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Kubernetes meetup bangalore december 2017 - v02

  1. An Overview Report At Kubernetes Meetup Bangalore Dec 16th 2017
  2. • 4100 attendees • Austin, TX, USA • Full schedule - • Video playlist, 147 videos: (search Kubecon 2017)
  3. CNCF is now home to 14 open source projects
  4. More items in Community Survey
  5. Community Awards
  7. Some updates… • DevOps vendor JFrog and Chinese internet giant Baidu joined as a Gold members; • Alibaba Cloud increased its membership to Platinum; and • 31 new members joined at the Silver level. • Sales Force Joins CNCF • Heptio & Microsoft together building k8s solutions • Core OS external plug services to k8s. • Metaparticle - A standard library for distributed system development on Kubernetes • Canonical, Rancher Rustle Up Kubernetes Cross-Cloud Capability • Kata Containers, Intel’s new project hosted by the OpenStack Foundation that combines containers with virtualization to allow users to deploy containers quickly and securely at all levels of trust. • Tectonic 1.8 – Industry first open cloud services
  8. • Metaparticle provides idiomatic language interfaces that help you build systems that: • Containerize your application • Deploy your application to Kubernetes • Quickly develop replicated, load-balanced services • Handle synchronization like locking and master election between distributed replicas • Easily develop cloud-native patterns like sharded-systems Import io.metaparticle.*; public class Main { @Runtime(ports=80, replicas=2,publicAddress=true, executor=“metaparticle”) @Package(repository="", jarFile="target/metaparticle-package-tutorial-0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar") public static void main(String[] args){ Containerize(() -> { .. });;
  9. Service Mesh: istio • A way to connect, manage, and secure microservices – Manages traffic flows between microservices, – enforcing access policies, – and aggregating telemetry data, – all without requiring changes to the microservice code
  10. The Serverless craze!
  12. 2018 Europe Conference • Event Details  CFP Jan 12th 2018 econ-and-cloudnativecon-europe
  13. Summary… • What makes up the nucleus of Kubernetes (as Brian Grant calls it) is getting more refined. The way forward involves building on top of the project, not by baking features in, which will lead to stability. • Kelsey Hightower reminds us all that running Kubernetes adds no value to a company. Value will only be a reality for those that use Kubernetes to build better applications. kubectl is the new ssh. CI/CD pipeline is very important.
  14. References: Joe Beda Michelle Noorali - Dan Kohn- …..
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