Article          CEH Training and Certification 2013 - a runaway success!The negative connotation with the word ‘hacking’ ...
ArticleWhy get official CEHv7 certification training course?You are best trained in an interactive computer network hackin...
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CEH Training and Certification 2013 - a runaway success!


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Mercury Solutions Limited is an Authorized Training Partner of EC-Council and provides Certified Ethical Hacker Training, EC Council CEH Certification, Official CEH Certification in India. We offer CEH training from the CEH certified experts at its gurgaon based facility.

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CEH Training and Certification 2013 - a runaway success!

  1. 1. Article CEH Training and Certification 2013 - a runaway success!The negative connotation with the word ‘hacking’ for a long time now is consideredsynonym with computer crimes. It is a nuisance for many individuals and organizationsand measured as a serious offense in many countries. Off lately, with the emergence ofethical hacking training and certification programs, the negativity attached has negated.With growing cyber crimes rates, many businesses have started hiring individuals withinformation security certifications, like CEH certification.The CEH- Certified Ethical Hackers are professionals who are skilled in determining theflaws, weaknesses or vulnerabilities in computer systems. This assist a great deal inpreventing attacks from malicious crimes and other critical threats. To attain therequired expertise CEH training programs are required. CEH training isinvaluable for the individuals those who are seeking to make careers in this particulardomain, mainly providing assessment and solutions to computer system-related issues.CEH Certification - A synopsisOne of the most popular certifications in Information Security domain is CEH - CertifiedEthical Hacker. The CEH Certification is the latest in the DoD 8570 Directive. Thereare many upgrades in CEHv7 course.CEH Certification program strengthens the application knowledge and skill ofauditors, security officers, security professionals or anybody who is linked with theintegrity of a computer network infrastructure. As the demands in the market for theCEH professionals are increasing every day, there is a great potential of an ethicalhacking career. More and more organizations are seeking professionals certified in CEHtechnologies.CEHv7 training Bootcamp courses incorporate immensely effective hackingtraining tools. It assists in becoming skilled in penetrating a computer network todetermine its flaws and vulnerabilities by request of its owner. This is six-day hands-onBoot Camp training course, which equip you with the skills to clear CEH Exam 312-50v7and the ECO - 350 examination of the EC- Council.How to find the best CEH training center?There are many training providers in the market these days offering CEH trainingand certification programs. However, choosing the best training provider is a trickytask. One should always check if the training provider is ATC - Accredited TrainingCenter. There are many benefits of getting trained from ATCs, like - you get officialtrainings, industry recognized and official courseware, hands-on exposure and more.
  2. 2. ArticleWhy get official CEHv7 certification training course?You are best trained in an interactive computer network hacking environment. In thiskind of training you are equipped with efficient, testing, hacking and securing ofsystems. Since the primary goal of any penetration tester is to prevent malicious attacks,the methods and the tools that are used better enable an aspirant to counter any attack.About Us:Mercury Solutions Limited offers the best EC Council Training and certification courses.We also provide best CEH, CSCU, CHFI and other information security training courseand other elite courses, like CEHv7 Certification training, CISSP certification training,CSCU training, CCNP security certification training and many more classroom trainingprograms. Additionally, we provide Information Security Training and CertificationBoot Camps, for international participants. To know more about our unique trainingprograms, visit our website and get the new andexciting spring 2013 deals!Contact: Mercury Solutions Limited 464, Phase V, Udyog Vihar Gurgaon, New Delhi-NCR Ph: +91 124 4985555 Fax: +91 124 4985556