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Clean and green hydrocarbons ignite publish

The future can be great for our community, for our province, for the energy industry, for you and me and our children. However, it will require us to embrace positive change and to start the transition now. We can create an Alberta that is a renewable energy powerhouse by energy companies utilizing land and infrastructure they already use to generate renewable energy as well as using fuel cell technology to produce much cleaner energy from hydrocarbons during the transition period. And we can become the supplier of choice for clean and green hydrocarbon products, with extraction, processing and use of final products without emissions, pollution, fresh water and use of harmful chemicals. Why won't we start now? We can do it together!

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Clean and green hydrocarbons ignite publish

  1. Clean & Green
 Hydrocarbons Krzysztof (Kris) Palka
  2. Our Vision: ! We want the same thing you want. ! An energy industry that’s better for the planet, and for people, and for profit.
  3. The green origin of hydrocarbons ! If you consider that forces of nature created them, they are green. Hydrocarbons
 were created by a combination of: ! • the sun’s energy • CO2 • photosynthesis • phytoplankton and plants • zooplankton and animals • anoxic conditions • pressure and temperature • and a lot of time
  4. Easy access to
 abundant energy ! Humanity has flourished with tremendous help from fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas.
  5. How did
 become dirty? ! Because we burn them as fuel. Hydrocarbon combustion generates both GHG emissions and pollution. When we had fewer people and fewer 
 activities, this was not significant. ! But now, we are overwhelming 
 nature’s ability to deal with the 
 results of hydrocarbon combustion. !
  6. and… we burn 
 them to create 
 more hydrocarbons ! It’s a vicious cycle.
  7. Hydrocarbons are an inefficient and non-renewable source of fuel ! ! less than
 20% of its
 is used.
  8. The future can
 be optimistic ! Humanity will make better choices… eventually. ! We can wait until the crisis sets in… or we can be proactive...the choice is
 in our hands.
  9. Imagine… clean & green
 hydrocarbons ! Clean and green hydrocarbons 
 used as a source material for recyclable and reusable products, not as a fuel. ! Produced without GHG emissions, pollution, harmful plasticizers or fresh water. !
  10. “It’s better to help create new order than be a victim of it” Wallace Pratt
  11. Where do we start?
  12. Let’s take a look at an oil battery treater ! !
  13. 25% better for Planet, People and Profit ! !
  14. 70% better for Planet, People and Profit ! !
  15. Change starts with
 each of us ! We don’t need to wait for change to happen on a grand scale to see a difference. Change starts with you, at home. Today. ! • Reduce, reuse and recycle • Walk, bike, public transportation • Use high efficiency natural 
 gas furnace and appliances • Install solar panels on 
 the roof of your house • Use LED lights • Drive an electric car !
  16. Let's focus our efforts on a much better future for our industry, for our province,
 and for our country. ! Do it for you, for me,
 and for our children ! Let’s do it together! ! ! Krzysztof (Kris) Palka Visuals:
 Wes Pohl