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Density measurement


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methods to measure density of solids liquid & gases

Published in: Engineering
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Density measurement

  1. 1. Haldia Institute of technology Densitometer Submitted by:- Kuldeep kumar Roll no. :- 12/IC/19 University Roll no.:-10304012019
  2. 2. Contents:-  Introduction  Purpose of density measurement  Density measurement for Solids  Densitometer for Liquids  Densitometer for Gases  Conclusion
  3. 3.  Introduction Density = mass/volume (kg/m 3 ) Specific Gravity = density of material/density of water How does ice cubes or big ships like Titanic floats over water?
  4. 4. Purpose of density measurement To determine concentration& composition of process steam. To get calorific value of fuels For conversion of volumetric flow to mass flow To asses the quality of substances
  5. 5. Density measurement of solids by physical measuring method Densitometer for Liquids A) Chain Balance Densitometer B) Angular Position Densitometer C) Hydrometer
  6. 6. A) Chain Balance Densitometer
  7. 7. B) Angular Position Densitometer
  8. 8. C) Hydrometer In-line hydrometer indicator
  9. 9. Densitometer for Gases A) Electromagnetic Sensor Densitometer
  10. 10. B) Thermal Conductive Gauge Densitometer
  11. 11. Conclusion So from the above mentioned methods of measurement in report we learnt how to measure the density of solids ,liquids and gases. Hence may conclude that these methods can be useful for not only our everyday purpose but also in industrial level to measure the composition and concentration, or for fuels calorific value.
  12. 12. Thank You For Your Kind Attention