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Presentation of opening sequence


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Presentation of opening sequence

  1. 1. Ku.Jen.Ky Kuda . Jennie . Kaya
  2. 2. INTRODUCING… Kay Kud JennEditing and Camerawork. a Planning and Evaluating. a ie and Brainstorms. Creative
  3. 3. SaiGenre: Action/AdventureCertificate: ntBrief Overview: Scarlette Saint is on a mission,working against time and the CIA to retrieve theworld’s secret.
  4. 4. FILM OVERVIEWScarlette Saint is on a mission, working against time and the CIA toretrieve the world’s secret. The CIA are trying to cover up a possibledevice that has great potential to affect all mankind. Scarlette mustwork quickly to blow their cover.Similar to Salt, Tomb Raider and Charlie’s Angels.Target Audience: Teenagers and young adults of both sex.
  6. 6. OPENING SEQUENCESaint sits in a church praying, then she looks at herwatch and immediately exits the church on amission. She begins packing at home, showing closeups on equipment/props used, and then see herwalking out the door going to her destination.
  7. 7. NINE SHOT
  8. 8. LOCATIONSChurchSaint’s bedroom
  9. 9. CASTINGKaya Spencer:• Playing the role of Saint• Excellent all rounder• Athletic and suits the role• Hadn’t yet done any acting Jennie Davison: • Playing the role of the agent • Experiencedactress and creative editor
  10. 10. CHALLENGES• Location availability• Prop appearance and availability• Costumes• Time limit
  11. 11. Ku.Jen.Ky Kuda . Jennie . Kaya