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This document presents a team-building activity using sports as a platform; specifically, using the Traditional Filipino Street Games as activities. The program is organized by Magna Kultura Foundation, the National Organizer of the Filipino Games in the Philippines.

The Palarong Pinoy events are conducted in a Mini-Olympics sports format with referees, marshals, and a tournament system that organizes adults into teams with Team Captains and Coaches. Adults are immersed into fun games like: Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Luksong Lubid, Luksong Tinik, Chinese Garter, Sipang Bilangan, and various Pinoy relay race games.

Larong Pinoy Games are equally fun and challenging. It’s an unforgettable experience that each and everyone will cherish, as it will bring out the child in every participant. It will bring back the good ‘ol days when they all use to play it.

The program is organized to make the Traditional Filipino Street Games available for adults. Organizing Larong Pinoy Sports Fest for Private companies is among the cultural entrepreneurship approaches of Magna Kultura to revive the Games of our Heritage (Laro ng Lahi) among Filipino adults who use to play the games; so that they too can teach their children how to play the games. Thus, bring back the Filipino games back in the mainstream of Philippine society, among children and adults.

For more information, email Magna Kultura at:
Or call Tel. No.(632) 514-5868

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Larong Pinoy Corporate Team Building Sports Fest

  2. 2. Mabuhay! Thank you for considering the Games of our Heritage and Magna Kultura Foundation as possible organizer for your sports fest. Attached herewith is our Palarong Pinoy Mini-Olympics sports fest plan. Our Palarong Pinoy games are conducted like real Mini-Olympic tournaments, featuring popular Traditional Filipino Street Games like Patintero, Luksong Lubid, Luksong Tinik, Luksong Baka, Sipang Bilangan, and other Pinoy games that are bundled into relay race hurdles that challenges team competition. Our Palarong Pinoy Mini-Olympics Sports Fest is organized with a tournament system, game flow procedures, game mechanics and tournament rules for every game; with referees, scorers, timers, tabulators; supplied with all game materials and field ground markers; along with team line-up registration forms. The event includes program scripting and emcee hosting, with live annotation of the game action during the games. The Organizing Packages is found on Page 10 of the attached document. The range of packages is pegged on the logistic arrangements: like the number of players, which dictates the quantity game materials and other details. All packages include the facilitators fees for referees, table officials, secretariat and administrative services. The rate card is net inclusive of taxes. Not included in the organizing packages are add-on costs: like winner's prizes, venue rental fee, sound system, and food catering. Over a thousand companies have already conducted Magna Kultura’s Larong Pinoy Sports Fests. Magna Kultura organizes everything, hassle-free on the event day; so that the HRD & sports committee can sit back, relax, and play with the rest of the members. Magna Kultura Foundation is the national organizer of the Games of our Heritage, an NGO that has been advocating the revival of Filipino Games in our country since the 1990s; and the only organization with a Larong Pinoy Sports Clinic. Since Y2008, private organizations started calling the Foundation to conduct the games as a teambuilding sports fest activity among adults. We hope that Magna Kultura could contribute to the organizational camaraderie of your members through this activity, and that we may be able to deliver a one-of-a-kind sports fest event for your organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed inquiry. Looking forward to meet you one of these days. Thank you very much. DICKIE AGUADO Executive Director, Magna Kultura Foundation Landline Tel No. (02) 514-5868 Mobile Cellular Nos. 0917.899.0025 (Globe) / 0922.899.0026 (Sun) MAGNA KULTURA FOUNDATION, INC. San Juan City, Metro-Manila, Philippines 1500 Tel. No. 514-5868 Email:
  3. 3. 1. TEAMS SIZE & ORGANIZATION 1.1. 4 to 8 Teams may be organized, and can be distinguished by colored uniforms or arm bands. 1.2. Each team may comprise of mixed males/females. 1.3. Each team must assign a 1 Team Captain and 8 co-captains. The Team Captain will be the sole coordinator with the tournament officials. 2. GAMES ACTIVITIES The games activities are comprise of selected Larong Pinoy Games that are conducted as Individual team games, inter-team matches and relay races. The games are officiated by Game Marshals using the official Larong Pinoy Rules. TEAMS MAY BE REPRESENTED BY TEAM COLORS RED YELLOW BLUE GREEN or any distinguishing color T E A M S M A Y W E A R C O L O R E D T - S H I R T , O R H E A D B A N D S O R A R M - B A N D S q Program Script and Emcee (EVENT HOSTING) q Game Referees, Marshals, Score Tabulators q Game Mechanics Manual for Team Captains q Game Materials & Ground Equipment q Tournament Rules & Regulations q Team Registration Forms & Score Sheets MAGNA KULTURA WILLPREPARETHE MATERIALS & LOGISTICS FOR THETOURNAMENT.
  4. 4. 15 to 25 PLAYERS PER TEAM A relay race where players pass thru a variety of Pinoy games as obstacle hurdles: 1st : PIKO STEP-NO, 2nd : LIMBO ROCK, and 3rd : SACK RACE. The race is timed. Players run from the starting line and go thru each hurdle; then, from the turn-around point, players go thru the same hurdles going back before the next runner’s turn. The team that finishes with the best clocked-time will get high points. A fun-filled game exercise where team members form a long line, holding each others arm. Without breaking each others hand-grip, they slip thehula-hoop from oneperson to theother, from start to finish. The 1st team that can make the hula-hoop comeback to thestarting linewins. 30 to 40 PLAYERS PER TEAM An ALL JUMPING Obstacle Relay Race, where each player pass thru an obstacle hurdle: from Luksong Tinik to Chinese Garter to Luksong Baka. A timed race where Players run from the starting line and go thru each hurdle; then, from the turn-around point, players go thru the same hurdles going back before the next runner’s turn. The team that finishes with the best clocked-time will get high points. 15 to 25 PLAYERS PER TEAM ☛ The Hula Hoop game among teams is a timed match. ☛ Each player to spin the hoop one-at-a-time 5 players per team show their expertise in spinning the hula-hoop for 60 seconds. The player who can spin the hoop for 60-secs will get the higher score versus those who fall out of spin. FIVE (5) PLAYERS PER TEAM Each player to spin the hoop one-at-a-time
  5. 5. In this contest, Players jump the ropes in synchronized action, with a timer running and game officials counting. The more jumpers fielded, the higher the score. 10 PLAYERS PER TEAM 2 Rope Swingers & 8 Stand-by Jumpers Two opposing teams compete by eliminating each others players on the court. Offense teams hurl 2 soft balls at the defense players at the center court. The offense team’s goal is to eliminate all defense players running at the center court. Each defense player hit is worth 5-points. There are two sets. Teams change court after 2-minutes. And, after 2-minutes, defense players left is worth 10 points. 30 PLAYERS PER TEAM 10 Offense Hitters / 20 Defense Runners The game master announces the color, and Players position a body-part on the called-out color. A body part can only be used once to hold to only one color. A player who can’t hold-on or falls flat on the floor is eliminated! MAT WITH COLORS SPREAD ON THE GAME AREA. PLAYERS TO REACH FOR COLORS USING PARTS OF THEIR BODY: HAND, FOOT, ELBOW, KNEE, ETC. 15 PLAYERS TEAM 5 Players play per set 3 SETS Two teams compete by tagging runners and making home-runs within the Patintero court. There are 2 sets, with 2 minutes per set. The Team must have 8 Players for Offense; and another set of 8 Players for Defense. Teams change court after each set; replacing the offense and defense players. 16 PLAYERS PER TEAM 8 for Offense + 8 for Defense
  6. 6. PHOTOS OF LARONG PINOY SPORTSFEST Patintero Matches Luksong Tinik, a hurdle that’s part of the Relay Race Chinese Garter, as part of an obstacle in the Relay Races Patintero Tight DefenseLuksong Lubid, with Two Players Jumping at a Time THE GAMES CAN BE HELD IN OPEN ARENAS OR ANY OPEN FIELD. MAGNA KULTURA CAN MANAGE 100 UP TO A THOUSAND PARTICIPANTS JOINING IN ALL GAMES, WITH DIFFERENT TEAMS.
  8. 8. THE SPORTS FEST MAY BE CONDUCTED EITHER WHOLE DAY OR HALF DAY (including meal breaks and awarding ceremonies ). Half-dayactivities may be conducted during the entire MORNING; or the entire AFTERNOON. Whole day events starts at 8:30 a.m. up to 3:30 p.m. Best venues are covered/wooden courts. Players Log-In / Registration Team Captains Briefing Opening Ceremony / Team Parade Invocation & Welcome Address Oath of Sportsmanship & TORCH RELAY Start Games: 1st Game Portion 2nd Game Portion 3rd Game Portion Awarding & Closing Ceremonies THE PROGRAM WILL BE MANAGED AND HOSTED BY MAGNA KULTURA WITH VOICE-OVER AND MUSIC SCORING. GAME MARSHALS WILL GUIDE THE EACH TEAM DURING THE PARADE AND DURING THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT
  9. 9. NOTE: A 25% SURCHARGE IS ADDED FOR EVENTS CONDUCTED OUTSIDE OF METRO-MANILA MODE OF PAYMENT: 50% DOWNPAYMENT UPON RESERVATION; 50% BALANCE PAYMENT ON THE EVENT DAY. PACKAGE 1 For Less Than 50 Players 27,000.00 PACKAGE 2 50 to 90 Attendees 30,500.00 PACKAGE 3 100 to 140 Attendees 34,500.00 PACKAGE 4 150 to 190 Attendees 37,300.00 PACKAGE 5 200 to 240 Attendees 40,200.00 PACKAGE 6 250 to 280 Attendees 44,800.00 PACKAGE 7 300 to 340 Attendees 48,500.00 PACKAGE 8 350 to 400 Attendees 52,700.00 PACKAGE 9 420 to 450 Attendees 56,900.00 PACKAGE 10 460 to 500 Attendees 61,100.00 PACKAGE 11 520 to 550 Attendees 65,300.00 PACKAGE 12 560 to 600 Attendees 69,500.00 PACKAGE 13 620 to 650 Attendees 73,700.00 PACKAGE 14 660 to 700 Attendees 77,900.00 PACKAGE 15 720 to 750 Attendees 82,100.00 PACKAGE 16 760 to 800 Attendees 86,300.00 PACKAGE 17 820 to 850 Attendees 90,500.00 PACKAGE 18 860 to 900 Attendees 94,700.00 PACKAGE 19 920 to 950 Attendees 98,900.00 PACKAGE 20 960 to 1,000 Attendees 103,100.00 EVENT ORGANIZING PACKAGE ALL PACKAGES include Game Materials, Referees & Game Marshalls, Program Management with Program Script preparation and Emcee-Hosting, and music scoring arrangement during the entire activity. THE ABOVE-STATED PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE: CONTEST PRIZES, FOOD CATERING, VENUE RENTAL AND AUDIO-SOUND SYSTEM RENTALS
  10. 10. ☛ Palarong Pinoy Mini-Olympics is a one-of-a-kind event activity that will surely be the “talk-of- the-office” ; everyone will re-live their childhood memories and discuss with fellow-employees. It’s one-of-a-kind. It breathes youthfulness among employees. It bonds the young and old. ☛ Unlike the regular sports activities (like basketball or volleyball), with Larong Pinoy almost everyone could play; even non-players could cheerfully participate, actively cheering & jeering at the sidelines. THE ADVANTAGES OF A LARONG PINOY SPORTSFEST A Hassle-Free Sports Fest Event for HRD & The Sports Committee Organizing a company event could be a tedious task for internal organizers. While it will be fun for employees playing in the event, it can be exhausting for the HRD and/or Sport fest Committee, “robbing” them of the fun that they to should be enjoying. It’s all about CREATING IMPACT in the lives of employees and letting them feel the Value of the company they work for. The advantage of having a professionallyorganized corporate event are: ☛ It takes away from employees the hassle of organizing and coordinating everything. It will let the staff just do more productive work for the company while the event gets organized properly. ☛ It ensures for a more professional conduct of an event with an “Olympic”-like atmosphere, letting employees partake in an event that is professionallyorganized. The conduct of the program is more professional --- it’s like a real “Olympics”! And employees would definitely feel like being a part of what seems like a “big” event. And every employee would credit the company’s effort for giving them the best that they deserve. ☛ Employees would see the difference of a professionally organized event: with all the tournament systemand format; with the all the game marshals, materials and ground set-up. ☛ The impact that it creates will surely be credited to the company’s image of putting value in the corporate team bonding activity. Instead of having criticism for a poorly organized affair, it makes each and every employee value the presence of the company in their lives. IT’S AN EVENT THAT HAPPENS ONLY ONCE-A-YEAR. A WELL ORGANIZED COMPANY EVENT WILL GIVE MORE LASTINGMEMORIES THAT WILL IMPACT COMPANY LOYALTY OF EVERY EMPLOYEE. IT’S ALL ABOUT GIVINGTHE STAFF & EMPLOYEES THE BREAK THAT THEY DESERVE. Larong Pinoy is the Game of our Heritage. A truly Filipino company can make a difference among their employees and in the business community
  11. 11. O P TI O N A L I TE MS NOT INCLUDED IN THE EVENT ORGANIZING PACKAGE Powered Speakers SRX Speakers Amplifier Soundcraft Mixing Board Magna Kultura NGO Price: Php 5,000.00 Actual Commercial Rate: Php 12,000.00 Front of House Speakers ❍ 2 Units SRX Speaker ❍ 2 Units Powered Speaker ❍ Front of House Amplification: ❍ 1 Unit Amplifier Processor ❍ 1 Unit DBX Equalizer ❍ 1 Unit DBX Limiter/Gate/Compressor ❍ 1 Unit Lexicon Digital EFX Front of House ❍ 1 Unit Soundcraft Mixing Board Sets of Circuit Breaker Hereunder are the list of Audio & Technical Equipment that will be installed at the sports fest event, as follows: Microphones ❍ 2 Units Sennheiser Wireless Microphones ❍ 1 Unit Microphones with cords ❍ 2 Units Mic Stand (Boom/Straight) ❍ 2 Units Speaker Stand Cable/Wiring Accessories ❍ 1 Unit Snake Cable ❍ 1 Lot Mic Wire ❍ 1 Lot Cables ❍ 1 Lot Patchcord ❍ 1 Lot Speaker Wire ❍ 1 Lot Extension Cable ❍ 1 Unit Power Cable HD SOUND SYSTEM AUDIO TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT For the past six years Magna Kultura Foundation has been using a dynamic sound system that enhances it’s events, as well as the audience's experience. The audio equipment has a high-fidelity quality capable of brilliant sound coverage that boosts the power announcements and superb music scoring. The audio system has a specifications/quality that ranges at a Php 12,000.00 original professional rate . Magna Kultura provides the package only at the packaged price of Php 5,000.00, with no add-on profit; and with technical staff assistance that is acquainted with the execution of Magna Kultura’s sports fest. DBX Equalizer 25% SUR-CHARGE RATE FOR EVENTS OUTSIDE OF METRO-MANILA
  12. 12. O P TI O N A L I TE MS NOT INCLUDED IN THE EVENT ORGANIZING PACKAGE For as low as Php 250.00 (for 1 color printing) to Php 300.00 (for full color printing)
  13. 13. SINCE THE MID-1980s TO THE 1990’S, THE PIONEERS OF MAGNA KULTURA HAS CONDUCTED LEGENDARY GRASSROOTS PROGRAMS FOR THE COUNTRY. LEGENDARY PROGRAMS ORGANIZED WERE ORIGINAL & INSTITUTIONAL. ☛ The MILO Summer Sports Clinics ☛ The MILO B.E.S.T Basketball Tournaments ☛ The Nationwide Bear Brand Kite-Flying Festival ☛ The Annual Milo Marathon ☛ The MILO Club ☛ 1998 June 12 Grand Centennial Parade (at the Luneta Grandstand & Roxas Boulevard) TODAY, MAGNA KULTURA IS THE CHIEF ADVOCATE IN THE COUNTRY REVIVING LARONG PINOY, THE GAMES OF HERITAGE. TO BRING BACK THE GAMES IN SOCIETY’S MAINSTREAM, IN THE YEAR 2000, MAGNA KULTURA ESTABLISHED THE 1ST EVER LARONG PINOY SPORTS TRATINING SCHOOL CLINIC IN THE PHILIPPINES. MAGNA KULTURA CONDUCT LARONG PINOY SPORTS CLINICS & TOURNAMENTS IN VILLAGE-BARANGAYS, SCHOOLS, AND FOR LOCAL COMPANIESAS WELL. IT HAS A WELL-0RGANIZED TOURNAMENT SYSTEM & RULES THAT MAKES THE GAMES COMPETITIVE AND ENJOYABLE. Magna Kultura Foundation is an arts & culture NGO conducting educational and cultural programs at the grassroots of society. Magna Kultura conducts art-based and cultural programs in communities, and building the capacity of local citizens to sustain the same projects. The Foundation engages communities to create advocates and build an ecosystem for transformation.
  14. 14. HEAD OFFICE MAGNA KULTURA FOUNDATION, INC. San Juan City, Metro-Manila, Philippines CONTACT PERSON DICKIE AGUADO, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Mobile Cellular Nos. 0917-8990025 (Globe) / 0922-8990026 (Sun) Telephone No. (632) 514-5868 Email Address: VISIT OUR INFORMATION SITES ON THE INTERNET MAGNA KULTURA HOMEPAGE: FILIPINO GAMES HOMEPAGE: CHECK OUT MAGNA KULTURA AT THE WIKIPAGES WikiPedia on Traditional Games in the Philippines: WikiPilipinas on Filipino Traditional Games Magna KulturaFoundation is an education-for-development NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs at the grassroots of society; supporting civic groups and organizations with social entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to improve the well-being of citizens and communities. Magna Kulturaconducts art-based and cultural programs in communities, and building the capacity of local citizens to sustain the same projects. The Foundation engages communities to create advocates and build an ecosystem for transformation.