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Kryton International's Krystol Magazine 14.1 features the restoration of the Historic Royal Mills, as well as concrete waterproofing tips from Kryton experts, Kryton and concrete waterproofing news from around the world, and our popular Q&A section.

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Krystol Magazine 14.1 -

  1. 1. Kryst l Magazine ® ® Leaders in Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Volume 14 | Issue 1 Restoring the Historic Royal Mills NEW: Hydrostop Restore & Protect System to extend the life of your concrete PLUS: Spotlight on Mexico Tips to protect your concrete joints Krystol® Magazine
  2. 2. Concrete Waterproofingthat Works! WE KNOW WHAT WORKS Stop using unreliable membranes to waterproof your concrete. Since 1973 Kryton has helped architects, engineers and builders create dry, waterproof concrete ® using Krystol technology. Our waterproofing admixture, KIM®, is faster, more reliable and costs 25% less than using traditional waterproofing systems. KIM is backed by the industry’s longest warranty. For more information on the longest standing crystalline waterproofing admixture jobs in the world, visit us online at or call us at 1-800-267-8280 or +1-604-324-8280. ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.
  3. 3. Contents Volume 14 | Issue 14 Restoring the Historic Royal Mills 106 Effective Crack Prevention, Control and Repair9 CEO Column 10 Protecting Your Concrete Joints12 Kryton News — Kryton Launches Complete Product System to Restore and Protect Concrete Structures13 Ask a Kryton Expert Krystol® Magazine is printed twice a year14 Kryton in Mexico by Kryton International Inc. 1645 East Kent Avenue Vancouver, BC V5P 2S8 Canada 6 For information about this publication or about Kryton International Inc., write to the above address, phone 604-324-8280 or 1-800-267-8280, or email Copyright © 2011 Kryton International Inc. All rights reserved. Editors/Contributors Jillian Work Kari Yuers Kevin Yuers Alex Emlyn Jeff Bowman Sheila Dong Design/Production Yvonne Lee Printed in Canada by Rebel Communications Group Krystol® Magazine
  4. 4. Restoring theHistoricRoyal Mills More than 1,500 window sills and lintels were repaired in this building with Kryton products.Built in 1890, Royal Mills near Mills required extensive renovation, the various conditions that plagued the Providence, Rhode Island, USA, once restoration and waterproofing. restoration. The company found severe operated one of the world’s busiest water intrusion, including wet stone and hydro-powered cotton mills. In fact, it The developer invited a local distributor brick, inside some apartments as well was the signature cotton mill for the of integral crystalline waterproofing as poor conditions in many sub-grade clothing company, Fruit of the Loom. products – New England Dry Concrete suites. In all, 15 per cent of the suites More than 100 years after its heyday, the – to conduct an extensive study assessing had water damage due to leaks in the mill stood vacant and neglected on the foundation, windows or walls. Repairs banks of the Pawtuxet River. would be needed to the interior and exterior mortar work, floor slabs required In 2004, developer Struever Bros. Eccles replacement and the exterior needed Rouse purchased the mill, with the plan waterproofing over convert the degrading building into trendy one- and two-bedroom and It was a significant project for the team loft-style apartments with public and charged with waterproofing the mill. retail spaces as well as a completely With no possibility of excavating around revived riverfront with public walking the exterior of the building because of paths. The 250 residential suites would its proximity to the river, the developer feature the original soaring ceilings, needed to be confident the waterproofing exposed brick, over-sized windows and system used would keep the building exposed wood beams. dry for the rest of its life. It became clear the best way to deal with the project But making the building habitable would be to use an integral system that was not a simple task. A major fire in would become part of the concrete 1919, more than a century of harsh matrix and waterproof the structure wet weather, heavy industrial use and a from the inside out. The developer decade of neglect had taken its toll. Royal Construction taking place on exterior of supported New England Dry Concrete’s Royal Mills building. use of Kryton International Inc’s range
  5. 5. of integral crystalline waterproofing products. In addition to providing comprehensive waterproofing, this was also the greenest choice.For the Royal Mills team, sustainability was an important factor. The project included refinished original flooring in most of the building and 50 per cent of all construction debris was reused in signage and other public areas. Using integral crystalline waterproofing furthered the developer’s green commitments by extending the serviceable life of the concrete structure, reducing jobsite waste and enabling the future recycling of concrete materials. It also eliminates volatile organic compounds typically associated with traditional membrane application and it does not rely on tar or petroleum based materials.New England Dry Concrete first used Using Kryton’s Hydrostop Sealer allowed the team to maintain the original appearanceKryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane of the structure.(KIM) during the replacement construction of the structure’s floor slabs Kryton’s Krystol Crack Repair System was brush-applied treatment – was used on and elevator pits. It was also added to the also used extensively on the project. The the interior walls that were located below mortar used to repair the historic stone advanced crack repair system provides the river level. Because Krystol T1 uses veneer. KIM’s proprietary chemicals react both physical and chemical waterproofing Kryton’s crystalline formula, it can resist with concrete and water to form millions barriers. It was used on more than 1,000 up to 460 feet of head pressure and is of microscopic crystals. The crystals grow linear feet of cracks. Two of the system’s impervious to water exposure, salts and fill the capillaries, pores and cracks products, waterproofing grout Krystol or other contaminants. in concrete. Over time, if water enters the Bari-Cote and rapid-setting hydraulic structure, the crystals reactivate and grow, cement Krystol Plug, were used to Finally, 250,000 square feet the original blocking water flow. This continuous waterproof more than 1,500 window stone exterior was sealed with Hydrostop waterproofing ability ensures the sills and lintels. A third product in the Sealer. Hydrostop Sealer is a polymer structure remains dry over the long term. system, Krystol T1 – a cementitious state-of-the-art water repellent sealer that maintains the original appearance of a structure. For the historic Royal Mills building, this was a key benefit. The waterproofing work took more than six months to complete. The project was finished ahead of schedule in mid-2009 and was on budget. Equally important, the developer had peace of mind because the single source waterproofing system was completely warranted from the manufacturer. Royal Mills is now listed on the U.S. National Historic Register and was recently named the 2010 New England International Concrete Repair Institute Project of the Year. Once a derelict homage to time gone by, today it stands as an elegant, historic and dry development blending old stone walls with modern luxury. Crews work to apply Hydrostop Sealer to seal and protect the exterior of the building. Krystol® Magazine
  6. 6. A leaking crack in a fish tank in Arizona, United States.Effective Crack Prevention, Control and RepairConcrete is a mixture of aggregate, bleeds out of the wet concrete while it’s be reduced to the minimum amount cement and water. The water combines still soft. The remaining water evaporates required to still allow proper placement with cement to create the glue that holds from the concrete over the next several and compaction of the concrete. Using it all together. But there is nearly always weeks and months. As the concrete dries, chemical water reducers will allow more water added than is needed to it shrinks and the resulting tensile stress quite a large reduction in water and still hydrate the cement – usually about twice results in cracks. provide workable concrete. The gradation as much. This is because extra water is of your aggregates has an influence as necessary to make the concrete mixture There are three things that you can well because fine aggregates demand workable during placing, consolidation or do about cracks: prevent, control or significantly more water than coarse pumping. Some of this additional water, repair them. aggregates. Be cautious of concrete mixes also known as water of convenience, with too much sand or a high cement content that will demand more water. Prevention Methods More cement may mean higher strength, but it may also result in more shrinkage You cannot expect to prevent all cracking; and additional cracks. An experienced but it is possible to significantly reduce and knowledgeable concrete supplier can the number of cracks by taking a few deliver you a well proportioned mix that important measures. will minimize shrinkage. The number one way to prevent concrete Heat generated by the hardening concrete cracking is to reduce the amount of water (heat of hydration) will cause concrete to added. Less water mixed into the concrete expand slightly. This can lead to cracking means there will be less water to leave when the concrete cools and contracts A pool and foundation that required the concrete when it dries and as a result, after it has hardened. Mass concrete repair in Mexico. less shrinkage will occur. Water should and hot weather will contribute to this
  7. 7. condition. Controlling heat of hydration can help to prevent these thermal shrinkage cracks by reducing the initial thermal expansion. You can also reduce heat of hydration by using low-heat-of-hydration cement or supplementary cementing materials such as fly ash and slag. Finally, if you start the concrete at a lower initial temperature by using chilled water and aggregates, you may be better able to control the cracking. After the concrete has hardened, the less-water-is-better rule is reversed. Freshly hardened concrete must be protected from drying out too quickly. The strengthening process requires moisture and if the concrete dries out too soon the concrete will be weak and likely crack. The cement hydration process continues long after hardening, but the most critical time is in the first several days. Proper wet curing or other measures This concrete mix used the proper proportion of cement, water and aggregates to minimizeto prevent moisture evaporation are shrinkage and cracking.essential during this time. between the control joints, their size or produce a foam that quickly sets within Controlling Cracking width will be smaller. the crack to block water flow. Urethane foam injection will normally remain Crack size can further be reduced with flexible and tolerate a slight amount of Controlling cracks is accomplished by proper and adequate reinforcing steel movement in the concrete; however, this designing your structure in a way that design. Good reinforcement will result flexibility deteriorates with time.predetermines the location and size (width) of each crack. The location can in cracks that are very small. These small be predetermined by creating intentional cracks will allow crystalline waterproofing An injection product that should never planes of weakness within the concrete. admixtures to self-seal the cracks without be used for waterproofing is epoxy. These locations are called control or any need for repair work. As an added Epoxy injection is designed and used contraction joints. By encouraging a bonus, the concrete and structure will for restoring the strength and integrity crack to form at that specific location, be much stronger. of cracked concrete structural elements. they help to prevent random cracking, These cracks must be relatively dry for the epoxy to achieve adhesion. Epoxy which can be more difficult to repair. A Repairing Cracks will not displace or react with water properly formed control joint can easily be sealed later using an appropriate and therefore is largely ineffective at If your efforts at prevention and control waterproofing a leaking crack.waterproofing product. If cracks do occur are unsuccessful, you may be faced with a leaking crack that needs to be repaired. All injection products suffer from the The most common repair method is disadvantage of being somewhat hit to inject a product into the crack in an and miss because both the drilling of the attempt to fill it and make the crack holes and injection of the material is waterproof. Typically, a series of holes done blind. Although the success rate are drilled along the crack length so can be high, achieving 100 per cent that they intersect the crack beneath effectiveness is extremely difficult. Due the surface. A port is then inserted into to this, waterproofing and creating each hole and a product is pumped into a completely dry structure is equally the crack. Common products include challenging and unreliable. Attempting to slurry mixtures of cement and/or clay re-inject missed and still leaking areas can with water, which can be cost effective also be very difficult. for situations of minimal water flow and low-pressure. For more challenging This control joint creates a purposeful repairs, hydrophilic urethane products are The only way to make certain a leaking weakness in the concrete so that straight recommended. These react with water to crack is made completely waterproof is line cracking will occur. to open the crack and repair it directly. Krystol® Magazine
  8. 8. “In my five year association with Kryton, White Van Services has been able to expand its market share with a product that is reliable, consistent, and comes with outstanding customer support. We are able to use Kryton’s Crack Repair System with minimal disturbance to our customers and their surroundings. We have found no other Filling a chiseled chase with crystalline waterproofing. product with the ease of use, quality, finish and Cracks can be quickly chiseled open using longevity. Kryton has an electric chipping hammer. The most common repair method involves chiseling always provided us with the entire length of the crack to create a a product that we can deep and narrow chase. The chase is then filled with hydraulic grout and preferably associate our name with.” with a crystalline waterproofing system. Crystalline waterproofing systems Al Polonuk, provide both a short-term physical White Van Services Ltd. barrier to water and long-term chemical waterproofing through the growth of pore-blocking crystals. Crystalline waterproofing is roughly equal to injection in the skill and time required, but is significantly cheaper and far more reliable. The limitation of this repair method is that it is not intended for cracks or joints experiencing movement. With quality products and proper training, even badly cracked and leaking concrete can be successfully repaired to a dusty-dry state. Because repairs are inconvenient and often expensive, your best crack repair strategy is to focus on prevention and control. Failed epoxy injection repair
  9. 9. CEO Column Kryton’s President CEO Kari YuersSocial media continues to change how business could share their thoughts, course in tweeting, I was able to join a businesses communicate with their ideas and opinions with customers and handful of industry leaders who live-customers. The concrete construction concrete industry stakeholders. The tweeted from the conference. By tweeting industry is no exception. Social blog addresses a wide variety of topics from my Blackberry, I was able to provide technologies such as microblogging on related to issues surrounding the live minutes of the keynote speakers and Twitter or networking on LinkedIn allow durability, longevity and waterproofing keep the industry up-to-speed on the companies to reach their stakeholders of concrete. Regular postings also include conference. I again live tweeted from the directly and in real time. In addition industry regulations in North America, recent ACI Fall Convention in Pittsburgh. to instant digital connections, new such as the disposal of fly ash and changes networks of influencers can be discovered to LEED certification. Integrating social media strategies and invited to participate in industry into our overall marketing and public dialogue. The social media revolution To talk with our industry peers and relations initiatives sets Kryton apart enables unprecedented information customers we use Twitter. We join from our competitors that have yet to sharing opportunities. conversations about concrete; we offer engage with their customers online. Our tips on waterproofing, or provide links to active presence online will only grow in Thought leadership and education have more resources. value as young construction industry always been important to Kryton. We’ve professionals increasingly make use of been working hard to pioneer new ways A crowning achievement for me was social media to learn about the latest of sharing our experience about concrete my foray onto the Social Web during advances, trends and ideas surrounding and waterproofing-related issues by using the American Concrete Institute (ACI) concrete waterproofing. I invite you to some of the most popular Web 2.0 tools. Convention last spring. Thanks to a crash join us online and participate in the industry conversation.Kryton’s blog Concrete Thoughts was launched in mid-March of this year. It Follow us on Twitterwas developed to be a forum where our @KrytonIntlexperts in the concrete waterproofing Talk to us on our blog – Concrete Thoughts Nervous about entering the conversation on Twitter? Start by listening to what’s being said. Go to and search keywords or phrases Connect with us on LinkedIn based on current issues in the industry. companies/kryton-international-inc Krystol® Magazine
  10. 10. Worker treats concrete joints with the Krystol Waterstop System. Protecting Your Concrete JointsIt has been said that there are two Types of Jointstypes of concrete – concrete that has cracked and concrete that is about to A crack-inducement joint is commonly crack. Early in its life, concrete dries, referred to as a control or contraction shrinks and quite commonly cracks. In joint. These joints create a purposeful addition, fluctuations in temperature weakness in the concrete so that straight and moisture levels cause concrete to line cracking will occur at that desired, shrink and expand throughout its life, pre-planned spot. Crack-inducement eventually leading to cracking. Different joints are most often used in sidewalks, applied load weights can cause shear or driveways, pavements, floors and walls.bending, which increases the likelihood of breaks. The resulting cracks represent An isolation or expansion joint separates an easy path for water and chemical concrete slabs from structural elements Bentonite waterproofing membrane thatcontaminants to enter the concrete and requires extra care and labour during such as walls, footings or columns. They corrode the steel reinforcement inside. application. allow the slabs and touching surfaces This is why preventive measures, such as to move without causing cracks. These proper jointing, are a crucial part of the as joints that “occur at the end of a day’s joints are typically used when separating construction process. work.” These joints can align with or driveways and patios from sidewalks, function as crack-inducement or garage slabs or stairs.Joints are pre-planned cracks. Unlike isolation joints.random cracks that can lead to concrete Construction joints, also called cold deterioration, joints fortify structures by joints, separate sections of concrete Addressing Joint Vulnerabilitycontrolling and minimizing cracking. that have been placed at different times. They provide stopping places during For joints to be effective in mitigating construction and are often referred to uncontrolled cracks, they must be 0
  11. 11. correctly designed and built. Joint depths should be appropriate for the thickness of the concrete. For example, a crack-inducement joint should have a depth that is approximately one-quarter of the concrete’s thickness while isolation joints should extend the full depth of the slab. Joints should also be spaced no further apart than 30 times the concrete thickness. Proper tools should be used in forming joints, such as saws, hand-finishing tools or pre-molded strips. There are dozens of considerations that should be followed in order to produce reliable and successful joints. But there is one that is the most important of them A PVC joint with cracking.all: waterproofing. The most common, PVC, uses flat strips over time; they are at risk of premature While joints go a long way in making of high quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) expansion if they are exposed to moisture concrete stronger over the long run, they embedded in both sides of a joint to too early; and, they require proper also represent the most vulnerable part create a watertight seal. PVC waterstops placement and extra care during pouring.of the structure. The challenge lies in the are readily available in different intrinsic design of joints – the physical thicknesses, widths and sizes and some Metallic waterstops are most frequently separation between concrete slabs creates PVC manufacturers offer chemical or used on projects where extra strength an exposed area where water ingress will oil resistant properties. These products is required or when chemical exposure happen. So it’s not a matter of if the joint can be installed in wet conditions and is likely. They are made of steel, copper, will leak, but when. have a long lifespan, unlike many other bronze or lead and are embedded in an waterstop systems. However, PVC upright position across joints to form Leaking concrete joints can not waterstops pose three main challenges: a continuous water barrier. The main only result in expensive repairs and they’re time consuming to install, can drawback to these systems is their cost. inconvenient renovations, but can also become easily damaged during concrete Because they are designed for specialized lead to severe health hazards. From mold pouring and if they are damaged, there applications, the material and labour and fungus growth triggered by incoming is virtually no way to tell until the joint costs are extremely high.moisture to waterborne contaminants starts to leak. entering the structure, leaking joints can Crystalline waterstops block the be unsafe for structures and the people Bentonite is a swellable clay that is also movement of water through joints by that use them. frequently used to waterproof joints. It is growing millions of crystals within the glued or nailed in strips into joints and concrete matrix. When in contact with Joint Waterproofing Options expands up to 16 times in size when in water, the crystals grow and expand, contact with water. The expansion forms filling the joints, capillaries and Traditionally, waterstop systems have a compression seal that keeps water out micro-cracks of the concrete. Because of been used to waterproof joints. of joints. One common deterrent from the technology’s unique ability to They act as physical barriers to block using bentonite is that it can dry out and self-seal new minor cracks even years water penetration. deteriorate easily because the clay is a after the initial application, crystalline natural material. Additionally, it must be waterstops provide a long term solution kept completely dry prior to installation for joint waterproofing. As an or it will expand prematurely. Bentonite affordable, effective and more reliable systems are also easy to displace during alternative to other waterstop systems, pouring and require extra care and labour crystalline joint waterproofing systems during application. are growing in popularity. Another joint waterproofer that is similar While concrete cracking will never be to bentonite is a urethane waterstop. eliminated, it can be controlled and These spongy, hydrophilic compounds managed with effective and proper swell up to three and a half times their jointing practices. One of the best ways to original volume when in contact with protect your structure over the long run water. But urethane waterstops possess is to invest in a sound and reliable joint The crystalline system provides both a the same drawbacks as bentonite systems waterproofing system.physical (red) and chemical (yellow) – they dry up, crack and deteriorate barrier to water. Krystol® Magazine
  12. 12. Kryton News Kryton International Inc. Launches Complete Product System to Restore and Protect Concrete StructuresHydrostop has become a well-known Step three is to impart a long-lasting government-supported infrastructure name over many years as Kryton’s water repellent effect to the surface using improvement or restoration projects. water repellent sealer. On September a high-quality blended silane-siloxane 1, 2010, the trusted Hydrostop brand sealer called Hydrostop Sealer. “Over the last year, governments around will be expanded to include two new the world have been introducing Hydrostop products: Hydrostop Grout “Replacing aging infrastructure can incentive programs to build and repair and Hydrostop Coating. Together, the cost millions of dollars and be a infrastructure as a way of stimulating three products make up a new 3-step significant, unacceptable disruption to local economies,” explains Yuers. “We restoration and protection system for above grade concrete structures called the Hydrostop Restore Protect System. The Hydrostop Restore Protect System greatly extends the useful life of deteriorating concrete infrastructure and buildings, improves overall aesthetics and offers a more environmentally sustainable alternative to total replacement.The first step in the system uses a non-shrink waterproof grout to repair cracks and defects at the concrete surface. The product employs Kryton’s original crystalline technology and is named Hydrostop Grout. Once the substrate is Kryton’s Hydrostop Sealer resists water and stains.made good, the entire concrete surface is coated with a polymerized, cementitious your operations as well as to the general wanted to develop a restoration and slurry called Hydrostop Coating. This public,” says Kevin Yuers, Vice President protection system that would make layer provides a durable barrier against of Kryton. “The Hydrostop System is the engineers’ lives easier as they tackled water and chemical intrusion and ideal solution. It makes the best use of these projects.”improves the concrete’s overall aesthetics. resources, money and time.” In addition to giving aging concrete Yuers adds the new system will be infrastructure a new lease on life, the welcome news for any engineers involved, Hydrostop System makes life easier for or wanting to become involved, in maintenance engineers and specifiers by offering a complete and compatible system that has been developed to work flawlessly together. There’s no need to piece together a solution based on various products. And there’s no need to resolve conflicting application instructions, which often occurs when different manufacturers’ products are used. The Hydrostop Restore Protect System comes in standard concrete gray or special order white color and is Hydrostop Restore Protect System. available worldwide through Kryton’s authorized dealers. 2
  13. 13. Ask a Kryton Expert!Keeping concrete watertight is a Absorption tests are useful for concrete crystals that block the concrete pores. challenge. As a porous material, concrete under non-hydrostatic conditions, such Integral systems have hydrophilic-like can allow water to migrate through, as above ground concrete that primarily properties in that they soak in the corroding steel reinforcement, bringing needs protection from rain. They are water in order to build impermeability in harmful chemicals and creating applicable to hydrophobic products, over time.general livability issues. This is why most which are designed to repel water from construction industry professionals use the concrete surface. Some integral systems may actually some sort of waterproofing product to have increased absorption in the early protect their concrete structures. Permeability tests require specialized stages as the water is being consumed equipment and cannot be done by for the waterproofing reaction. As a So how do you know if your all testing agencies. Products that are result, the concrete will weigh more after waterproofing product actually works? required to resist water under being submerged in water, producing pressure must be evaluated using this a result that doesn’t properly reflect There are two methods commonly used testing method. waterproofing determine if concrete is waterproof: absorption and permeability testing.We asked Jeff Bowman, Kryton International Inc.’s head chemist and technical services representative to explain the main differences between the test methods and how best to effectively Permeability test showing the depth of water penetration of three samples.test an integral waterproofing system’s ability to resist water penetration. Described in detail in BS EN 12390-8 The most effective way to test an integral and DIN 1048-5, water under constant system’s ability to resist water penetration Q: What’s the difference high pressure is applied to one face of is through a permeability test. These a concrete sample for a period of 72 tests take into account how integral between absorption and hours. When the test is completed, the systems actually work. They allow you permeability tests? specimens are split open and the depth to determine how deeply the water has of water penetration is measured. This penetrated and whether crystal growth Absorption tests are simple to perform test method is useful for structures has started to occur.and can be done by any materials lab. such as basements, tunnels and water The test measures the weight of water reservoirs because it recreates the pressure absorbed into a concrete specimen over conditions that these structures are time as a result of capillary absorption, subjected to in a realistic way.or wicking. A full description of the test method can be found in ASTM C1585 or Remember that each of these test BS EN 1881. methods are comparative tests. No matter which method you use, be sure to test the waterproofing agent against an identical plain concrete sample, using the same proportions of cement, aggregates and water. Q: What is the best way to test an integral system’s ability to resist water penetration? Integral systems rely on the growth of microscopic crystals within the concrete to render it waterproof. When in contact with water, chemicals added to the Jeff Bowman, Head Chemist Absorption test showing how much water concrete react and form millions of Technical Services Representativewas absorbed into the concrete block. Krystol® Magazine
  14. 14. Kryton in MexicoAccording to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Mexican further. By 2012, they want Mexico to become an infrastructure concrete construction industry is “one of the strongest, most leader in Latin America and by 2030, they want it to be ranked efficient and most competitive in the world.” It currently 20th on the World Economic Forum’s infrastructure index. generates more than 20,000 direct and 120,000 indirect jobs; infrastructure and housing alone represent 90 per cent of the Kryton has been part of Mexico’s growing concrete industry country’s total consumption. for more than 30 years. With cement and concrete predicted to remain the country’s top building materials, Kryton will continue The Mexican administration wants to take that success even to be a valuable partner for the industry. ISSSTELEON Parking Garage, Monterrey The Insituto de Seguridad Y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado de Nuevo Leon (ISSSTELEON) provides social and safety services to workers across the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. When its new building was constructed, a key concern of the State was providing a structure that would be as safe and reliable as the services they provide. Kryton’s product warranty was the selling factor for bringing the company on board. Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) was used on all the concrete slabs in the parking structure to minimize shrinkage and cracking. The project was successfully completed in April 2010.Edificio Tevo de UcalliEdificio Tevo de Ucalli is an office building located in San Pedro Garza Garcia. San Pedro is one of Monterrey’s most affluent suburbs. When construction began in 2008 waterproofing was a concern for the developer. The developer used KIM on the suspended slabs of the building and was very pleased that he was able to save one month in construction time by incorporating the waterproofing right in to the concrete. The building was completed in 2010. Conjunto Retama, Monterrey In January 2010, Kryton was brought on board to waterproof an apartment swimming pool at Retama – a new residential development composed of four towers overlooking Monterrey, in Northeastern Mexico. The development boasts a variety of luxury amenities including a central garden, gym, banquet room, jogging track and two infinity-edge swimming pools. Kryton’s warranty program and ability to provide on-site supervision during the application process process made it an attractive choice for the developer. By March 2010, almost 2,500 kilograms of Krystol Internal Membrane had been used to waterproof the pool – keeping the water safely and securely in the pool for all residents to enjoy.
  15. 15. Ensenada International Terminal Grain Tunnel, Ensenada Baja California The Ensenada International Terminal is a maritime terminal that handles cargo and containers from around the world. It is also responsible for loading, receiving and stockpiling grain. In 2008, the Ensenada Port Authority added a below grade concrete tunnel to house a belt transportation system to the terminal as well as a new grain silo to supplement its grain loading system. Due to the terminal’s location on the Pacific Coast, withstanding hydrostatic pressure and keeping the concrete – and grain – dry was essential. Any water leakage could ruin entire containers of grain, costing the Port Authority thousands of dollars. The terminal’s owners turned to Kryton for help. Kryton used its flagship product, Krystol Internal Membrane, to waterproof the concrete as well as the Krystol Waterstop System for joints and Krystol Crack Repair System for crack repair. The project was completed in 2009.Tanque Belenes, GuadalajaraA major concern for the government supplying potable water to residents of Belenes was dependability. For years the area had faced challenges with leaks in water lines and water tanks, surface contamination and political wrangling. So when it came to repairing the decade old Belenes water tank, the government knew it needed to provide a reliable and safe solution. Even though it was 10 years old, the water tank had never been put into use due to major surface issues including cracks in the walls and slab. Kryton recommended its Krystol Crack Repair System, including Krystol T1/T2 and Krystol Bari-Cote, for use throughout the project. The system was used on the cracks, joints, tieholes, walls and slab. Together, the complete repair system ensured a healthy source of drinking water for the community the tank serves.Kryton Distribution in MexicoKryton has distributors throughout Mexico. Contact any of them Check out to see other areas where Kryton to find out more about how Kryton’s waterproofing products can distributors are changing concrete construction for the better, save you time and money. Or contact Alfonso Urquidi, Kryton’s including Europe, South East Asia and Africa.Latin America territory manager, at or by phone at +604-324-8280. México (Norte) México (Central) AUTHORIZED Comercial Kalte, S.A. de C.V. Contact: Pepe Medellin Trevino Comercializadora Tidal, S.A. de C.V. Contact: Lic. Damaso Cuenca DISTRIBUTOR Tel: +52-81-1292-5100 Website: Tel:+52-55-1107-0697 Website: Email: Email: Krystol® Magazine
  16. 16. Concrete Waterproofing that Works!KIM® resists hydrostatic pressure up to 140m.Using KIM® in your concrete can save you time andmoney and replace the need to use costly and timeconsuming surface applied membranes that canoften prove to be unreliable. Since 1973 Kryton hashelped architects, engineers and builders create dry,waterproof concrete using Krystol Technology.Our waterproofing admixture, KIM®, is faster, morereliable and costs 25% less than using traditionalwaterproofing systems. KIM® is backed by theindustry’s longest warranty.For more information on the longest standing Custom bags for added quality controlcrystalline waterproofing admixture jobs in theworld, visit us online at orcall us at 1-800-267-8280 or+1-604-324-8280. Certified to CERTIFICATE No 05/4217 NSF/ANSI 61 ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.