Monetizing the Real Time Web


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This article by Kaushal Sarda, Chief Evangelist, Kuliza, was published in issue 07 of Social Technology Quarterly.
Summary: Real-time allows better content curation and innovative marketing. A bunch of technology apps are enabling better ways of engaging with relevant audience.

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Monetizing the Real Time Web

  1. 1. Monetizing theReal-time WebReal-time web apps such as Twitter and FourSquare,have brought plenty of new dynamic content to the web.Everyone on the web is creating content spontaneously.This content curation is transforming the web and ispotentially creating a whole new industry. Many tools / appsare being made so that this content can be categorized,manipulated, searched, and managed. Here are 4 bigmonetization opportunities in real-time that are of extremerelevance for marketers and the apps / tools that are allenabling these.Real-time allows better contentcuration and innovative marketing.A bunch of technology apps areenabling better ways of engagingwith relevant Kaushal SardaReferencesSiegler, MG. “Ron Conway’s 10 Ways To Monetize Real-TimeData.”TechCrunch.10 July 2009.“Shorten and Share Links, Know Who Converts, and TrackSocial ROI Down to the Tweet.” Bizo.Perez, Sarah.“Shopular’s New App AlertsYou To Nearby Deals,No Coupon Clipping Required.”TechCrunch.12 Dec 2012.“What are sponsored stories?.” Facebook.“From bitly labs: say hello to realtime.” bitly blog.27 Jul 2012.1. Lead GenerationBizo Social MarketingFollowers constantly broadcast to their followers on the real-time web,thus making RT apps as great lead generators. Bizo Social Marketing,designed expressly for B2B marketers, tells you which businessaudiences are converting on the links you are sharing through your socialmedia channels, and it offers tools to further engage them.
  2. 2. Kuliza Social Technology Quarterly Issue 073. New Ad FormatsFacebook Sponsored StoriesA plethora of innovations in advertising formats arecoming up especially by leveraging social, location,and time information. Facebook Sponsored Stories letscompanies pay Facebook to distribute messages to auser’s friends, when that user clicks the “Like” button ortakes other action on an advertiser’s Facebook page.2. CouponsShopularPrinted coupons has always been a huge business.The new real-time and location-aware digital appswill help the space explode. Shopular runs in thebackground to monitor consumers’ location and thensurfaces valid and place-appropriate coupons anddeals when it knows that they are shopping. The applearns from users’ Facebook their preference and overtime analyzes their in-app behaviour to personalize theoffers consumers receive.4. Realtime SearchBitly RealtimeThink Google in real-time, filtered by your customers social graph. BitlyRealtime is an attention ranking engine, offering the power to navigatethrough the stories that the world is paying attention to right now. Real-time allows you to filter attention by location, network, language, andtopic. Stories only remain in the system as long as they are activelyreceiving attention.