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LBR iiwa

The mission of establishing the robot as an intelligent helper, able to support humans by virtue of its high-quality work, is one that KUKA has been fulfilling for a long time with its industrial robots. In the field of service robotics, we are now pursuing a new, far-reaching vision. As a bringer of the latest technologies from KUKA’s research, the LBR iiwa is now a trailblazer for totally new forms of cooperation between humans and machines. LBR stands for Leichtbauroboter” (German for lightweight robot), iiwa for “intelligent industrial work assistant”. The robotic innovation with sensory capabilities for safety, fast teaching and simple operator control, opens up new areas of application in the vicinity of humans that were previously off-limits for robots.

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LBR iiwa

  1. 1. LBR iiwa KUKA Robotics
  2. 2. LBR iiwa LBR iiwa is a lightweight “intelligent industrial work assistant”. Its applications in human and robotic collaboration have been made possible with its safe bionic motions.
  3. 3. New Era of Human-Robot Collaboration Our mission in forming the LBR iiwa was to establish a robot as an intelligent helper that is able to support humans by virtue of it high quality work.
  4. 4. Safe Torque The LBR iiwa is first robot to have safe torque sensors in every axis. Making this robot suited for tactile solutions and simple gripper systems.
  5. 5. For Videos Visit our Youtube Channel on LBR iiwa:
  6. 6. For More Information Phone: 866-873-5852 Fax: 866-329-5852 Visit us on the web