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Eset India General Presentation


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Eset India General Presentation

  1. 1. ESET NOD32
  2. 2. The beginnings of ESETThe beginnings of ESET date back to 1987 when two young programming enthusiasts, Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka, discovered one of the early computer viruses. They dubbed it “Vienna” and wrote a program for its detection.  Many other virus discoveries quickly followed, which sparked the idea to devise a universal software solution to counter these then relatively unknown computer threats.       
  3. 3. Global Headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia
  4. 4. Regional Centers
  5. 5. Research and Development Centers
  6. 6. Presence in more thancountries worldwide
  7. 7. growth over the past 5 years
  8. 8. ProtectingCrore users worldwide
  9. 9. and it meanscombined ESS/NOD32 installation share on all PCs and laptops
  10. 10. ESET India growth in 2010 More than 22 00 000 Indian users trust ESET*  * Total number of Installations 
  11. 11. ESET World Map 2011Countries where the brand ranks among top 3 (Online Security Brand Tracker 2011 survey)
  12. 12. Top 10 ESET Performance Markets  Russia 49,850,000 Brazil 31,137,000 Turkey 30,415,000Argentina 22,782,000 Mexico 22,185,000 India 21,222,000 USA 18,182,000Colombia 15,200,000 Thailand 14,967,000 Total Brand  Ukraine 14,000,000 Awareness 
  13. 13. ESET in India ESET India growth in last two years 300%  MORE than 22 00 000 Indian users trust ESET*  * Total number of Installations   
  14. 14. ESET Technology
  15. 15. Real-Time Adaptive Scanning Technology• Engineered to be fast, light and accurate• ESET solutions are among most effective malware scanners in the industry.• The ThreatSense® technology.• Combined with global malware intelligence and unobtrusive updates• ESET users get maximum protection at all times.
  16. 16. Real-Time Adaptive Scanning Technology VIRUS SIGNATURES GENERIC SIGNATURES Common protection Future mutations CODE ANALYSIS EMULATION Static analysis Advanced detection
  17. 17. ESET Heuristics• Heuristics is a technique that implements a set of guidelines or rules to solve the problem of detecting known and unknown malicious program s. Heuristics helps to detect malware behavior, without need to uniquely identify the specific threat .• ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus use heuristics to detect both known and unknown threats and malware. Two forms of heuristics are used, passive and active.
  18. 18. retrospectivetesting with detection and falsepositives results (May 2007)
  19. 19. Passive heuristics• Passive heuristics analyze a potential threat as it is scanned, tracing through the instructions in the program before passing the code to the processor for execution. Passive heuristics look for patterns, routines or program calls that indicate malicious behavior. Though an important tool, passive heuristics alone are only part of the solution, as there is no single action that a malicious program can perform that is not also allowed in a legitimate program. This is why the simultaneous use of active heuristics is important.Active heuristics• ESETs active heuristic technology creates a virtual computer within the scanning engine that allows the scanner to observe what the program might do if allowed to run on a real computer. This can reveal potentially malicious activities that other detection techniques would not identify.
  20. 20. ESET Live Grid Long before cloud computing gained traction in the antimalware industry,ESET developed a unique cloud-based technology. ESET Live Grid serves as anearly warning system that intercepts hundreds of thousands of new threats daily across the globe to keep our clients secure in face of emerging threats.
  21. 21. LIVE GRID
  22. 22. UNILICENSEESET Unilicense – allows protecting multiple platforms with a single license. ESET security solutions can be deployed on operating systems of choice in a mix-and-match fashion.
  23. 23. UNILICENSE:Multi-Platform Support
  24. 24. ESET for Consumers Smart Detection Small System Footprint Optimized Startup Procedure
  25. 25. V5 Security FeaturesAdvanced HIPS Functionality customize the behavior of the system in greaterdetail:Out of Home Network Detection Alerts the user when connecting to anunknown network prompting to switch to the Strict Protection modeParental Control Protects your family from potentially offensive web contentEnhanced Media Control Automatically scans all USB flash discs, memory cardsand CDs/DVDs for threats.Gamer Mode Streamlines protection during online sessions for continual securityPutting the user in Control the tools pane view is highly intuitive andtransparent, allowing for quick navigation.
  26. 26. ESET Smart Security 5 All-in-one internet security suite Feature Highlights • Antispam • Antispyware • Anti-rootkit • Personal Firewall • Parental Control • Host Intrusion Prevention System • Gamer Mode • Available in 1 user & 3 user pack • ESET Smart Security 1 user: MRP : Rs. 999 • ESET Smart Security 3 user: MRP : Rs. 1999
  27. 27. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5Professional Protection for Home Computer, Notebook or Workstation! Feature Highlights • Antispyware • Anti-rootkit • Cloud-Powered Scanning • Removable Media Management • Host Intrusion Prevention System • Gamer Mode • Low System Footprint • Available in 3 user pack • MRP : Rs. 1699
  28. 28. ESET NOD32 Antivirus vs. ESET Smart Security Safer Malware ProtectionAntivirus (ThreatSense® technology)AntispywareHost-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)Cloud-Enhanced WhitelistingRemovable Media ControlAntirootkit Smarter Online SafetyAntispamIntelligent FirewallGamer Mode Stronger Parental Controls and EducationParental Controls
  29. 29. ESET Mobile Security
  30. 30. Key Features ANTI‐THEFT FEAUTRES   Remote Lock   Remote Wipe   GPS Localization   SIM Matching   Trusted Friend   Call Blocking   Uninstall Protection    SECURITY FEATURES   SMS/MMS Antispam   Realtime Protection   Security Audit   Onaccess Scanning   On demand Scanning 
  31. 31. ESET: SOLUTION FOR SMB -- NEW LAUNCH --  18 months of validity 
  32. 32. Endpoint Solutions comes in two versions:  ESET Endpoint Security  ESET Endpoint Antivirus (Lighter version) Both solutions combine cloud-powered scanning technology and theaward-winning ThreatSense scanning engine for optimized performance.
  33. 33. Key FeaturesESET Remote Administrator: centralized and remotemanagement software, with role-based privileges,dynamic client groups, remote installation, notifications,updates management, web dashboard, and everything theIT administrator need to keep the endpoints secure and up- ESET provides Endpoint Security software for Windows, Macto-date! and Linux under the Unilicense concept
  34. 34. ESET Gateway/ File/ Mail Security for Windows/ LinuxProvides proactive and  Delivers comprehensive  Safeguards your email lightweight security as your  antimalware protection for your  communication channels with business network’s first line of  vital business data in a small  award‐winning antivirus and defense against malware and  footprint that ensures  antispam technology that other cyberthreats   optimal server performance  proactively detects known and  emerging malware  
  35. 35. Technology Quadrants Extensive Proactive Protection Unreliable Technology Well-balanced Protection High  Detecting Unknown Threats False positives <–> High Detection Proactive Detection Rate Rate BitDefender  Technologically superior product GDATA  Alwil  Kaspersky  Microsoft  McAfee  Grisoft AVG  Norman  Symantec  F‐Secure  Norman  Low  Poor Technology Inefficient Technology High  False Positives Low Source: AV-Comparatives 2008-2011 
  36. 36. Virus Bulletin VB100 AwardsLong track record of excellent results Highest Number of VB100 Awards
  37. 37. Highest Number of Advance+ Awards
  38. 38. Performance Overhead Superior performance and small footprint at the same time Boot Time Test File Copying Encoding/Transcoding 106% 161% 60% 66% 49% 58% 56% 45% 39% 63% 29% 28% 70% 70% 35% 53% 25% 52% 32% 22% 10% 10% 19% 16% 14% 31% 31% 13% 12% 9% 6% 3% 7%Source: AV-Comparatives 2004-2011
  39. 39. Latest Awards and AchievementsThe only company with unbroken All certification from AV-Test and TUV,string of 49 VB100 awards (70 overall) first and only certified Mac OS X product Scores high in all tests Second in Stiftung Warentest 14 Advanced+ Awards and Consumer Reports
  40. 40. Thank You