Ultimate demon review - An ultimate beast for backlinks


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After trying too many expensive link building softwares like Magic Submitter, SENuke and Sick Submitter finally I bought the ultimate demon.

Ultimate demon is far better than other softwares because you are not paying any monthly fee to run this software.

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Ultimate demon review - An ultimate beast for backlinks

  1. 1. Finally the beast is here. After trying too many expensive link building softwares like Magic Submitter, SENuke and Sick Submitter finally I bought the ultimate demon. Doing manual link building or hiring people for doing this work for me was always a big headache for me as I am the only person to manage all my online activities. So I thought about buying a software which could help me to save my time and give great results. After doing extensive research I found Ultimate Demon. Ultimate demon is far better than other softwares because you are not paying any monthly fee to run this software. If you will go for other softwares then they might charge $50-150 per month and you will have to pay them very months (obviously) for keeping your services alive. But here I paid once and everything done.
  2. 2. What is the need of such softwares? With the exponential growth of internet and change in various Google algorithms, we need great backlinking strategies, not for outranking our competitors but for making our content and linking strategy looks natural. If you want to rank for any particular keyword in various search engines and then you will have to use such a link building techniques which can help your money site and ultimately you can generate income with your blog/website. So having such softwares can help you to make your process easier and ultimatesave your time. What is so special in Ultimate Demon? This software can help you to get quality backlinks from  Web 2.0 Sites  Wiki Sites  Social Bookmarking Sites  Video Sites  Article Directories  Web Directories  Press Releases  RSS Directories  Document Sharing Sites See the screenshot
  3. 3. How to Setup a Campaign? Setting up new campaign in Ultimate Demon is very easy. By clicking on NEW button (as shown in above picture). For the tutorial I am going to setup article submission task #2. Select the sites where you want to submit your articles. You can find the sites according to categories and submit your articles only in relevant article submission sites. #3. Select Account Profile You can create random profile names, username, passwords and other related things required for article submission.
  4. 4. Note: You can select one folder with images, so everytime Ultimate Demon will create new account it will pick one random thumbnail image for your profile. #4. Article Detail Now you can import your article which you are going to submit. Note: They have integrated great article builder softwares in Ultimate Demon. By putting your login details you can directly integrate them and fetch articles. Some article builders like: 1. ArticleBuilder.net 2. Big Content Search 3. Wicked Article Creator 4. Built in seed article Apart from these integrated softwares, you can import content from text files and use it for submission. Here is window to upload text files directly in the softwares.
  5. 5. I am personally using Kontent Machine for creating quality article. You can read my Kontent Machine Review for getting more information about the tool. Get $140 Discount on Kontent Machine. #5. Give a name to your task Don’t forget to give a name to your task. Give a relevant name as per your project and save it. Ultimate Demon has 7 menu items 1. Projects 2. Statistics 3. Sites 4. Mailbox 5. Ping 6. Scraper 7. Link Tree I will discuss about each of them in this article so that you can see all the features and take the final decision.
  6. 6. Note: For the tutorial purpose I am doing very less submissions. 1. Projects Whatever the projects you will make, all will be visible in this window. Till now I have run only 2 campaigns and got around 40% success rate. You can run, resume, stop, pause your campaign with the button given in dashboard. Ultimate demon will run your campaign in very natural ways, as they will put software in ideal mode to give proper timing gap between two submissions. 2. Statistics Here you can see the graph of your submissions ans trace down everything very easily.
  7. 7. 3. Sites This section will allow you to see all the sites which fall under specific category (web 2.0, article, bookmarking etc.). By clicking on + button you can add more sites in the list. Ultimate Demon will automatically detect the sites and place them in specific categories. 4. MailBox Here you can configure your mails for the account creation on various websites. Ultimate Demon will automatically create account for you and verify them.
  8. 8. 5. Ping You can ping your live link directly in Ultimate Demon. 6. Scraper This will help you to fetch results from various search engine and use them for article submission, bookmarking etc. 7. Link Tree If you are already using Magic Submitter, SENuke or any other software then you are going to love this feature in Ultimate Demon.
  9. 9. You can click on the elements and fill the required information to make it work smoothly. Other tools in Ultimate Demon There are few extra tools integrated in this tool which will help you to save few more dollar by getting free access in the Ultimate Demon dashboard. Tools like: 1. Remove Duplicate URLs 2. Scan PR/Alexa/IP Address/WOT 3. Link Checker 4. Synonyms Harvester 5. Spin Links All these amazing tools make it such a killer link building weapon that you can use it anytime once you will buy lifetime copy of this tool. Special Note: Don’t use this tool without proxies because it will result your IP ban in Google and you will not be able to perform smooth searches. I am personally using 10 Premium proxies and paying $21.75/month.
  10. 10. Final thoughts I personally found it very useful and easy to operate. So if you are also into core internet marketing business then adding this tool in your arsenal would be one of the best investments in your business. Till not I am was doing very less submission just for the tutorial purpose to get quick results, but in future I will be using this tool very extensively and do thousands of submissions. If you have any question about this tool then feel free to ask in comment section. All Discount Coupons Get $140 Discount on Kontent Machine. Click here to buy Proxies (Use coupon BCAGE for getting 25% recurring discount). Buy 5k Captchs breaker in $6.95 Buy Ultimate Demon with $50 OFF and $100 cashback. Copy Right: Blogging Cage