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How Hospitality Industry Is Becoming SoLoMo


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How the hospitality industry becoming social, local and mobile

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How Hospitality Industry Is Becoming SoLoMo

  1. 1. How Hospitality Industry IsBecoming SoLoMo
  2. 2. 01Why the hospitalityindustry needs tobecome Social,Local & Mobile?
  3. 3. 01a3 reasons 1. Enrich customer experience 2. Create and spread customer stories Social and mobile apps can help create interactions to • Social and mobile apps can help create a positive word remove customer hassles and get more value from the of mouth and make these customer stories viral: stay. •Facebook apps for spreading customer experiences •Mobile apps for booking/ reservations •Picture contests •iPad apps for getting concierge services •Customer story campaigns •Food guide apps •Customer support with social channels •4D Augmented Reality theme parks •iPad apps to control electronic devices in hotel rooms 3. Generate customer data Social tools integrated with customer analytics can create immense value for hospitality industry •Understand customer behavior for your business •Get customer feedback
  4. 4. 02Hotels
  5. 5. 02aHotels usingmobile apps
  6. 6. 02a.1 This mobile app promotes the brand’s gourmet thought leadershipKitchen The app allows customers to searchCookbook and create recipes prepared by executiveIHG chefs of the hotel and share them with their network.
  7. 7. 02a.2 Intercontinental Hotels Group has built another customer mobile app called the ‘Concierge Insider Guide’.Concierge The app helpsApps customers get recommended places toIHG visit, see video tours, get inside tips etc
  8. 8. 02a.3 Mobile app to facilitate room bookings and loyalty programs. Customers can bookApp for rooms with their mobileBookings phones, redeem pointsAnd CRM for stays and get their entire loyalty programCrowne Plaze managed with a single app.
  9. 9. 02a.4 The app helps you manage reward points, find hotels and make reservations with your mobile phoneLoyaltyAppMarriott
  10. 10. 02a.5 Accor Hotels have integrated their mobile app with Facebook PlacesGamified Users can check intoLoyalty the hotels to earn pointsApp and unlock exclusive batches and rewards.Accor Hotels
  11. 11. 02bHotels usingexperience apps
  12. 12. 02b.1 New York’s Plaza hotel provides an integrated luxury experience with iPads.Luxury The app on iPadsExperience present in every roomApps can be used to control room temperature andPlaza Hotel lighting, order room service, request wake up calls and get concierge services
  13. 13. 02b.2 St. Regis’ ‘E-Butler’ app gives the guest access to communicate to chefs and get recommendations for food, restaurants andE-Butler sites from city celebrities and expertsAppSt. Regis
  14. 14. 02b.3 Holiday Inn is equipping its concierges with iPads to provide better tours of hotelsiPad appsforConciergeHoliday Inn
  15. 15. 02b.4 Naples Tomato is using an iPad app to recommend wines and food to its customers.iPad AppsFor FoodRecosNaples Tomato
  16. 16. 02cHotels usingFacebook apps
  17. 17. 02c.1 Holiday Inn Hotel has built a Facebook App to curate and showcase customer stories for the HotelStory AppsHoliday Inn
  18. 18. 02c.2 Hilton launched a Facebook contest for music lovers The app askedFacebook participants to submit stories of their musicalContests adventure and the mostApp voted entry by the fans won a trip to Grammy’s.Hilton
  19. 19. 02c.3 Home2Suites’ Facebook app helps customer make bookings from FacebookFacebook Most of such appsCommerce today lack the ability toApps make payments without leaving Facebook.Home2Suites
  20. 20. 02dHotels usingblogs and onlinecommunities
  21. 21. 02d.1 Marriott has built a blog based press room for a quick and social news publishing.Blog BasedPressRoomMarriott
  22. 22. 02d.2 Marriott also runs a CEO’s blog and Expert’s blog on food, fitness, wellness and travel to establish its industryBlogs For thoughtleadershipIndustryThoughtLeadershipMarriott
  23. 23. 02d.3 Renaissance Hotels manage the RLife blog that focuses on lifestyle, luxury and travel.Blogs Similarly, CourtyardBased Hotels manage the ‘Connections’ blog – aCommu- blog based communitynities of travel enthusiastsRenaissance Hotel
  24. 24. 02d.4 Four Seasons uses blogs to engage people with families around travel.Blogs Their blog - HaveBased family..will travel- publishes informationCommu- on having fun withnities families on vacationsFour Seasons and outings
  25. 25. 02d.5 Wyndham Hotel Group run an online community for women travelers called ‘Women on their way’Online The community facilitates travelling tips,Community advice and conversations amongWyndham members
  26. 26. 02d.6 Marriott runs a very active traveller community for members of its rewards program.OnlineCommunityMarriott
  27. 27. 02d.7 Four Seasons has built a community for foodies called the ‘Four Seasons Foodies’OnlineCommunityFour Seasons
  28. 28. 02d.8 Sheraton better when shared – a showcase of customer stories around travel and livingOnlineCommunitySheraton
  29. 29. 02eHotels usingsocial mediacampaigns
  30. 30. 02e.1 Hilton uses YouTube to create video tours of its various resortsVideoToursHilton
  31. 31. 02e.2 Hyatt provides Twitter concierge services with the sole objective of helping people in their travel queriesConciergeServiceswith TwitterHyatt!/HyattConcierge
  32. 32. 02e.3 Accor Hotels launched the ‘A-Club social media project’ Accor’s social media team researched aboutMisc. social their customers on themedia open social mediacampaigns channels (Twitter, blog posts etc) and based onAccor Hotels the research treated their customers with surprise gifts on their next arrival to the hotel.
  33. 33. 03Theme Parks
  34. 34. 03a Theme parks like Great Wolf Resort are using RFID wristbands to allow visitors post their photos and update their status messages on FacebookRFID wristbandsGreat Wolf Resort
  35. 35. 03b The Live Park uses Kinect and RFID to get its visitors become an avatar in a 4D adventure4D themeparksLive Park
  36. 36. 03c Disney launched an AR campaign in New York City The AR campaign application madeAugmented possible for consumersReality to interact, dance andCampaigns move with Disney characters on the TVDisney Land screen
  37. 37. 03d Disney’s – Let the memories begin- campaign asked users to submit and vote for their favorite Disney Land momentsStoryCampaignsDisney Land
  38. 38. 03e Disney built a panel of parents to help out other parents in their Disney Land visit related queriesAdvocacyCampaignsDisney Land
  39. 39. 04Airports
  40. 40. 04a Copenhagen airport built an Augmented Reality mobile application to guide travellers across the airport.AR Mobile The mobile applicationApps helps you search and locate various placesCopenhagen around the airport, getAirport ratings etc in a very user friendly way.
  41. 41. 04b Heathrow’s mobile application helps travellers get instant access to all the information they need for air travel.AirportInformation Using this applicationApps flyers can get live flight updates, book longHeathrow Airport stay car parking, get interactive terminal maps, see shop and restaurant listings, get flight timetable and city guides.
  42. 42. 04c Ideation campaign to get customer ideas to improve customer experience in and around the AirportIdeationCampaignsBengaluru Airport
  43. 43. 04d • iPad.jpg
  44. 44. 05About Kuliza
  45. 45. 01a 05aAbout Kuliza Kuliza is a social technology firm focused in helping companies leverage social software, community platforms, mobile and cloud computing for improving business performance, communication and customer engagement.
  46. 46. Our Offering05b ZaSocial ZaMobile ZaCloud Kuliza offers solutions for Kuliza offers solution to design, Kuliza offers cloud services to designing and building social build and distribute mobile ensure a hassle free software and community apps for iOS, Android and infrastructure to sustain your platforms. Our focus areas Blackberry. Our focus areas changing needs. Our focus are: are: areas are:  Online communities  Mobile CRM  Cloud consulting Facebook Apps Mobile loyalty programs Cloud migration and Social Commerce Mobile Transition management Social CRM
  47. 47. 05c 05c San Francisco AustinOffice Bangalore HyderabadLocations • San Francisco - Virtual office and customer support number • Austin - Proposed sales and customer service office (Q1 2012, capacity - 5 people team) • Bangalore - Development center and headquarters (capacity - 150 people) • Hyderabad - Mobile and cloud monitoring lab (capacity - 5 people)
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