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This basic guide will teach you all small steps to start your own blog.

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How to-start-your-own-blog

  1. 1. How to Start Your Own Blog If you are struggling and want to start your own blog, then Read this guide from start to end.Making Money Online have become one of the most lucrative business that everyone is lookingon the internet.Possibilities are huge on internet as it is expending day by day and we can see that everythingwill be online after 3 years.So getting into internet can be turned into a big business. The Secret of SUCCESS is to find People, where they are going. And be there FirstThis is one of the Quote which changed the way I think and I started looking opportunities tomake money on internet. Internet is filled with lots of information, so you can learn everythingonline.I started stumbling one blog after another. But how to make money online was still a bigquestion for me.I have spent almost 1 awesome year in blogging and still learning the things, but the best thingshappened during this duration is I made extra $3000+ from my online business.I didn’t monetized my blog for starting 8 months and kept putting best stuff so that I can sharemore knowledge.
  2. 2. If you are one of the person who want to enjoy life which most of the people still dream then Iwould love to help you achieve your dreams.Here are the steps which you can do to enter in blogging or I can say “Online World”.1. Purchase a Good DomainBuying a good domain name is very first step to start your online business/blog.A Domain Name is the name of your website/blog. Like we have name Soyou will have to do this step very carefully. Domain is the first thing which will be known by thepeople and they will remember the name of your blog.I will suggest you to have which have the Keywords in domain name which depict the aim ofyour blog. e.g “Tech” in domain name will tell us that this is a tech blog, “blogging” word willtell about blogging blog and so and so.Read this guide about how your should select a Domain Name. searching a domain you can use This site will help you toselect domain word by word.2. Host your DomainHosting means a space where all your data will be stored. All the websites you see are hosted onbig servers located in the world.So you will use this online space to upload pictures, videos and most importantly your articles.
  3. 3. Hosting cost around $10 per month which is not a big money, but if you want to buy Hosting forlong term then you can save the money.I am personally using HostGator hosting for my blog and all my blogs are hosted here.HostGator Provide Hosting in $9.95 per month and this is the industry standard hosting whichmany of the big blogs are using.I will recommend you to use HostGator hosting only because they have world class support sothat you can chat with them anytime.If you want some discount on Hosting then you can use my coupons listed below.For 25% Discount – KULWANTNAGI25For 1 Cent First Mont – KULWANTNAGI1CENTYou can use this link to buy hosting – BUY HostGator Hosting3. Install WordPressI am in love with WordPress and you will also say same when you will start using it.Read: What is WordPress?This is one of the platform which have changed the face of blogging. This is so easy to maintainso that you can start with it very easily. WordPress have awesome SEO features which will helpyou to rank your article on Google very easily.Read: How to Install WordPress?Once you are done with installing WordPress for your blog the next task is to install the usefulplugins. Plugins are the external piece of code which enhance the usability of WordPress. Insimple words you can improve the features of your WordPress blog. Like we install software inour computer to do particular task, the same task plugins are doing with WordPress.Read: 10 Plugins Which I Am Using On All of My Blogs
  4. 4. 3. Purchase a Professional ThemeA good looking theme is must have thing for a good blog. A theme can attract more readers ifyou select it very carefully.If your theme is compelling and you have selected good colors then chances are more that userwill come to your blog again. Everyone want to see the things which are soothing to our eyes andsame principle applies here too. if you blog theme is too much messy and reading content is verydifficult then you theme choice is wrong.Don’t use too much ads on your blog, because they can distract your readers.Read: Six must know Tips On Picking A Blog Theme4. Install Plugins to Improve your BlogPlugins are most important things to run a blog.Like we are having softwares installed on our Laptop/Computer, same work plugins will do withyour WordPress blog.Some plugins are so powerful that they will improve the performance and SEO of your blog.Here are some of the plugins which you can use on your blog.All in one SEO PackWordPress SEO by YoastSEO Friendly ImagesRead: 10 Plugins Which I Am Using On All of My Blogs