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Impact of media on society

what impact media have on society , children, culture.

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Impact of media on society

  1. 1. Media Impact On Society BY-KUMAR SUDARSHAN
  3. 3. Electronic media Impact on society • Informed Society • Ideal Image • Influence buying decision • Influence public opinion • Changes life style • Eliminate Social Evil
  4. 4. Social Media Impact on society • Impact on politics • Impact on business • Effect on socialization • Cyber Bullying and online harassment • Impact on productivity • Impact on privacy
  5. 5. Impact of Media On Culture Culture:-Culture is a complex whole include belief, Knowledge, art, low, customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by members of society. Positive Impact Of Media On Culture • Social structure in India have changed with respect to cast system. • Create general awareness • It’s trying to protect our culture.
  6. 6. Negative Impact of Media on Culture • Influence to move towards western culture. • Village theater and dance(nautanki) has been replaced by cinema and television. • Diminishing family culture.
  7. 7. Positive Impacts Of Media On Children • It help in moral formation of child. • Media enhances children imagination, creativity, critical thinking, public speaking and planning skill. • It increases social skill of children. • Certain children program prepare children for real time situation. • It help in formation of there thought.
  8. 8. Negative Impacts Of Media On Children • Watching violent television programs and movies increase violent behavior in children. • Media is happy to introduce younger children to an adult world without moral boundaries. • Very early use of Social media cause them many threat . • Emotional Implication.
  9. 9. Conclusion
  10. 10. Thank you