Retailing to the SoLoMo


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How world's biggest retailers are selling to the Social, Local and Mobile consumer

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Retailing to the SoLoMo

  1. 1. Retailing to the SoLoMo How world’s top retailers are selling to the Social, Local and Mobile consumers 1
  2. 2. How are world’s top retailers selling to the SoLoMo Consumer Walmart Target Tesco Ikea Amazon Home Depot eBay Best Buy
  3. 3. Walmart
  4. 4. Walmart’s shopping apps  The app helps consumers get detailed product info, see reviews, order items to their door step  The app adds to the shopping experience with features like bar code scanning, store locator, ability to check if the product if available in stores, aisle locator to find items inside a store, smart shopping lists  Available on iPhone, iPad and Android
  5. 5. @Walmartlabs  Innovative fusion of social + mobile + retail  The idea is to use millions of pieces of data generated in the open social web to create interesting analytics insights for smarter retailSource:
  6. 6. Tesco
  7. 7. Tesco’s shopping apps  Help consumers make smarter purchases.  Consumers can browse through products, scan items to reorder them, create smart shopping lists etcSource:
  8. 8. Campaigns to attract the SoLoMo consumer  Tesco Korea created billboard of grocery products with QR Codes at subway stations  Consumers had to simply scan the codes to order products to their homes  The campaign was aimed at attracting the busy Korean consumer Source: FRzTTP4
  9. 9. Augmented Reality for product visualization  Tesco’s AR app helps consumers get 3D images of the product they want to buy to get better online purchase satisfaction  Their AR app allows them to place markers in front of their computer cameras to see 3D images of the product Source: tesco-launches-first-augmented-reality- programme
  10. 10. Amazon
  11. 11. Amazon’s shopping app  Helps user to get the full experience from mobile phones from selection to reviews, product comparison to purchaseSource:
  12. 12. Amazon’s grocery app  Aids grocery delivery. The app allows users to choose delivery slots, pick past purchased items, scan barcode to order etcSource:
  13. 13. Other Amazon mobile apps  Amazon Student: (iTunes): To help student buy and sell books  Amazon Habit (iTunes): Daily sales of handpicked selection of designer brands  Endless (iPhone): For premier accessories from designers  Window shopping (iTunes): A rich media experience to browse interesting products and learn more about them.
  14. 14. eBay
  15. 15. eBay apps for facilitating buying and selling  Helps users on the move to easily sell and buy their items on eBay  Sellers can research pricing trends and know the best prices. Items can be put to auction by scanning barcode or taking pictures  Buyers can get alerts when bids are closing or when they are outbid, make quick purchases Source:
  16. 16. eBay fashion app  Allows users to build their wardrobe and get personal styling accessories, shop exclusive flash sales and share interests and purchases with Facebook friends  The app has an augmented reality feature to help consumers try sunglasses virtually. It’s image swatch features helps you choose dresses with desired color schemesSource:
  17. 17. eBay ticket marketplace app  eBay’s stubhub app helps users find tickets for the shows they like, select ticket prices and choose seats with the app.Source:
  18. 18. Target Image credit
  19. 19. Target’s shopping app  Not very different from the other retailer’s shopping apps.  Features include shopping from the app, bar code scanning, ability to find stores with maps, deals, coupons, reviews and in- store searchSource:
  20. 20. Ikea
  21. 21. Ikea’s interactive mobile catalogue  The Swedish retailer has built an interactive catalogue app for its consumers  Users can pick items from the catalogue and use its augmented reality experience to place it virtually anywhere around them to see the fitSource:
  22. 22. Home Depot
  23. 23. Home Depot’s shopping app  Targets some very critical needs of the consumers  The mobile shopping app has interactive calipers to measure lengths correctly. Helps consumers measure size of nuts and screws, calculate amount of material required for paint etc  The app also helps consumers find stores, items inside stores and see video tutorialsSource:
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