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Severe Weather


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A powerpoint on severe weather that my class looked up info for and we sat down together to make a quick slideshow.

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Severe Weather

  1. 1. Severe Weather By Mrs. Tegge’s Class
  2. 2. Tornadoes • Most tornadoes occur in tornado valley • Tornadoes mostly move from SW to NW. • Tornadoes frequently hit the Midwestern and Southern states. • Tornadoes usually have smaller tornadoes around them. • Tornadoes are caused when warm and cold fronts meet. • Tornadoes usually only last for a few minutes, but do a lot of damage.
  3. 3. Tornado Safety Hints • When you are in a car during a tornado, get out and go into a ditch. • Never go under a bridge when there is a tornado • If you have a basement, that is the safest place to go during a tornado. • Stay away from windows during a tornado. • Go to a closet or a bathtub if you do not have a basement.
  4. 4. Hurricanes • The eye of the hurricane is usually calm. • Clouds make the spiral pattern of a hurricane. • Hurricanes are a type of tropical storm. • Hurricanes usually form over water. • Hurricanes can last for a long time. • Hurricanes are probably the most severe type of weather. • Hurricanes can have winds 75mph or higher.
  5. 5. Hurricane Safety Tips • Stock up on supplies like food and water because you will not be able to leave your house. • Evacuate if you are told to. • Board up windows with wood so the windows won’t break. • Stay tuned to the radio for directions.
  6. 6. Thunderstorms • When you see lightning, count to 5 and if you hear thunder it means it is a mile away. • Thunderstorms happen in extremely moist air with very high thunder clouds. • Inside a thunderstorm there are fast air currents which cause static electricity. • Lightning strikes can reach 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. 7. Thunderstorm Safety Tips • Don’t take metal out in a thunderstorm, or stand by high things made of metal during a thunderstorm. • If there is a thunderstorm with lightning, you need to stay away from large bodies of water. • Never stand in an open field or under a tree during a thunderstorm. • Stay as close to the ground as you can if there is lightning. • Turn off and unplug any equipment in your house.
  8. 8. Other Types of Severe Weather • Blizzards • Typhoons • Monsoons