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Josiah antarctica


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Josiah antarctica

  1. 1. Depiction Wish, whoosh. A tan and gray arrow going through the cold and violent Antarctica. The tan and gray arrow happens to be a squid. The squid is sometimes gray or tan and some-times both, with a soft arrow shaped head called the mantle almost the same color as the arms, two of five body parts. The third body part is the moth in the middle of the arms, close to a special hole that shoots ink at enemies. The fifth body are the two eyes connected to arms.Speaking of arms, there are ten arms. Two of the ten arms are long and at the end of the of the two long arms there is a hand with no fingers and the hands have tentacles. The Giant Squid is 18 meters long! One squid is 2.5 cm. long! Another squid is always transparent. Squid are fish and invertebrates. The Giant Squid eye is as big as a volleyball. That is all what squid look like.
  2. 2. Habitat• There is a ice burg.• There is ice and snow.• There is algae for the squid to eat.• The squid is in Antarctica.• The squid is in the water.• There is a snow storm above the water because it is cold and violent in Antarctica.• There is ice and snow in the water from the ice burgs.
  3. 3. Babies When the Only one mom is donegiving birth the squid outparents die and of all the become bird Warty squid food. That eggs are the eggshappens when size of a usually they’re only football! one! lives.
  4. 4. Antarctica and Squid Rap Squid live around the world. But, we’re talking about Antarctica. Squid live around that fifth biggest continent. With a ink sack, a tube, two harts and a brain they’re swimming liketheir insane. But, we’re talking about Antarctica. They’re swimming around that 98% ice and 2% rock; the gagleyon is like a back bone and it holds the squid in a lock. But, we’re talking about Antarctica. Two miles down below that ice is rock, rock, rock. It’s 1.5 times bigger The United States of A-merica, -merica, -merica. Now, we’re talking about Antarctica.
  5. 5. Help the Squid “The squid are in danger!” Says the news . “We need to stop eating squid; so the penguins caneat squid, too. Some penguins willdie. From pollution and the lack ofkrill more penguins. Save the squidand the penguins. This is the news sinning out.”