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Rise of Facebook Commerce


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This presentation answers questions like what is Facebook commerce and how are major brands using it

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Rise of Facebook Commerce

  1. 1. The rise of Facebook Commerce 1
  2. 2. F-Commerce  Commerce that is executed on or influenced by Facebook is experiencing huge growth as more people join and spend increasing amounts of time on Facebook
  3. 3. 5 types of stores on Facebook Facebook StoresOn-Facebook Facebook Credits Facebook Deals Facebook Enhanced WebsitesOff-Facebook Facebook Enhanced Retail Stores
  4. 4. Facebook Stores  Facebook Stores are E- Commerce enabled Facebook pages that allow users to browse and purchase without leaving Facebook
  5. 5. Facebook Credits  Facebook Credits are used for in game purchase of goods and recently to stream movies from Warner Bros.
  6. 6. Facebook Deals  Facebook Deals offers deals inside Facebook from local retailers that are purchased using Facebook Credits
  7. 7. Facebook Enhanced Websites  Facebook Enhanced Websites are traditional E- Commerce websites that allow consumers to log in with Facebook Connect and see purchases, recommendations, etc from their friends  ‘Likes’ and comments are posted on the user’s Facebook wall
  8. 8. Facebook Enhanced Retail Stores  Facebook Enhanced Retail Stores allow in-store shoppers to post photos and comments when they try on clothes in the shop to their Facebook wall
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  11. 11. Engage your world with Facebook Commerce! | | @kuliza 11