematerials are not intended to conduct current, and may get heated up to such a degree thatthey will set fire to whatever they are in contact with (insulation, wood etc.). This is thestart of fire.SolutionEarth Leakage Circuit Breakers installed in the circuit senses these leakage currents andisolates the faulty circuit thereby ensuring safety against the hazards of earth leakage. It ismandatory to install an ELCB in the incoming circuit for all installations except thosespecified by the section 30 of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910. XXIV
  25. 25. Product Profile2.1.) Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB’s)In the residential, commercial and Industrial sectors, final electrical distribution needs arecontinuously evolving. Improved operating safety, continuity of service, greaterconvenience and operating cost have assumed tremendous significance. Havells breakershave been designed to continually adapt to these evolving needs.Havells maintaining pace with the technological changes has introduced MiniatureCircuit Breakers tested as per the latestspecifications IS:8828-1996, IEC:898-1995 for a breaking capacity of 10KA.Figure# 2.1 Havells Miniature Circuit Breakers XXV
  26. 26. 2.2.) CapacitorsHavells started manufacturing of its new range of products Capacitors in February 2007Havells Capacitors are designed and manufactured using S3 technology. It encompensesproduct with triple shield with differential disconnector in the event of any fault withindue to environmental compatibility. Automatic controlled vacuum potting of "ElementModules" ensures fault remains localized. and protects the installation in spite of hazardsAdvance technologies adopted in our "Capacitors" offer you unmatched safety andoutstanding performance under Indian conditions benefiting you month after month andevery year from now on... Our commitment to manufacturing excellence and providing a world class qualityproducts at affordable prices in creating your industry more energy efficient, now fromeven wider spectrum of products from Havells; we offer you a complete solution whichis not only safe and reliable but also help you save your energy.Figure # 2.2 Havells Capacitors XXVI
  27. 27. 2.3.) FansHavells entered fan business in mid - 2003 and has emerged as one of the fastest growingfan brands in the Indian market. Havells has captured customers fancy with innovativedesign and excellent finishes. From premium fans in exquisite antique finishes to fansspecially designed for kids, dual color fans and super speed fans. Havells offers acomplete range to meet varied individual needsFigure# 2.3 Havells Fans XXVII
  28. 28. 2.4.) CablesSet up in the year 1996, Havells Cables plant (an ISO: 9001-2000 certified unit) islocated in Alwar, in the state of Rajasthan, India. Since inception, Havells has investedheavily in the manufacturing infrastructure, which has today become one of the largest inIndia. All wires & cables are manufactured on most modern laser controlled automaticmachines, using best raw material from primary manufacturers ensuring perfect qualityFeatures: Highly compacted conductors to reduce AC losses which are due to skin andproximity effect. Purest insulation to bear thermal and thermo-mechanical stresses at continuousnormal and short circuit temperature conditions. Complete protection against most forms of electrolytic and chemical corrosion. Extruded inner sheath (for XLPE insulated power cable HT). Sequential length marking on outer sheath of the cables. Over 90%armour coverage of armored cables..Figure # 2.4 Havells cables XXVIII
  29. 29. 2.5.) SwitchesA new addition to the Havells product portfolio Pearlz, a range of aesthetically designedmodular plate switches that are engineered to deliver protection and built to last. A well-designed knob provides soft operation and the ultra-tech mechanism ensures longevity.Pearlz promises quality and reliability. Available in a pure white finish, these switcheslend pristine beauty to your walls for years.Figure# 2.5 Havells Switches XXIX
  30. 30. 2.6.) Crabtree Bath fittings Crabtree is a name synonymous with truly world-class luxury bath fittings. Backed by the HAVELLS Group, Indias leading electrical switchgear and equipment manufacturer, Crabtree is in distinguished company. To cater to its global clientele, the Group has set up an extensive distribution network for this exclusive range both in India and abroad, to provide customers with technical support and after sales service. Production at Crabtree is a symbiosis between advanced technology, maximum functionality and aesthetic designing to match the taste of the discerning clientele. The state-of-the-art plant at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) is a unique fusion of the best human and technical resources. Figure# 2.6 Crabtree Bath fittings XXX
  31. 31. 2.7.) Havells MetersThe world and with over nine decades of expertise in the field of energy measurement,M/s With over 10 million Ferraris meters in successful operation in fourteen countries allover. Deutsche Zahlergesellschaft, Germany (DZG), established in the year of 1917, nowoffer their technology towards high quality metering in India.TTL Limited, the Metering unit of Havells group, manufactures high quality single phaseFerraris meters, under a joint venture with DZG, at their new unit at Sahibabad in UttarPradesh, India. This manufacturing venture shall cater to the DZG market of highlyquality conscious European customers, to the world wide export markets, and to thequality conscious. Indian utilities. A rugged, well established and proven meter designensures high quality, long life, trouble free, very accurate and reliable energymeasurement that shall go a long way in improving the Utility-Consumer relationship,through reliable and genuine data for billing purposes.Figure# 2.7 Havells Meters XXXI
  32. 32. Product Profile2.8.) CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)Havells is one of Indias leading energy efficient, lighting solutions Company. Alwayssensitive to the needs of the consumers and country, the company strives to serve thembetter with energy efficient light sources. The new range of compact fluorescent lampsand luminaries from Havells are a result of this conviction.Manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery, cutting edge technologies and top qualityraw materials imported from the worlds best sources, provide the consumers with thehighest lumen output that too with lowest power consumption. These CFLs last eight timeslonger than ordinary GLS bulbs. They brighten your life with more light, more savings andmore life. With two manufacturing units in India and clients ranging from Asia-Pacific,Middle East, Europe, Africa and Australia Havells CFL is a story of constant innovationand profound quality.Figure# 2.8 Havells CFL’s XXXII
  33. 33. HAVELLS GREEN CFLHavells is continuing upgrade products in order to best serve modern discerningconsumer. Havells CFL is environment friendly by introducing India’s first Eco friendlyGREEN CFL. Today most of company use liquid mercury due to cost effectiveness andsimple technology. These CFL contained a least 3 to 5 times more than prescribed normsby Indian and international standard.But Havells modified all its CFL production lines and adapt PDT (Pill DosingTechnology). With PDT Havells now use amalgamated mercury pills that are lessharmful to the environment as compared to conventional use of liquid mercury. Thesepills also conform to Indian and international standard on use of mercury in CFLs.Additionally Havells is first Indian CFL manufacturing to have adopted RoHS, Europeannorms on Restriction of Hazardous Substances in CFLs.Havells two unit plants in India and client ranging from Asia-Pacific, Middle East,Europe, Africa and Australia Havells CFL is a story of constant innovation and profoundquality. XXXIII
  34. 34. XXXIV
  35. 35. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYEvery study is conducted with key objectives and aims kept in the fore. Without aims andobjectives the study is like a ship without radar. So aims and objectives of this study are. 1) To understand the awareness level of Havells and Havells green CFL. 2) To know how satisfied are customers and retailers with the products they purchase and the services provided by the company. 3) To find out what the customer and the retailer wants from Havells GREEN CFL. 4) To know the market shares of GREEN CFL. 5) To know the perception of customer regarding the quality of GREEN CFL. 6) To know the most influential factors that influence the customer behaviour towards GREEN CFL. XXXV
  37. 37. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYResearch methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. Theresearch methodology included various methods and techniques for conducting aresearch. “Marketing Research is a systematic design, collection, analysis, and reportingof data and finding relevant solution to a specific marketing situation or problem.”Sciences define research as “ the manipulation of things, concepts or symbols for thepurpose of generalizing to extend, correct or verify knowledge, whether that knowledgeaids in construction of theory or in practice of an art.”Research is thus, an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge marketingfor its advancement, the purpose of research is to discover answers to the questionsthrough the application of scientific procedure.My research project has a specified framework for collecting the data in an effectivemanner. Such framework is called “Research Design”. The research process which wasfollowed by me consisted following steps.4.1) Defining the problem & Research ObjectivesIt is said, “A problem well defined is half solved”. The step is to define the project understudy and deciding the research objective. The definition of problem includes BrandAwareness & Preference Regarding Havells GREEN CFL4.2) Developing the Research Plan:The second stage of research calls for developing the efficient plan for gathering theneeded information. Designing a research plan calls for decision on the data sources,research approach, research instruments, sampling plan and contacts methods. Theresearch is descriptive in nature and is aimed at analyzing the brand awareness &preference regarding Havells GREEN CFL. XXXVII
  38. 38. The development of Research plan has the following Steps: a.) Data Sources Two types of data were taken into consideration i.e. Primary data and Secondary data. My major emphasis was on gathering the primary data. The secondary data has been used to make things more clear. i. Primary Data: Direct collection of data from the source of information, including personal interviewing, survey etc. ii. Secondary Data: Indirect collection of data from sources containing past or recent information like, Annual Publications, Books, Newspaper and Magazines etc. 4.3.) Research Approach Surveys are best suited for Descriptive Research. Surveys are undertaken to learn about people’s knowledge, beliefs, preferences, satisfactions and so on and to measure these magnitudes in the general public. Therefore I have done this Survey for the Descriptive Research Process. 4.4.) Research instrument A close friend questionnaire was constructed for my survey. A Questionnaire consisting of a set of questions was presented to respondents for their answers. a.) Sampling Plan The sampling plan calls for three decisions. i. Sampling unit: Who is to be surveyed? The target population must be defined that has to be sampled. It is necessary so as to develop a sampling frame so that everyone in the target population has an equal chance of being sampled. The sampling unit of this project was Chandigarh. ii. Sample Size: How many people have to be surveyed? XXXVIII
  39. 39. Generally large sample gives more reliable results than small samples. The sample consisted of 100 respondents. The sample was drawn from 50 retailers and 50 end user’s customers’ people having different educational qualifications, occupations and age group. The selection of the respondents was done on the basis of simple random sampling. The sample was drawn from people having different educational qualifications, occupation and age groups. iii. Contact Methods Once the sampling plan has been determined, the question is how the subject should be contracted i.e. by telephone, mail or personal interview. Here in this survey, I have contacted the respondents through personal interviews.4.5.) Collecting the information The collection of data is a tedious task. For conducting any sort of research data was needed. So for my research, there was plenty of primary data and for increasing the validity of information collected, some books, journals, pamphlets, information about the company were studied and taken into considerations. After this, I have collected the information from the respondents with the help of questionnaire. a.) Collection of Primary Data: Primary Data is the data collected from the original source. In my survey and study, there was optimum availability of primary data because every aspect was witnesses carefully at each point. Questionnaire and personal interviews were the main instruments, which were used for collecting primary data. b.) Collection of Secondary Data: Secondary Data is the one which has already been collected by someone else and some other person is using that information. The source of secondary data was, some related books and websites related to the company. The competent staff of the company helped me a lot in providing information about the company. 4.6) Analyze the Information The next step is to extract the pertinent findings from the collected data. I have tabulated the collected data and developed frequency distributions. Thus the whole data was XXXIX
  40. 40. grouped aspect wise and was presented in tabular form. Thus, frequencies andpercentages were prepared to render impact of the study.4.7.) Presentation of findings:This is the last and important step in the research process. The findings are presented inthe form of graphs, pie charts, conclusions, suggestions and recommendations after dataanalysis. XL
  41. 41. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY1) The possibility of respondent’s responses being biased cannot be ruled out.2) Limited access to secondary data pertaining to Havells performance in other regions or any other information was another problem in finding a correct response.3) Since a smaller sample was chosen so it may not be true representative of population under study.4) Most of the times people don’t give appropriate information.5) Mostly retailers don’t want to give accurate information and act rudely.6) The survey was to be conducted in a limited span of time (6 weeks) which also posed a limiting factor.7) The retailers are so busy in their business so that they did not show actual picture of the situation. XLI
  43. 43. 1. Do you sell CFL? Response No of respondent Yes 87 No 13. 2. How many brand of CFL you sell? XLIII
  44. 44. Response No of respondent One 1 Two 7 Three 22 Four 20 More Than Four 4 25 22 20 20 One 15 Two Three 10 7 Four 4 5 More Than Four 1 0 One Two Three Four More Than FourInference The above chart shows that 22 retailer sell three type of brand of CFL 20retailers sell four type brand,7 retailers sell only two type, 4 retailers sell more thanfour brands of CFL only one retailer sell one brand of CFL.3. Which brand of CFL frequently sells at your counter? Response No of respondent Havells 5 Philips 29 XLIV
  45. 45. Crompton 13 Any Other 7 Table No. Any Other Havells 13% 9% Havells crompton greaves Philips 24% Philips crompton greaves 54% Any Other Inference According to this chart 54% retailer sell Philips, 24% sell Crompton, 13% sell other brand of CFL. Only 9% retailer sells Havells at their counter. Thus we conclude that few retailer sell Havells CFL at their counter.4. What do you feel about service of the Havells Company? Response No of respondent Very Good 7 Good 20 Average 13 Poor 11 Very Bad 3 XLV
  46. 46. Very Bad 6% Very Good Poor 13% 20% Very Good Good Good Average 37% Average Poor 24% Very Bad Inference 13% retailer of my survey feel service of Havells company if very good, 37% feel service is good, 24% feel average about the service of the company, 20% feel service is bad and 6% retailers feel service of company is very bad. So majority of retailers are happy with the service of the company.5. Do you agree with the price of Havells GREEN CFL is competitive? Response No of respondent Strongly Agree 10 Agree 28 Disagree 14 Strongly Disagree 2 Can’t Say 00 XLVI
  47. 47. 30 28 25 20 Strongly Agree 14 Agree 15 10 Disagree 10 Strongly Disagree 5 2 Can’t Say 0 0 Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Can’t Say Agree DisagreeInference The majority of retailers of my survey think the price of HavellsCompany is competitive. But 14 retailers are not agree that the price of Havellscompany is competitive.6. How effective the promotional activities of Havells Company? Response No of respondent Very Good 15 Good 19 Average 11 Poor 7 Very Bad 2 XLVII
  48. 48. Very Bad 4% Poor 13% Very Good 28% Very Good Good Average Average 20% Poor Very Bad Good 35% Inference 83% retailers think the promotional activities of Havells Company is good and 13% think promotional activities of company is bad.7. In your opinion the new adjustment policy of GREEN CFL in the form of 7% less in bill is………….. Response No of respondent Useful 0 Useful to some extent 5 Wasteful Efforts 48 Can’t Say 1 XLVIII
  49. 49. Wastefull Effort, 50 48 45 40 Useful 35 30 Useful to some extent 25 Wastefull Effort Useful to some Cant Say 20 extent, 5 15 10 Cant Say, 1 5 Useful, 0 0Inference the new policy related to GREEN CFL is a wasteful effort of thecompany according to the 48 retailers out of 54. Because retailer want guaranteeproduct for sell.8. What type of products do you want to sell? Response No of respondent Quality Products 15 Guarantee Products 35 Any Other 4 XLIX
  50. 50. Any Other 7% Quality Products 28% Quality Products Guarantee Products Guarantee Products 65% Any OtherInference From the above chart we conclude that most of the retailer wants to sellguarantee product. Only 28% retailer prefer to sell Quality product because of theyavoid the risk as far as possible.9. Availability of Havells GREEN CFL in the market…………. Response No of respondent Always Available 48 Occasionally Available 6 Always Unavailable 0 L
  51. 51. Ocassionally Always unavailable Available 0% 11% Always Available Ocassionally Available Always Available Always unavailable 89%Inference:- 89% retailer assume that the GREEN CFL easily available when they need. LI
  52. 52. Customer Profile 1. How did you get to know about Havells GREEN CFL? Response No of respondent Peer Groups 15 Family Member 10 Media 23 Any Other 2 25 23 20 15 15 Peer Groups 10 10 Family Member Media 5 Any Other 0 2 Peer Groups Family Member Media Any OtherInference:- 23 consumer out of 50 get to know about Havells GREEN CFL by media.Than 16 consumer get to know by peer group and 10 consumers know GREEN CFL byfamily member. In this way media is best way to aware the people regarding GREENCFL. LII
  53. 53. 2. In your opinion the most influential media to advertise is………….. Response No of respondent Newspaper 12 Television 26 Radio 8 Any Other 4 30 26 25 20 Newspaper Television 15 12 Radio 10 8 Any Other 4 5 0 Newspaper Television Radio Any OtherInference:- 26 respondents think that television is most influential media foradvertisement. Newspaper is influential according to the 12 consumer. Than radio isinfluence the people. 3. The quality of Havells GREEN CFL is…………… Response No of respondent Very Good 8 Good 25 Average 15 LIII
  54. 54. Poor 2 Very Bad 1 25 25 20 Very Good Good 15 15 Average Poor 10 8 Very Bad 5 2 1 0 Very Good Good Average Poor Very BadInference:- The quality of GREEN CFL is good and consumer also assume thatquality of Havells CFL is very good (8 consumer). 25 consumers said that quality isgood. 15 consumer think quality is average. Only 3 consumers said quality is bad orvery bad.4. The price of Havells GREEN CFL…………………… Response No of respondent Very High 15 High 28 Normal 7 Low 0 Very Low 0 LIV
  55. 55. 30 28 25 20 Very High 15 High 15 Normal Low 10 Very Low 7 5 0 0 0 Very High High Normal Low Very LowInference:- From the above table 30% think price of GREEN CFL is very high and 56%said price is high. Only 14% said price is normal. 5. In your opinion the brand image of Havells GREEN CFL is……… Response No of respondent Very Good 14 Good 22 Average 11 Bad 3 LV
  56. 56. 25 22 20 14 Very Good 15 11 Good Average 10 Bad 5 3 0 Very Good Good Average BadInference:- From the above table we conclude that 44% of the customers are ratinggood and 28% are rating very good so that Havells have good brand image in the market. 6. Reasons for your preference for Havells GREEN CFL…………. Response No of respondent Price 4 Quality 15 Safety 9 Brand Image 22 Any Other 0 LVI
  57. 57. 25 22 20 15 Price 15 Quality 9 Safety 10 Brand Image 4 Any Other 5 0 0 Price Quality Safety Brand Any Other ImageInference:- From the above table we conclude that 44% respondent prefer Havells CFLfor its brand image and 30% are for its good quality. 7. With the increase in the price of GREEN CFL (For meeting increased cost of production) your purchase behaviour will…………. Response No of respondent Never Change 7 Change to Some Extent 12 Totally Change 28 Can’t Say 3 LVII
  58. 58. 30 28 25 20 Never Change 15 12 Change to Some Extent Totally Change 10 7 Can’t Say 5 3 0 Never Change Change to Totally Can’t Say Some Extent ChangeInference:- From the above table we conclude that 56% of the respondent change theredecision dew to change in the price so consumer behavior is highly influenced by changein price. 8. Factors for purchasing Havells GREEN CFL on higher price : Response No of respondent Save Electricity 2 Durability 0 Brand Image 4 Eco Friendly 1 Any Other 0 LVIII
  59. 59. 4 4 3.5 3 2.5 Save Electricity 2 Durability 2 Brand Image 1.5 Eco Friendly 1 1 Any Other 0.5 0 0 0 Save Durability Brand Image Eco Friendly Any Other ElectricityInference:- From the above table we conclude that most of the consumer purchaseHavells CFL on higher price because of its brand image.9. In your opinion what is more important ……………… Response No of respondent Quality 11 Price 10 Guarantee 26 Any Other 3 LIX
  60. 60. 30 26 25 20 Quality Price 15 11 Guarantee 10 10 Any Other 5 3 0 Quality Price Guarantee Any OtherInference:- From the above table we conclude that guarantee and quality are main factorwhile purchasing. LX
  61. 61. CHAPTER 6 RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS Recommendations and Suggestions1) More local/ regional advertisements should be there to make people aware about Havells and its products2) There should be more advertisement on the world wide web also.3) Campaigning should be done at all level.4) Business Development Officers should contact Architects and Customers on regular basis.5) More flexible discount schemes should be provided6) Product catalogues and price lists should be provided to the customers on regular basis.7) Increase the percentage rate of ADJUSTMENT POLICY. Or start guarantee.8) Improve the behavior of sales person of the company as well as distributor.(6% of respondent). LXI
  62. 62. 9) Company should further reduce its price. 10) Fulfill all the commitments which are made by company or distributor. 11) There is more need in improvement of quality of Green CFL so that it decreases the rate of replacement. 12) The adjustment policy’s rate is not enough because replacement rate is 15% to 20%. 13) If company backs out any scheme, then it should give some time to the retailer. 14) Provide updated information and knowledge to the retailers about the product. 15) Provide equal Price to all the retailers. 16) Company should compromise with dealer according to the circumstances. 17) Company should improve its grievance handling system BIBLIOGRAPHY Sr. Title Author Publication No1 Marketing Kotler, P Prentice Hall Management2 Research Kothari, C New Age International Methodology R PublicationsJournals1.) 24th Annual Report 2006 – 2007 Havells India Ltd.Web Sites LXII
  63. 63. http://www.havell’s.comhttp://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2005/09/30/stories/2005093002590200.htmhttp://www.business-standard.com/common/storypage_c_online.php?leftnm=10&bKeyFlag=IN&autono=38132http://www.toboc.com/1/570340/Exporter.aspxhttp://www.efytimes.com/efytimes/fullnews.asp?edid=25052&magid=13http://www.domainb.com/companies/companies_h/havells_India/20080331_expansion_plans.htmlhttp://www.domainb.com/companies/companies_h/havells_India/20070314_lighting.htm ANNEXURE QuestionnaireDear Respondent I, ABHISHEK MITTAL student of BBA, CSHTM, Rajpura, isworking on project “Brand awareness & preference regarding HAVELLS GREENCFL”. The following questions are the main instrument of my survey. So pleasegive your opinion up to the best of your knowledge.1. Do you sell CFL? • Yes • No2. How many brands of CFL you sell? • 1  • 2  • 3  • 4  • Any Other  ............................................... LXIII
  64. 64. 3. Which brand of CFL frequently sells at your counter? • Havells  • Philips  • Crompton  • Any Other  ………………………………4. What do you feel about service of the Havells Company? • Very good  • Good  • Average  • Poor  • Very Bad 5. Do you agree with the price of Havells GREEN CFL is competitive? • Strongly Agree  • Agree  • Disagree  • Strongly Disagree  • Can’t Say 6. The promotional activities of Havells Company are…………… • Very Good  • Good  • Average  • Poor  • Very Bad 7. In your opinion the new adjustment policy of GREEN CFL in the form of7% less in bill is………. • Useful  • Useful to some extent  • Wasteful effort  • Can’t Say 8. What type of products do you want to sell? LXIV
  65. 65. • Quality Products  • Guarantee Products  • Any Other  ……………………………..9. Availability of GREEN CFL in the market. • Always available  • Occasionally Available  • Occasionally unavailable  • Always unavailable  • Can’t Say 10. Your suggestions for improving the quality of Havells GREEN CFL… ……………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………………….Personal ProfileName ………………………………………………………………Age …………………..Address ……………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………….Phone/Mobile No ………………………………………………. LXV
  66. 66. Place………………… SIGNATUREDate…………………. QuestionnaireDear Respondent I, ABHISHEK MITTAL student of BBA, CSHTM, Rajpura, is workingon project “Brand awareness & preference regarding HAVELLS Green CFL”. Thefollowing questions are the main instrument of my survey. So please give youropinion up to the best of your knowledge. 1 How did you get to know about Havells GREEN CFL? • Peer Group  • Family Member  • Media  • Any other  …………………….. 2. In your opinion the most influential media to advertise is………….. LXVI
  67. 67. • Newspaper  • Television  • Radio  • Any Other  ………………………3. The quality of Havells GREEN CFL is…………… • Very good  • Good  • Average  • Poor  • Very Bad 4. The price of Havells GREEN CFL…………………… • Very High  • High  • Normal  • Low  • Very Low 5. In your opinion the brand image of Havells GREEN CFL is……… • Very Good  • Good  • Average  • Bad  • Very Bad 6. Reasons for your preference for Havells GREEN CFL…………. • Price  • Quality  • Safety  • Brand Image  • Any Other 7. With the increase in the price of GREEN CFL (For meeting increased cost of production) your purchase behaviour will…………. LXVII
  68. 68. • Never Change  • Change to some extent  • Totally Change  • Can’t Say  ATTEMPT QUESTION 10TH IF YOUR ANSWER OF 9THQUESTION IS “NEVER CHANGE” 8. Factors for purchasing Havells GREEN CFL on higher price : • Save electricity  • Durability  • Brand Name  • Eco Friendly  • Any Other  …………………………………….. 9. Please specify the shortcoming in Havells GREEN CFL? .................................................................... …………………………………………… 10. Your suggestion for improving the quality of Havells GREEN CFL :……………………………………………………………………………..……………………………………………………………………………. 11. In your opinion what is more important ……………… • Quality  • Price  • Guarantee  • Any Other  Personal Information LXVIII
  69. 69. Name …………………………………………………..Age ………………………….Address ………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………..Phone No ………………………………………….Place……………………… SIGNATUREDate……………………… LXIX