Kuliza's monitoring tool for application performance testing


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Case study for the first of it's kind monitoring app built by Kuliza to monitor performance of apps, get performance analytics and understand the end user experience better

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Kuliza's monitoring tool for application performance testing

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES txtWeb Kuliza Innovation Case Studies Monitoring tool for application performance testing Category: Product Innovation www.kuliza.com
  2. 2. CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES txtWeb A first of its kind app testing and monitoringKULIZA platform for a leading global SMS basedTECHNOLOGIES service providerCompany Name: Kuliza Technologies Project Duration: 2 monthsCustomer Name: txtWeb*, US & India Project cost: One time development cost: USD 15,000Vertical: Information Technology Tools / Technologies used: Android, simple DB, PHPAbout txtWeb:txtWeb is a global platform where anyonewith a mobile phone can discover and Project Profile:consume internet and txtWeb relatedcontent just by using SMSing Keywords Case: txtWeb had a first of its kind SMS based app store. With hundreds of apps in its basket, and a demand that canRelevance: shoot anywhere from 20,000 to 1.3 mil. SMS requests perSMS enabled phone outnumber internet day, txtWeb did not have any reliable tool to understand theusers in India by a large number. By end user experience, problems the user is facing with the appbuilding a platform where internet and performance of the apps at peak load hours. Moreover,information can be retrieved via SMS, even if any issues were reported by users, there was alwaystxtWeb enables millions more to getaccess to relevant information like that an issue with whether the problems lays in the hands ofrelated to government, health, travel, txtWeb or the SMS service providers.education, weather etc to make their liveseasier. txtWeb has hundreds of SMS apps As a solution, txtWeb needed some form of smart platform toin its store. A few highlights are: monitor these apps 24X7 and give a real picture of the user experience by monitoring parameters like performance of @cric app: helps you know latest apps as a function of telecom provider, telecom circle, cricket scores response time of each app, which apps were not responding @wikipedia app: helps you find etc. Wikipedia pages for keywords @news app: helps you get latest news via SMS Kuliza, being txtWeb’s technology partner was asked to come @word app: gets you dictionary up with a solution to this problem meaning of your keyword @chat app: 3 way chat application via SMS *txtWeb is powered by Intuit www.kuliza.com
  3. 3. CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES txtWebDetailed Methodology  App response as a function of This Andriod based app telecom provider monitoring and analytics tooland innovation  App response as a function of called ‘ollo’ has a large telecom circle market as currently not manyTo deal with the problem,  Minute by minute app players provide appKuliza built the first of its behavior across the day monitoring and analyticskind Android based app tools. It would appeal to allmonitoring and analytics The monitoring mechanism is app providers across varioustool ‘ollo’ to monitor the initiated by a remote control where mobile app stores, SMS appperformance of client’s apps the client can control which apps providers to help them in24 X 7. need to be tested, the testing understanding the user frequency and criteria for success. experience and monitor theirThe monitoring framework app performance 24X7includes a web dashboard, an The remote control triggers aandroid app and a remote Kuliza built Android app in the ollo’s system integrates withcontrol over web that monitors Kuliza monitoring lab that sends AWS and android APIs andthe following parameters for SMS inputs from various mobile can be easily used to testvarious apps for txtWeb phones. This app tracks the SMS app systems hosted on App response time app behavior in txtWeb cloud. Number of unresponding eccosystem and sends the output apps to the reporting dashboard of the App response as a client which provides complete function of server load analytics and performance behavior of the app.Impact ABOUT KULIZA issues lie in the entire informationThis app solved a big problem Kuliza is a social technology flow and what exactly needs to befor txtWeb – getting a better firm focused on helping rectifiedunderstanding of user companies leverageexperience. Before this app, Overall this app has tremendously technology support in thetxtWeb had no reliable impacted the quality of txtWeb areas of social software,automated mechanism to appstore and their quality community platforms, mobileunderstand what problems the checking operationsuser is facing with the app. apps, and cloud For Kuliza, it is an excellent case computing for improvingThis app has made it easy to business performance, where the client came up with aunderstand the key pain problem and Kuliza worked out a communication and customerpoints if an app fails to work unique and innovative solution to engagement.properly. This app helps them tackle it.understand where the key www.kuliza.com