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Advanced Intranet & Portals 2010


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Agenda of the 2010 Advanced Intranet & Portals featuring Session form Jerzy Kuba Karpel

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Advanced Intranet & Portals 2010

  1. 1. PRESENTS: Connecting your employees to anybody, anywhere, and driving business growth through social media, Web 2.0 and collaboration tools whilst increasing employee usability and engagement > Ask for your EXCLUSIVE offer > Explore Amsterdam during our > Treat yourself to our VIP pass Social Networking Activities > Connect, learn, and take away vital tips from the leading expertsIn collaboration with:
  2. 2. Confirmed speakers from leading companies Lena Jansson Amy Kornbluth Jerzy Karpel Director, IT Head of Employee Intranet Program Communications and Client Manager ERICSSON Communications- MARS EMEA CITIGROUP Jan Anders Hans Koeleman Cornelis Van Der Solvik Director Corporate Brugge Group Assistant VP Communications Head of ABB KPN Collaboration Platforms NOKIA Tom Pryzgoda Mark Morrell Paul Leemans Intranet Manager Director, BPM Senior Director, BT People Excellence Global eMarketing PHILIPS ABBOTT LABORATORIES Terry Coates Hubertus Kuelps Dir. IS for Corporate Head of Affairs, Law and Communications Info. Knowledge ALLIANZ Management PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL OBTAIN NEW INSIGHTS DURING PLENARY AND INTERACTIVE SESSIONS ON THE FOLLOWING: > Creating a company-wide effective governance strategy for your Intranet and Portal > Successfully increasing your user adoption rate when deploying new tools or platforms > Examining how you can take your company to the next level through your intranet and portal > Maximising collaboration online and collaborative tools on your intranet and portal > Utilising intranet and portal usability for increased user engagement > Creating the most successful multi-language policy for your intranet and 1
  3. 3. DAY 1, 27 May, 2010 09:30 WELCOME & OPENING 12:45 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY ICE-BREAKING SPEED NETWORKING EXAMINING HOW YOU CAN TAKE YOUR COMPANY TO THE NEXT - GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER LEVEL THROUGH YOUR INTRANET AND PORTAL > Driving real business decisions by taking advantage of abilities such as 09:45 OPENING REMARKS FROM THE CHAIRPERSON knowledge sharing, collaborative working and new innovative applications > Ensuring your Intranet and Portal is a business tool rather than a leisure application to keep it business related 10:00 OPENING PRESENTATION > Gaining full support for the Intranet and Portal from top/senior management for increased business success and relevance EXPLORING THE OPPORTUNITIES OF MOBILE INTRANET > Creating more interactivity, collaboration and integrating workflows to drive In today´s connected world it is normal to be online and available 24 hours the business further Terry Coates, Dir. IS Corporate Afrairs, Law and Info. Knowledge a day 7 days a week if we so choose. With the introduction and adoption Management of smart phones we can be connected to out Intranet anytime, anyplace, PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL anywhere. In this session we will discuss the opportunities of the mobile Intranet, what this means on a cultural, social and technological perspective 13:30 NETWORKING LUNCH as well as how we can utilise mobile Intranet profitably for internal branding 14:45 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY Lena Jansson, Director IT Communications ERICSSON USING SIMPLE INTERACTION METHODS TO IMPROVE CONTENT AND INCREASE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT10:45 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY > Addressing the challenges of implementing comments and ratings in an intranet page, and using the results to indicate an individual article´sCONVERGING INTRANET PLATFORMS TO DRIVE BUSINESS VALUE quality and relevance > Socialising with senior management and bringing businesses on board > Adding "web polls" to enable quick feedback on relevant questions > Demonstrating the business benefits of your Intranet by calculating the ROI > Installing a "tip of the day" on your portal pages to promote employee > Utilising internal social media and business relevance to attract and maintain awareness on hot topics the interest of your employees > Reusing external content on your intranet, adding internal information > Converging different platforms over time to maximise the potential of your 16:45 and enabling comments & rating Intranet Jan Anders Solvik, Group Assistant VPAmy Kornbluth, Head of Employee and Client Communications-EMEA ABB 16:15 INTERACTIVE TALKING CIRCLESCITIGROUP 15:30 PARTNER SESSION 11:30 NETWORKING BREAK 16:15 NETWORKING BREAK 16:45 INTERACTIVE TALKING CIRCLES 12:00 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY DISCUSSING THE FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS AND TRENDS FOR ADVANCED UTILISING INTRANET AND PORTAL USABILITY FOR INCREASED USER INTRANETS AND PORTALS ENGAGEMENT > Designing your Intranet and Portal for your end users by testing prototypes and During this interactive session all the attendees will have the opportunity to brainstorm new versus old pages in small groups on some of the following issues: > Conducting an effective evaluation and feedback system for user response in > Exploring insights and trends on future developments regarding advanced processes order to fully listen to your internal clients and technologies > Creating greater usability and engagement by examining how users are utilising > What are the next steps and future phase for your Intranet and Portal? various pages and tools > Learning from and overcoming current challenges to prepare for future successes > What business value will Intranets and Portals bring in te future and what role do > Providing professional Web 2.0 and social media tools that will increase workflow, they play in the whole infrastructure? gain interest and make the Intranet more user-friendly > Discussing strategic, advanced and mature Intranet and Portal developments and > Evaluating how you can increase user engagement, personalisation and commitment how to take them further through usabillity > Bringing more emotion to the Intranet and Portals to ensure greater employee Jerzy Karpel, Intranet Program Manager engagement MARS 18:15 CLOSING REMARKS FROM THE CHAIRPERSON 19:30 NETWORKING NIGHT OUT, FUN & SOCIAL 2
  4. 4. DAY 2, 28 May, 2010 09:30 OPENING REMARKS FROM THE CHAIRPERSON 14:30 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY SUCCESSFULLY INCREASING YOUR USER ADOPTION RATE WHEN 09:45 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY DEPLOYING NEW TOOLS OR PLATFORMS > Exploring implementation and user adoption rates from a technical, COMPREHENDING AND ENHANCING YOUR COMPENSATION PHILOSOPHY cultural and communications perspective > Session outline TBA > Overcoming adoption difficulties when integrating new social media and Hans Koeleman, Director Corporate Communications Web 2.0 tools KPN > Maximixing user adoption of platform introductions quickly and sustainably 10:30 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY by promoting new Intranet features efficiently > Ensuring high user adoption rates through change management and MAXIMISING COLLABORATION ONLINE AND COLLABORATIVE communications TOOLS ON YOUR INTRANET AND PORTAL > Investigating additional solutions to increase adoption rates company > Understanding how new ways of working impact the Intranet and collaboration tools wide > Driving business growth, innovation and enhancing the collaboration Tom Pryzgoda, Senior Director, Global eMarketing through Web 2.0 and social media tools and technologies ABBOTT LABORATORIES > Increasing business benefits and success by turning your Intranet into a collaborative platform > Providing governance and guidelines to manage and balance collaborative 15:15 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY freedom with control Cornelis Van Der Brugge, Head of Collaboration Platforms CREATING THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MULTI-LANGUAGE POLICY FOR NOKIA YOUR INTRANET(S) AND PORTAL(S) 11:15 NETWORKING BREAK > Exploring translation and multi-lingual issues that will impact your Intranet(s) and Portal(s) > Ensuring you serve all of your employees needs when they are in different 11:45 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY countries and speak different languages > Managing editorial plans and teams successfully for increased efficiency SUCCESSFULLY TRANSFORMING USING SOCIAL MEDIA > Evaluating exactly what you should translate depending on country and/or > Analysing the need to use social media tools and knowing how to get it user especially when your Intranet/Portal is decentralised adopted in your organisation > Examining whether it is best to have content in all languages or only in the > Drawing up guidelines to minimise the information, security, legal and brand main corporate language risks Hubertus Kuelps, Head of Communications > Selecting an effective governance strategy that minimises risk and increases ALLIANZ adoption > Studying whether a social media working group and/or Chief Social Media Officer will enhance internal promotion, adoption rates and general 16:00 NETWORKING BREAK management > Meeting the demand from younger and new users > Overcoming internal barriers and resistance > Weighing up the benefits from social media 16:30 INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION - PANEL & DEBATE Mark Morrell, Intranet Manager BT SUMMARISING AND UNDERSTANDING THE "BIGGER PICTURE" 12:30 KEYNOTE CASE STUDY In this interactive panel discussion we will recap on the main issues that were discussed over the past two days and how they can be translated and GETTING READY TO MIGRATE TO SHAREPOINT 2010 incorporated into strategies for you to take back to your business. Our panel > Creating a global digital workplace with an optimal, integrated user of experts will go deeper into some of the areas that were difficult to experience > Understanding that social media is integral part of your intranet understand and overcome in daily business. They will also summarise issues > Reinforcing your company as a world-class employer by focusing on discussed on the forum and how we can create a "whole picture" out of the workplace innovation via your Intranet topics discussed in the presentations as well as make conclusions based on > Keeping costs down by reducing fragmentation and platform consolidation the content. Paul Leemans, Director, BPM People Excellence PHILIPS 17:30 CLOSING REMARKS FROM THE CHAIRPERSON & FROM CONNECTING MEETINGS 13:15 NETWORKING 3