Human-Centric Storytelling in Business


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9 tips: how to put your excellent content strategy into action by creating great stories. Presentation at Content Strategy Forum 2013

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Human-Centric Storytelling in Business

  1. 1. Human-Centric Storytelling in Business Matti Lintulahti, partner & co-founder, Kubo Oy
  2. 2. how to put your excellent content strategy into action by creating great stories 9 tips:
  3. 3. They want to tell Brands Brand stories And it’s okay if you are...
  4. 4. …Steve Jobs
  5. 5. …or Apple. Probably you are neither.
  6. 6. People are not interested in your company, your product, your this & that. Forget it! Start thinking about your customers, your buyers personas and the human beings behind the terms.
  7. 7. The most valued and shared stories reveal unfulfilled needs and desires Tip 1
  8. 8. Understand the science of storytelling 1
  9. 9. Joseph Campbell: The Hero with a Thousand Faces 1Read one book!
  10. 10. Case story Red Wing Shoe: Working shoes as a hero. Shoes journey to unknown and back from the death. 1
  11. 11. 1
  12. 12. Get inside the human brain, feel the human heart Tip 2
  13. 13. Ask questions: What are they passionate about, and why? What are they interested in, and why? What are they concerned about, and why? What do they love, and why? What are they afraid of, and why? What makes them angry, and why? What do they dream of, and why? 2
  14. 14. Go anthropologist, Go and see how humans behave Tip 3
  15. 15. 3 Go and observe how your customers really use your product or service Go to lunch with your client and ask a lot of why questions; why did they choose you?
  16. 16. Start your story by creating emotions, hook your readers Tip 4
  17. 17. The first paragraph The first 10 seconds Short time to hook your readers to read more! 4
  18. 18. kuva From: Clay Sharky: Here Comes Everybody 4
  19. 19. Design emotions. Photos, animations, videos, infographs. Visual storytelling is mandatory 4
  20. 20. 4
  21. 21. Create drama Take risks Create contradictions React fast Tip 5
  22. 22. Go to customers’ nightmares! What keeps your customers up at night? 5
  23. 23. 5Take risks!
  24. 24. 5React fast!
  25. 25. Hire talented storytellers, screenwriters, visualists Tip 6
  26. 26. You are lucky! Because of the media meltdown there are talented people available. But beware, your competitors are looking for them... 6
  27. 27. Great content without a content mission and business goals is meaningless Tip 7
  28. 28. Good content mission creates content culture and helps content creators 7
  29. 29. 7
  30. 30. What is your company’s story? Why does your company exist? Tip 8
  31. 31. If you are not able to answer with emotion, you are always many steps behind 8
  32. 32. Because: People don’t buy what you do! People buy why you do it! 8
  33. 33. 8
  34. 34. And don’t forget: Be curious. Ask why. Don’t underestimate the power of dreams! Tip 9
  35. 35. Don’t just tell stories. Making stories to happen is even better! 9
  36. 36. 9
  37. 37. True and engaging stories Photo by Scoopshot / Roberto