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Introduction to Transit Academy - Inspired and Mobile Learning for the Transit Industry


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A brief presentation that looks at current training methods and the value of Mobile Learning in the transit industry. There are also some screen shots that illustrate the Transit Academy software.

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Introduction to Transit Academy - Inspired and Mobile Learning for the Transit Industry

  2. 2. What is mobile learning? Mobile Learning is concise and engaging learning material that is “PULLED” by the learner. They get access to content that helps them do their job – when they need it on the device that they want it on
  3. 3. Accenture “Only 20% of what people need to know to do their jobs comes from formal training – the other 80% comes from informal learning” We need more than classroom training
  4. 4. And more manuals aren’t the answer
  5. 5. We Want “Bite-Sized” Knowledge In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or almost 140 views for every person on Earth It is how we learn at home – we learn “On Demand” and we only want the information that we need to perform a specific task. Transit Academy was designed to let us learn that way at work
  6. 6. The current state at your Transit Authority o How are you teaching your people? o Are you truly investing in developing your team? o How are you “On-Boarding” new staff? o How much time do they spend asking questions of the experts on your team? o How are you capturing “Tribal Knowledge” before all the experts retire and walk out the door?
  7. 7. What we do oWe design and develop concise tutorials in the form of video, computer animations, and powerful visuals that illustrate how to do specific tasks oWe then host this digital library of knowledge in the cloud, and make it accessible on any device – PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or shop floor kiosk oTransit operations + maintenance personnel get access to the information that they need, when they need it oMembers of Transit Academy can also post their own content – videos, documents, PDFs, and photos which are accessible by all members of Transit Academy
  8. 8. How we do it o We build new content every day and add it to our digital library inside Transit Academy o We work with clients that want to supplement our “Best Practice” material with custom content that addresses their specific processes and procedures o We visit your facility to meet with your team, identify your business objectives, and we build digital content that will help you reach these goals
  9. 9. Transit Academy features o Available OnDemand in the Cloud o User friendly Interface o Able to access and share content in seconds
  10. 10. Transit Academy features oAccessible on any platform oOptimized for mobile phones and tablets oAvailable kiosk puts knowledge where you need it most
  11. 11. Transit Academy features o User friendly search engine provides easy access to information, experts and answers o Q + A software allows members to ask questions of the entire Transit Academy Community
  12. 12. Transit Academy features oMembers get access to the entire Transit Academy Library oContent is concise and produced to address specific and relevant transit topics oContent is accessible through a powerful search engine
  13. 13. Transit Academy features o Members can post their own “User Generated” content o Can load video, documents, procedures, photos, screencasts o Custom content available to produce world-class material tailored to your organizational needs
  14. 14. How we sell the service oTransit Academy is available exclusively through New Flyer Industries. It is sold as a subscription service, with fees for annual subscriptions based on the size of the transit authority oSubscriptions allow members to access all content on Transit Academy, ask questions of experts in the Academy, and also load their own content oCustom content produced for you by Transit Academy is available on a flat rate basis per finished minute
  15. 15. The Value of Transit academy McKinsey Global Institute “your people spend 20% of their work week looking for information or tracking down their colleagues who can help with specific tasks”
  16. 16. The Value of Transit academy oTransit Academy provides “On Demand” access to transit-specific information including vehicle maintenance, troubleshooting, operations, safety and leadership material – you get access to material developed by Transit Academy and other transit properties throughout the US and Canada oA simple and cost-effective way to “On Board” new hires oEasy to implement – give us the names and email addresses of your staff and you are up and running the same day oYou can use Transit Academy tutorials and documents as part of a “blended learning” program – Instructor Led Training, OJT, etc. oA great way to capture “tribal knowledge” of your entire team – before they leave your organization or retire
  17. 17. Questions? Keith Sheardown Transit Academy 416.399.4770