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  1. 1. A Day Made Of Glass…! PRESENTED BY: Kulwinder Kaur
  2. 2. Photovoltaic glass Photovoltaic glass is a special glass with integrated solar cells, to convert solar energy into electricity. This means that the power for an entire building can be produced within the roof and façade areas. Production: The solar cells are embedded between two glass panes and a special resin is filled between the panes, securely wrapping the solar cells on all sides. Each individual cell has two electrical connections, which are linked to other cells in the module, to form a system which generates a direct electrical current
  3. 3. Television on Glass Glass Television has already been introduced in the market, but being in concept phase its more buzzed in R&D departments. The basic features of glass television offered or proposed by corning are an Ultra thin design, frameless and large format. Using Glass in television is successfully made possible through Claro Holographic TV, in which transparent glass is used as a TV screen.
  4. 4. Architectural Display Glass Architectural Display Glass, its main features comprise of: • Pristine surface, • Electronics enabling and • Touch sensitive. It can be well used in our daily lives. It can be used to send sms, checking emails, as its electronics enabled, can prove to a boom in the glass industry. Production:- Research is still going to make it possible.
  5. 5. Architectural Surface Glass Enabling the display on glass has already been discussed in this presentation, but that is not enough for using the glass in our daily lives. Glass apart from being display enabled, can also be used for cooking purposes, this what a new arena proposed by corning. Corning has proposed to develop a glass prototype which can be use for cooking purposes. The designed prototype has been proposed to be thermally durable, tough and display enabled
  6. 6. Appliance Veneer Glass Now comes another application for display and electronics enabled glass, that is framing it over appliances. It can be used as an ornamental thing over the home, e.g. Over the appliances, display enabled make photos toggling possible and touch enhances its approaches. Another feature added to it apart from normal display enabled one is, it is scratch and smudge resistant so as to make it land on practical grounds for rough usage too.
  7. 7. Hand-held Display Glass Mobile Phones, nowadays acts like more than a necessity to us, what if even they are made up of glass?? A day with glass won’t be complete if it doesn’t include mobile phones. To make it possible, Corning is researching on a glass prototype apart from other qualities already mentioned should be thin & light, damage resistant and small but touch sensitive
  8. 8. Glass in daily life Automation Automotive display glass: Designing a glass for car dashboard. Yes, that’s what the engineers at corning are trying to make possible, being fully loaded with earlier glass features, plus adding to the streamline design elegant looks and adding the whole advanced electronic functionality to dashboard giving the futuristic oomph…! Advanced features like GPS, internet connectivity are all added to it. Next comes the Automotive design glass, which can be used as smart sun-roof in cars, the proposed design for it is photosensitive and durable.
  9. 9. Large-Format Display Glass In the later part of the previous video was a proposed large-format display glass. Imagine if we convert all the sign boards and landmarks into glass and electronics enabled, it’ll be such a serene picturesque to experience. The proposed format from corning makes it a large weather resistant glass. It needs to be electro-optic enabled and optically adaptable so as to control display in low or high light i.e. day and night.
  10. 10. All Weather Surface Glass Waiting for a bus at stop and need to know your further going bus or any route? That is what the technology aims to ease of following with a pure and elegant look glass. Installing electronic maps at stops may help. All weather surface glasses are mainly designed to be damage resistant because they need to be installed at public places, additional to it they will be display enabled and touch sensitive.
  11. 11. Glass-technology in Business Corning has proposed glass-tech designs for help in business also. The first product proposed in this line is large Wall-format display glass. It is basically proposed to be a large-scale seamless design plus being touch sensitive. Efficient video conferencing is made possible through it. Next comes Work Surface display glass, you all have already been through the surface computing, this is enhanced version of it only. Its versatile and durable plus enabled with business applications.
  12. 12. Shopping made easy..! Going to a store and don’t have specific time to check whole collection? Never mind, for this we have Electronics Ready Glass: electronics enabled interactive interfaces are installed, you can check out the latest collections and get there every detail right before the store. Can also tell you the model and rack number of the desired good. Go happy and smart shopping…
  13. 13. Flexible Display Glass The new-gen items displayed and previewed before were bulky and hard to carry. To ease of your project reports and portability, flexible display glass is proposed. The main feature of it is, its Ultra thin and roll able, with touch & display enabling and all other features makes it no less than a machine. You can sync it with your phone or mass storage. It don’t have any other specifications, it uses the basic OS as the device its connected too, it just acts as a magnifying displayer.
  14. 14. Entertainment with Glass As the day approaches to the end, entertainment is the only part we missed till now?? There comes corning’s enhanced 3-D television, it let’s you enjoy the movies with your family and take you to the new world of fantasy…! The last thing proposed is the portable display glass, especially made for e-book reader.
  15. 15. THANK YOU!!! QUESTIONS???