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The Ultimate Guide To Cyber Security Certifications


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Cyber Security is the most important constituent of Information Technology
that protects all kinds of information systems, (personal or professional) against
all the vulnerabilities and potential attacks via the internet.

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The Ultimate Guide To Cyber Security Certifications

  1. 1. CYBER SECURITY CERTIFICATIONS Earn the Industry Recognized Most In- Demand Cyber Security Certifications to Gear Up Your Career in IT
  2. 2. +91 888 2233 777 INDEX Introduction Top Cyber Security Threats Recent Trends in Cyber Security Common Skills Gap in IT Workforce The Value of Certifications Industry Recognized Certifications ISACA (ISC)2 EC-Council COMPTIA
  3. 3. +91 888 2233 777 INTRODUCTION “One Single Vulnerability is an attacker’s need.” Cyber Security is the most important constituent of Information Technology that protects all kinds of information systems, (personal or professional) against all the vulnerabilities and potential attacks via the internet. Cyber Security is one of the supreme concerns of companies, private and public, wherein they are soliciting young and fresh talent to join hands for protecting the company against untargeted as well as potential malware cyber attacks. A career in cyber security is the most in-demand job role in almost every industry. Cyber Security Professionals are highly paid individuals that have high potencies of identifying and fixing vulnerabilities.
  4. 4. +91 888 2233 777 TOP CYBERSECURITY THREATS 49% Zero- Day Attacks 41% Cloud Data Leakage 38% Mobile Malwar e 38% Targete d Attacks 37% SQL Injectio n
  5. 5. +91 888 2233 777 RECENT TRENDS IN CYBER SECURITY
  6. 6. +91 888 2233 777 COMMON SKILL GAPS IN IT WORKFORCE • Lack of expertise to handle security • Lack of proper training to use technology • Poorly skilled staff in the IT Departments • Security policies that are inadequate to address evolving threats • Failure of IT staff to adhere to the security procedures
  7. 7. +91 888 2233 777 THE VALUE OF CERTIFICATIONS The value of IT Certifications has been gaining importance due to growing competition. As technology spreads its dynamism, the need for IT workforce to adapt with the change is equally important. Not only this, but the following attributes count on as a result of attaining certifications: • Increasing Employee Performance • Reduce Skills-Gap • Hiring & Promotion Eligibility • Reducing Costs
  9. 9. +91 888 2233 777 CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDITOR (CISA) • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is ranked among the top paying IT certifications in 2016. A product by ISACA, which carries international standard of performance, it is of the most in-demand certification opted by cyber security professionals in order to advance their career in this domain. • The CISA credential validates a professional with proven ability to identify, assess, evaluate, monitor and control the enterprise systems. Considering the increasing risks and vulnerabilities in the digital era, it has become necessary to employ professionals with proven knowledge and skill set to audit and control business systems.
  10. 10. +91 888 2233 777 CERTIFIED INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGER (CISM) • The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification provides a higher earning potential as it is an advanced learning course. • Also a product by ISACA, this course will training individuals in international security practices, also equipping them to design, manage and control the information security of an enterprise. • Likewise, this training demonstrates proven ability of an individual in to develop and manage an entire information security program, on understanding the business goals and objectives.
  11. 11. +91 888 2233 777 THE CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY PROFESSIONAL (CISSP) • The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is the most essential credential for a security professional to validate his competencies and skill set to deploy a diverse information security infrastructure for protecting the organization from potential cyber security hazards. • The course has been sponsored by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2, one of world’s leading non- profit organization for providing healthy aids to the field of information security. • The certification qualifies a candidate to effectively create, implement and evaluate the cyber security tools and technologies used to facilitate healthy transfer of information across a diverse work environment.
  12. 12. +91 888 2233 777 CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKING (CEH V9) • Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH v9) is the most desired certification program being favored by security professionals and has become an indispensable asset of their portfolios. Ethical hacking has today become a self-regulating profession where students, as well as professionals, are gaining the necessary expertise to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems. • The CEH training and certification programs are designed for network administrators for developing the potent to discover vulnerable target systems and use white-hat hacking, a legitimate means to access the information assets. • This course will not only build your theoretical affinity but also provide practical experience to implement the various modules of cyber security and networking in your routine operations.
  13. 13. +91 888 2233 777 EC-COUNCIL CERTIFIED SECURITY ANALYST(ECSA V9) • EC-COUNCIL Certified Security Analyst Training & Certification is an amplified version of the domain that complements the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) certification. • CEH Program has today become a baseline description and pre-requisite of a security professional, and in the event of exploring their real-time knowledge, EC-COUNCIL devised this course. • This course offers pen test methodology through the deployment of its striking component – the online cyber range, to challenge their skill set in a real time scenario. The ECSA certification validates your skills on the penetration testing methodologies through real-time set-ups.
  14. 14. +91 888 2233 777 COMPUTER HACKING FORENSIC INVESTIGATOR(CHFI V9) • The CHFI v9 is the world’s most comprehensive computer hacking forensic program that delivers essential knowledge of digital forensic techniques and standard forensic tools accompanied by hands-on labs to identify intruder footprints and gather necessary evidence for its prosecution. • This training presents a methodological approach to digital forensics including searching and seizing, chain-of-custody, acquisition, preservation, analysis and reporting of digital evidence. • The CHFI sets global standards for computer forensic best practices having set a recognition amongst Fortune 500 enterprises globally.
  15. 15. +91 888 2233 777 COMPTIA NETWORK+ • CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral, globally recognized networking certification that demonstrates proven ability of an individual to design, configure, manage and troubleshoot hardware and software networks. • With increasing demand of sustaining security in various domains, be it finance, healthcare or information services or even considering the government and military agencies, organizations want vendor-neutral certifications that can help train their workforce to securing networks. • CompTIA Network+ provides the right platform of training and certification in increasing the company’s productivity by equipping professionals with the ability to configure, manage and troubleshoot networking systems in their organizations.
  16. 16. +91 888 2233 777 COMPTIA SECURITY+ • CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral, globally recognized certifications that introduce participants to the concepts of security and equip them in dealing with all the vulnerabilities of network security and risk management. • This course is intended for students as well as professionals, whether planning to understand security concepts or even aiming to increase their knowledge of network security. • This certification will build solid foundations of knowledge and applications of network security that will help aspirants in addressing their job roles and move towards a more rewarding career in their domain.
  17. 17. +91 888 2233 777 COMPTIA A+ • CompTIA A+ is one of the most comprehensive and extensive Level 1 certification that provides foundational knowledge and understanding of hardware and software technologies that are essential in building a career in cyber security. • The curriculum of this course provides help and support in various activities such as cyber investigations, forensics, and cyber law enforcement. • This course will prepare candidates in handling the most challenging technological problems with supreme efficiency of knowledge and application. Also this course will teach best practices of troubleshooting networking and security across a diverse platform of devices and systems.
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