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MVP2 user testing


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MVP2 Final Presentation

Published in: Technology
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MVP2 user testing

  1. 1. SalesHunt Search it. Track it. Cop it. Zijie Ku Peter Park Rolf Bates Bin Li
  2. 2. MVP 2 Improved user testing Informative notifications More search parameters
  3. 3. DEMO
  4. 4. TESTING RESULTS Importance Average Satisfaction Average Search 4.6 3.4 Tracklist 4.8 3.4 Notification 4.4 4.2 Overall Product 3.8 3
  5. 5. User Comments: Non-Hobbyists “The view in amazon button crashed the app” “It’s hard to decide which item I want because there is not enough data” “I want to see a price comparison in the tracklist”
  6. 6. User Comments: Hobbyists “I don’t need to see the old price in the notification” “I don’t care about description or reviews”
  7. 7. Next Steps Reduce annoying bugs Handle data variation Price change in app
  8. 8. Questions?