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Evaluation question 1.


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Evaluation question 1.

  1. 1. Ivy Wood.G324: Advanced Production.Henderson: Katie, 4405.We chose to go with the name ‘Ivy Wood’ as our general idea was to create aparody of ‘Hollyoaks’. The ‘Ivy’ corresponds to the ‘Holly’ as they’re both types of plants. Similarly the ‘Wood’ corresponds to the ‘Oak’, as Oak is a type of wood. Doing this enabled us to create humour, but it also draws our target audience of 18 – 24 year olds into the soap, as that is the age range which ‘Hollyoaks’ is aimed at.
  2. 2. Products of soap operas. Originally cast on radio sponsored by soap and detergents. Originated in 1930s America. Aim to become embedded in the culture. Storylines of the Products of main characters interconnect to soap operas. Short scenes. keep audience interested. Only a very few Characters become storylines. ‘people’ as they play a Generally aimed at central role in life woman, this creates outside the soap. narrative perspective, scheduling and costume.
  3. 3. Question 1: In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
  4. 4. Ivy Wood Hollyoaks Social gatherings are generally used to set the scene and show all the main characters. We chose to use a mid long shot for ours, and found that this was similar to what’s used in Hollyoaks.
  5. 5. Ivy Wood Hollyoaks Pans are used throughout soaps to also set the scene for that location. In our soap, we panned up, showing a range of different female items until we saw the star, whereas in Hollyoaks they pan down from the name of the college.
  6. 6. Ivy Wood Hollyoaks Close ups are used throughout soap operas so that the audience can see the facial expression easily, meaning they can see emotion easier.
  7. 7. Ivy Wood Hollyoaks Over the shoulder shots are used so the audience can feel in the same room as the stars. They are also sometimes used so the audience feels like they’re intruding into the room.
  8. 8. Ivy Wood Shot reverse shots are used during conversations between two stars. The eyelines match which makes it clear to the audience that they’re having a conversation and which stars are involved.Hollyoaks
  9. 9. Ivy Wood Hollyoaks We used a long shot for our fight scene because it enables the audience to see everything and it means they won’t miss our on anything. Hollyoaks also use long shots for fight scenes.
  10. 10. How I use sound to follow existing conventions. In generic soap trailers we usually see a background track of a song which tells the story of the trailer and the situations. Hollyoaks trailer. Ivy Wood trailer.For example in Hollyoaks, we hear In my video I have chosen to use ‘Jar of‘White Wedding’ by Billy Idol to create Hearts’ by Christina Perri. I chose tothe goth look, and by doing this use this because I found that it fit withcreates a representation that the representation I was going for bysomething isn’t going to go right. using the lyrics to show something was going to go wrong.
  11. 11. Use of title cards in my trailer. I used title cards in my trailer to tell the story and help the audience understand the narrative perspective. This is a general convention throughout soap opera trailers and is something which I think I have incorporated well.
  12. 12. Use of the end title card. Both show the logo for the channel they’ll be shown on. Both have a twitter Both show the days tag to link audience that the show will be to social media. shown.