How to get maximum discount on HostGator


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FREEHH25OFF -- Avail 25% OFF Discount on all your web hosting plan purchase.

FREEHHSHARED --Maximum Discount on your shared hosting purchase.

FREEHHBABY -- Maximum Discount on your BABY plan hosting purchase.

FREEHHDEDICATED -- Maximum Discount on your dedicated hosting purchase.

FREEHH994OFF -- Just forget the first month payment of Hosting plan! Just pay 1 Cent.

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    I have been with Hostgator for over 4 years now having moved from many different hosts before finding the right one, Hostgator. I have never had such a fantastic service from any company anywhere ! Hostgator are simply the best you will find, the customer service is amazing, 24/7 and they help with all kinds of advice, even when it isnt server related. They have techs working for them that actually care for the customers and this has been proven time and time again when I had issues with scripts, even though it wasnt up to Hostgator to fix these issues, they gave me great advice to get the scripts working. I have a dedicated pro server, fully managed and a level 4 VPS, both are perfect for my entire business and I have a lot of sites !
    Anyway, Hostgator are simply the best hosting company out there and that is the reason why they are so popular, if you are searching for a hosting company, you dont need to, just go to Hostgator !
    If you are looking to host your website, my strongest advise is to go with Hostgator and you will never regret doing so…
    With hostgator 1 cent coupon, you can get hostgator hosting in just 1 cent for first month.
    This is the latest working Hostgator coupons :

    $0.01 First Month, Coupon Code --- HOSTGATORGOO

    HOSTGATORGOO101 - 25% OFF on whole order

    I hope that help !
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How to get maximum discount on HostGator

  1. 1. Why HostGator? HostGator provide world’s best online chat support. You get $100 AdWords coupon if you are from USA or Canada. You get $25 Yahoo and Bing marketplace coupon to advertise your business. You get cPanel to handle your hosting dashboard easily. You get unlimited bandwidth, disk space. And many more……..
  2. 2. Hosting Plans Hatchling Plan – (Unlimited bandwidth, space and only one domain can be hosted). Baby Plan – (Unlimited bandwidth, space and unlimited domains can be hosted). Business Plan – (You get all features of baby plan + FREE toll free number for your business).
  3. 3. Which Plan you should select? We always suggest to select baby plan because this plan will give you more freedom than hatchling plan and you can host unlimited sites on HostGator. With this plan you can make unlimited subdomains and can add unlimited SQL databases, which will save huge amount if you want to host multiple sites.
  4. 4. What are their normal prices? Reseller - $19.96/month VPS - $9.97/first month Dedicated - $139/first month
  5. 5. Shared Hosting Prices. Hatchling - $5.56/month Baby - $7.96/month Business - $11.96/month
  6. 6. Then how to buy HostGator hosting with discount price?
  7. 7. Here are our coupons:  FREEHH25OFF – Avail 25% OFF Discount on all your web hosting  plan purchase.  FREEHHSHARED –Maximum Discount on your shared hosting purchase.  FREEHHBABY – Maximum Discount on your BABY plan hosting purchase.  FREEHHDEDICATED – Maximum Discount on your dedicated hosting purchase.  FREEHH994OFF – Just forget the first month payment of Hosting plan! Just pay 1 Cent.
  8. 8. Screenshot after applying our coupon
  9. 9. Here is HostGator 80% Discount Coupon Code 2014
  10. 10. Here is HostGator 50% Discount Coupon Code 2014
  11. 11. Instruction HostGator provide discount on first purchase only, so if you will buy hosting for multiple years then you can save big amount. i.e going for 2+ years would be a much better option rather than selecting only one year plan. Use HostGator coupon very carefully and cross verify it.
  12. 12. For more coupons: Visit: