Services considered in Business Plan INGENIOUS


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Here we will address:
4.1 Service Titles, Objective and Description
4.2 Fulfillments
4.3 Technology
4.4 Future Services

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Services considered in Business Plan INGENIOUS

  1. 1. INGENIOUS Data, Information, Knowledge to Wisdom… INGINEOUS is to serve individuals, societies, 4 And Nations for the attainment of their Respective goals and contributing towards Common objectives for growing together. services Here we will address: 4.1 Service Titles, Objective and Description 4.11 UDDESHYA 4.12 NETRITVA 4.2 Fulfillments 4.3 Technology 4.4 Future Services 13
  2. 2. INGENIOUS Data, Information, Knowledge to Wisdom… 4.1 service titles, objective and description 4.11 title I: uddeshya (Exploring ignited minds and bridging the gap between expected and the accepted) 4.111 objectives: To provide complete solution of manpower suitability, employment and deployment to up- bring feasible innovations for industrial solution. 4.112 service description: Services for Retail segment:  Academic and career related information and guidance. 1. Psychological ability testing and consultancy. 2. Academic and Professional courses details. 3. Emerging trends in education and its scope. 4. Customized coaching and training. 5. Admission assistance.  Professional and personal information and guidance. 1. Job opening details with emerging trends. 2. Competency mapping and profile matching. 3. Customized training. i.e. Soft skills, Languages etc. 4. Placement assistance and guidance. 5. Matrimony, Taxation, Legal and Agricultural information etc.  Earth for nurturing Innovation for profitable business. 1. Innovation search and its feasibility establishment. 2. Technical, Financial and Management assistance. 3. Incubation for business initiation and operation. 4. Consultancy and specialized solutions. i.e. Marketing Research ,Market Development, Advertising and publicity etc. 5. Organizational development for unorganized productive units.  E-Trade (e-commerce) 1. E-Trade platform for village specific craft goods. Services for corporate segment:  Point of interface, data collection, real presence and reach. 1. Point of primary data for Marketing Researcher’s. 2. Point of Advertising, Introducing and Sales promotion. 3. Point of presence offer for dotcom companies for real penetration. 4. Database creator for Direct, Tele and e Marketing, Job consultants, etc. 5. Point of Lead Generation as local representative for financial and mobile companies. 14
  3. 3. INGENIOUS Data, Information, Knowledge to Wisdom…  Consultancy to SME’s 1. Retainer consulting, Project consulting and Market research. 4.12 title II: netritva (Genesis of INGENIOUS) 4.121 objectives: To bring together the leader of industry to recrystallize the mainframe of education, industry and human resource by and large while maintaining and developing core of competency of INGENIOUS. 4.122 service description:  Honorary corporate/leaders/achievers membership. 1. Interface platform for knowledge sharing among leaders. 2. Interactive platform for knowledge seekers and specialists. 3. Executive platform for corporate citizenship.  Individual/group/young corporate membership. 1. Customized training on [Languages (Voice and accent), Personality Development, Social and Corporate etiquette, Business Communication- written and spoken, Team building, Creative thinking, leadership etc.] 2. Consultancy (Expanding horizon based on corporate specialists and leaders) and Industrial solutions. Note: Complementary Service of Information about Government Structure, Schemes, Policy and Procedure of all departments to all stakeholders. 4.2 fulfillment 1. The principals of the business will provide the key fulfillment and delivery. The real core value is professional expertise, provided by a combination of determination, dedication, and discipline. 2. We will turn to qualified professionals for freelance backup in all our activities except our core activity of mass network development. 15
  4. 4. INGENIOUS Data, Information, Knowledge to Wisdom… 4.3 technology INGENIOUS will maintain the mix of latest Windows and Linux for capabilities including: 1. Complete e-mail facilities on the Internet, FTP facility access for data upload and download from key data generation points for internal use. 2. Complete presentation facilities for preparation and delivery of multimedia presentations on Linux or Windows machines, in formats including on-disk presentation, live presentations, or video presentation to corporate. 3. Complete desktop publishing facilities for delivery of regular reports to INGENIOUS key points and corporate. 4.4 future services In future, INGENIOUS will broaden the coverage by expanding into coverage of additional market (across the nation, SAARC countries and China, Russia and developing countries of African and South American continent, Middle and Far East countries than finally to Developed Nation’s) and additional service areas (Outsourcing non core activities of Educational institutions and corporate. Such as Marketing Research, Consulting, Marketing). 16