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Anticipating and Designing for a Digital Future - Aditya Kedia


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This is the presentation deck from UX Conference session by Aditya Kedia as a part of UXSEA Summit 2019 in Singapore. UXSEA Summit 2019 was held from 18th to 20th November, 2019. For more information about UXSEA Society, visit

The copyright of this material is with those who created this presentation material. Please take permissions from the authors if you are in doubt about copyright infringement.

Published in: Design
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Anticipating and Designing for a Digital Future - Aditya Kedia

  1. 1. Anticipating and Designing for a Digital Future UXSEA Summit, Nov 2019
  2. 2. Lead, Experience Design /in/akedia/ Aditya Kedia
  3. 3. Change AnticipationResilience Intelligence
  4. 4. internal stakeholders
  5. 5. Design fixation (Einstellung effect) Challenge How have we resolved similar challenges Like this…. …then resolve this one that way a Vicious circle of disappointment :(
  6. 6. Fear of unknown Legacy that resists change Filter bubble Lack of shared vision Scale which affects speed Challenges
  7. 7. Fear of unknown Legacy that resists change Filter bubble Lack of shared vision Scale which affects speed Challenges Embrace uncertainty Culture to enable change Anticipatory mindset Driven by shared vision Nimble to transform Goals
  8. 8. Organisations Technology Agileorganisations canchangefaster A more agile organisation Change Time Martec’s law
  9. 9. Hindsight What happened? Insight Why it happened? Foresight What may happen? How can we make it happen?
  10. 10. Anticipation is the act of imaginative speculation about future to inform action
  11. 11. Teleporter Hi speed train Hyperloop
  12. 12. Procedures Reactive mindset Mindless stance How to Self perseverance Scarcity mindset From Problem solving Anticipatory mindset Curious stance What if Disruption Abundance mindset To
  13. 13. Over confidence Be humble
  14. 14. Confirmation bias Challenge assumptions
  15. 15. Hindsights and performance Foresee and Innovate
  16. 16. Preserve and conserve Explore, evolve and adapt
  17. 17. Shield knowledge Share and collaborate
  18. 18. Anticipatory Experiences Anticipatory Mindset
  19. 19. Exponential growth of big data
  20. 20. • Augmented intelligence • Intelligent applications • Machine learning • Virtual assistants • Insight engines • Decision intelligence Source -
  21. 21. Propensity Models Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence IoT & Sensors Automation Agile Iterative and open Scalable Feedback loop Shared vision Collaboration & Multidisciplinary Continuous learning Open & Flat User behaviour User preferences User segments Socio-economic trends Intelligence (Data & AI) Anticipation (Users) Resilience (Process) Change (Culture, 
 Technology) Anticipatory Experience Design
  22. 22. “You need to give your customers fewer reasons to be disloyal, and the best way to make that happen is to reduce customer effort.” Matthew Dixon
  23. 23. Foresight Hindsight HighLow Choice optimisation • Augmentation • Anticipation • Automation • Optimisation • Prevention Intelligence Antcipatory experience
  24. 24. Optimisation AugmentationAnticipationAutomation Prevention Hindsight Foresight
  25. 25. Automation
  26. 26. Prevention
  27. 27. Anticipation
  28. 28. Augmentation
  29. 29. Trust is fragile Machines are fallible Machines are biased Anticipations can be hacked Power dynamics and control Machines can't replace human
  30. 30. Trust is fragile Don’t abuse trust, be unethical or immoral
  31. 31. Machines are biased Be transparent as machines may mislead
  32. 32. Machines are fallible Humans over machine for mission critical tasks
  33. 33. Anticipations can be hacked Avoid and discourage manipulation
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  35. 35. Power dynamics and control With big data comes great responsibilities
  36. 36. Machines can't replace humans Humanise interactions, minimise conflict
  37. 37. Lead, Experience Design /in/akedia/ Aditya Kedia Thank You!