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Kryton's Krystol Magazine 13-1 features the Krystol project of the year the the Marina Bay sands - an icon to last - as well as exciting news from Kryton who has risen to third best employer in BC. In addition, there is information on how to best use kryton products to waterproof concrete and also green building practices that are fulfilled by Kryton products.

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Krystol Magazine 13.1 -

  1. 1. Kryst l Magazine ® ® Leaders in Integral Crystalline Waterproofing 2010 | Volume 13 | Issue 1Photo: Aakisisv Marina Bay Sands Krystol Project of the Year Winner 3096602 Krystol® Magazine
  2. 2. 2010 Vol. 13-1 Contents Kryton Rises to Third Best Employer in BC ................. 3 Krytonite Achieves Green .............................................. 3 How KIM® Can Work For You ....................................... 4 The Obama Factor .......................................................... 5 Going Green with Concrete ........................................... 6 The Frustration with Blind-Wall Applications .............. 7How KIM® Can Work For You Marina Bay Sands - An Icon to Last .............................. 8Krystol® Magazine is printed twice a year Waterproofing a Luxury Hospital in Australia.............. 10by The Kryton Group of Companies1645 East Kent AvenueVancouver, BC V5P 2S8 Sunset Gardens ............................................................... KMA™ - Build Water Protection into Your Mortar ...... 11For information about this publication orabout The Kryton Group of Companies,write to the above address, phone Waterproofing Tunnels in Sichuan, China ................... 12(604) 324-8280 or 1-800-267-8280, oremail Kryton in Canada ............................................................ 14Copyright © 2010 Kryton International Inc.All rights reserved. Photo: Andrew NgEditors/ContributorsKari YuersKevin YuersLeo ConnellKaren NgDanielle PrestonSheila CalderJudith WalkerDesign/ProductionLulu ZhouPrinted in Canada by Wayside Printers SW-COC-002234 Marina Bay Sands - An Icon to Last
  3. 3. KrytonRises to Third Best Employer in BCF or the second consecutive year, The Kryton Group ofCompanies has been named among the best companies towork for in British Columbia, Canada. Kryton was rankedthird best company in BC with less than 100 employeesby BCBusiness Magazine and Mindfield Group and washonoured at the “2009 Best Companies to Work For in BC”Awards Gala in late November. #3“We are so pleased to continue being considered among thetop three best employers in BC, especially because it’s ouremployees themselves that have said so,” says Kari Yuers,CEO of Kryton. “This is a family-based business and our teamtruly cares about each other. That’s quite an accomplishmentwith multicultural employees based around the world.”The top 10 employers in BC are selected based on employees’opinions. Kryton offers employees profit-sharing, a gym,extended benefits, compassionate human resources policiesand, above all else, a welcoming and fun work atmosphere.Krytonite Achieves Green!K ryton has a long standing commitment to environmentally-sound building practices. Building on this foundation,Kryton is now able to offer customers the services of an in-house Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)Accredited Professional (AP). Our director of research and development, Alexandra Emlyn, is now a certified LEED-AP. Alex’s achievement demonstrates Kryton’s commitment to help you meet your green building goals. The Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) certifies projects that deliver healthier, lower impact, more economical and more productive environments. The LEED-AP’s role in the process is to provide project-specific interpretations of the LEED credit manual and to assist project teams in achieving the LEED credits they have targeted. The LEED-AP can also suggest strategies to improve environmental performance and, in turn, gain more credits from the CaGBC. Alex has more than 20 years of experience in research, product development and technical service. She has been a part of the Kryton team since 2006 and has championed the company’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. For more Alexandra Emlyn, LEED AP information on LEED and the CaBGC visit Krystol® Magazine
  4. 4. How KIM Can Work For YouI f you’re an architect, an engineer, a contractor ordeveloper, you know a lot about concrete. You know that A Unique Crystalline Admixtureconcrete is porous and, if it is not waterproofed, water KIM is a dry powder that, when added to the concrete mix,seepage can occur, bringing in water-borne contaminants and forms billions of needle-like crystals that block the passagechemicals that can cause deterioration. If you want to protect of water.your concrete and ensure your building or structure has along, serviceable life, you also know that waterproofing It is manufactured by Kryton and is the world’s originalis essential. integral crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture. KIM eliminates the need for conventional externalSo what is Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®) waterproofing membranes.and how can it work for you? Now you know a little more about KIM. Here’s how it can work for you. Kryton’s integral crystalline waterproofing products are now shipped around the world to answer the needs of architects, engineers, developers and ready mixers.
  5. 5. How KIM can help Architects and EngineersEver since Thomas Edison invented and patented the first system of pouredconcrete architecture, architects and engineers have used concrete to buildhigher, stronger and better structures. Architects and engineers play a key rolein determining the structural design and strength of a building. So their choiceof waterproofing material is critical to the success and longevity of a structure.Kryton’s product KIM offers architects and engineers a reliable, long-termsolution to concrete waterproofing problems. First and foremost is effectiveness.Simply put, KIM works. In fact, Kryton’s other waterproofing products, such asKrystol T1 and Krystol Plug, are often called in to repair cracks and leaks whensurface applied systems fail. KIM is also effective against hydrostatic pressure– up to 460 ft (140 m) of head pressure – an important consideration onprojects such as the Underwater World Aquarium in Melbourne, Australia,where the structure is several storeys below grade and the pilings haveto withstand tidal waters. On that project, as on many others, the KIM The Obama Factorwaterproofing admixture was the sole waterproofer specified. The use of KIMcompletely eliminated the necessity for other systems and continues to ensure U.S. President Barack Obama took thethat there’s no water seepage. world by storm during his election campaign, building popularity withAnother huge advantage for architects who choose to waterproof concrete his charismatic and easy-going style;with KIM is that uneven forms, irregular corners, outcroppings and other his hope and optimism for the future.architectural design features can be securely waterproofed. Concrete treated So when President Obama threw hiswith crystalline admixtures is highly suitable for complex architectural designs. support behind ‘waterproofing from the inside out’ this past summer,As architectural protrusions do not pose any waterproofing challenge, any people listened.type of concrete structure – vertical, horizontal or shaped – can be securelywaterproofed. Externally applied membranes cannot be effectively used in these The president spoke to the media aftersituations as the sheet membranes are not easily adaptable to unusual angles hosting a meeting with energy CEOsand uneven surfaces. where they discussed how to create a clean and sustainable future. “WhenKryton International helps architects and engineers solve the most difficult you hear the innovation that’s takingwaterproofing challenges by providing service and support second to place…that gets you excited aboutnone. Kryton sets aside 10 per cent of its worldwide revenues to support the future,” said President Obama.its international concrete research laboratories that streamline testing and He described one technology thatcertification processes on behalf of users and specifiers. caught his attention – admixtures that waterproof from within theArchitects and engineers who choose KIM also know that they’re lowering concrete pores.the cost of waterproofing by up to 40 per cent and shaving weeks off theconstruction schedule, both important considerations. Obama told reporters that new concrete materials “last longer and What people say about KIM are waterproofed from the inside out, and that can mean that bridges and “As a spec writer, I am always searching for the product(s) that best enhance and roads and buildings can last 20 or reflect the true intent of the architect’s design; the contractor’s ongoing concern for 30 years longer than using reliability and durability; and the responsibility towards the owner’s need to stay on conventional concrete.” budget. For years, I have confidently specified Kryton’s KIM to protect the concrete structures where water damage is eminent or possible. This product works as a The positive technology endorsement general waterproofing system for concrete. When a product works then my search is had Kryton’s phones ringing off the over. Thank you Kryton, for your continuing support and in making my research so hook and brought publicity to a growing much easier.” – Glenn Chatton, Specworks Consulting sector in the construction world. Continued on page 6 Krystol® Magazine
  6. 6. Continued from page 5 Going Green How KIM can help Ready Mixers With Concrete It’s estimated that in the US alone, there are more than 70,000 ready mix concrete trucks on the road, delivering concrete to job sites around the country. The competition is fierce, but ready mixers who know and use According to the World Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane waterproofing system Green Building Council, have the advantage. Not only can they offer an additional the world’s buildings ready mix product to contractors and developers, they can and communities are increase their profit because KIM-treated concrete has a higher responsible for 40 per value than regular concrete. Ready mixers with knowledge and cent of greenhouse experience in Kryton’s products can gain access to new markets gas emissions into and revenue sources without interrupting their normal supply to the atmosphere. existing businesses. Adopting green building Kari Yuers, Kryton’s CEO, explains it this way: “It opens up an entirely new practices can revenue stream by giving them access to waterproofing dollars that would reduce those emissions normally go to waterproofing applicators. It puts that money in the pockets of by 35 per cent, lower energy use ready mixers.” by 30 to 50 per cent, decrease waste output by 70 per cent and reduce water Last year Kryton launched the first integral waterproofing certification program usage by 40 per cent. Given those designed specifically for ready mixers. Known as KIM Certification, the free impacts, it’s no surprise that building program provides assurance to contractors and confidence to ready mix green has rapidly become an integral suppliers. Certification verifies that participants understand how to properly part of the construction industry today. and effectively use KIM. “Using KIM and becoming certified gives ready mixers one more tool in their sales arsenal, helping them to maximize their dollars and But can concrete be green? enhance their reliable and trustworthy reputation,” says Yuers. The answer is yes. Concrete is a viable For ready mixers, there are other advantages too. Kryton’s labs can assist with and sustainable building material that mix testing and verification for unusual job sites and situations. The experienced not only extends the life of structures and qualified technical service team can help them deal with any potential but is now being produced with issues and offer mix-design advice. And, at the batching plant itself, Kryton has recycled alternative materials such as removed any guess work in the ratio of KIM-to-concrete mix. KIM comes in reclaimed fly ash. And, waterproofed pre-measured, pulpable mixer-ready bags that can be thrown directly into the concrete can also be green. concrete-mixer trucks. Using integral crystalline waterproofing rather than external membranes reduces jobsite waste, enables the future recycling of concrete materials and extends the serviceable life of structures – while at the same time keeping water out. It contains no KIM was the first crystalline volatile organic compounds, is non- admixture to be available toxic and is safe for contact with in pulpable bags for easy potable water. addition to the concrete mixer. And the mixer ready Now you can make the choice to build bags are in custom sizes to structures that serve both people and match your mix design. the environment by using integral crystalline waterproofed concrete.
  7. 7. Integral crystalline waterproofing relies The Challenge on microscopic crystals to fill of Blind-Wall concrete’s pores, blocking the flow Applications of water. Pouring a concrete wall directly against another wall is called a blind-wall. And anyone who has ever tried to waterproof a blind-wall knows that it is a difficult task. Without adequate access, placing external membranes KIM won the “Most Innovative Product” award is a challenge. So why not build your from the World of Concrete tradeshow in 2003. waterproofing into the concrete rather In addition, KIM was the first concrete admixture than on top of it and save time, money to be certified by the International Code Council and space? – Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) as a Chemical Admixture used in Concrete (AC198). Crystalline waterproofing formulas: Become part of the concrete matrixHow KIM can help Contractors and Developers Waterproof concrete from the inside outIt’s contractors and developers who create, co-ordinate and control the process Eliminate the need for blind-wallof development from beginning to end. They work to improve property and membrane applicationsincrease its value. In doing so, they take on the greatest risk and therefore Can be added directly to theneed to feel confident in every decision they make. They must rely on research concrete mix at the timeand sound judgment to ensure the best, most economical and profitable use of batchingfor their property. Kryton’s high quality products provide contractors and Allow you to achieve a largerproperty developers with confidence that their decision to use unique crystalline building footprint andtechnology is one they can trust. maximize space Allow you to backfill soonerContractors and developers who use KIM rather than an externally-applied Reduce the cost of labour as well asmembrane system find that their buildings can actually be constructed with a the potential for application errorslarger footprint. There is no need to accommodate the extra space that wouldbe demanded for perimeter excavation for membrane applications. KIM-treated Choose a waterproofing system that willconcrete can be poured to the full extent of permitted space. not only work for the long-term but will make your life easier – and your projectKIM’s pulpable bags are also an advantage for developers and contractors as more profitable.they reduce waste and enhance the building’s eco-friendliness. And that’s animportant consideration if a sustainable building market is in their sights.Another important consideration is that using KIM allows contractors anddevelopers to save time on the construction schedule, opening the way toincentive bonuses for adhering to contracted timelines and allowing themto move to other projects faster. One less sub-trade, less push back andproblems on the jobsite, dedicated field support from Kryton itself – all Solve difficult designadd up to a clear choice in waterproofing solutions for many contractors challenges such as blind-and developers. wall applications.So the next time you’re faced with a job requiring waterproofed concrete, turnto Kryton for a solution that will work for you. Krystol® Magazine
  8. 8. Marina Bay Sands -An Icon to LastT here are some developments and structures that leave alegacy on a city and significantly impact its culture. The EiffelTower in Paris. The Opera House in Sydney, Australia. SagradaFamilia in Barcelona, Spain. And soon, Singapore will bechanged as the soaring towers of Marina Bay Sands redefinethat city.In 2006, the Singapore government turned to Las VegasSands Corp. based in Nevada, USA, to develop and operatean integrated resort that would put the country on the world Photo: Andrew Ngtravelling map. the promontory. If that isn’t enough, Marina Bay Sands willThe goal was simple: enhance Singapore’s status as one of also feature one million square feet of integrated watersidethe world’s top travel destinations. But the plans soon became promenade, high-end boutiques, a one-million square footenormously ambitious. Las Vegas Sands Corp. committed to convention centre with the biggest dining hall in Asia, twoopening the doors in three years to a five-star resort unlike 2,000-seat theatres, a casino and a 4,000 car garage.anything in the world. The cost for the development is valuedat S$8.0 billion (US$5.7 billion). “The unique iconic design of Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort and Casino will be a global landmark for Singapore,”When it opens in a few months, Marina Bay Sands will says Bradley Stone, president of Global Operations andfeature three 55-storey hotel towers, crowned by a two-acre Construction for Las Vegas Sands Corp. “With this promiseSkyPark bridging across the towers 200 metres in the air. The comes a challenging engineering and construction process,SkyPark offers 360-degree views of the city and the sea as which we continue to successfully overcome.”well as 250 trees, swimming pools, restaurants and a nightclub. The resort will provide guests with jogging paths, spas, One of the many challenges that faced the team wasgardens and a lotus-inspired Arts and Sciences Museum on waterproofing. Not only does Singapore have a tropical rainforest climate known for its high humidity and abundant rainfall, but the complex is also being built on reclaimed land, Did You Know? surrounded by seawater. Any leaks in the foundations, below- grade areas or acres of roof-top park Suspended 200 metres in the air, the Sands SkyPark would be disastrous – and costly. is the crowning jewel of Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort and Casino. The sheer size of the SkyPark is mind- The challenge was to find a sole boggling – it is large enough to accommodate four and waterproofing product that could a half A380 jumbo jets and features a public observation address the many intricacies deck, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, restaurants associated with such a mega- and a night club. project, including all below- grade areas, multiple floors, So how would you build something that big and that high tunnels, lift and sump pits in the sky? In October 2009, the construction team began and water tanks. lifting the first 330-tonne steel piece into the air to form a bridge between two of the hotel towers. The process took With the eyes of nearly 24 hours to complete and was one of the highest the tourism and strand jacking operations ever completed in the world. construction worlds Since then, another 13 pieces of the SkyPark have been watching and billions of dollars hoisted atop the buildings. The result is a significantly on the line, it was imperative that proven changed skyline for Singapore. solutions be found.
  9. 9. Luxury Living Test Your Knowledge A. The most expensive hotel room in the world can be found at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. The Royal Penthouse Suite per night costs (in US dollars): 1. $35,900 2. $37,200 3. $43,200 4. $61,100 B. The two-bedroom, US$35,300 per night Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the Palms Resort in Las Vegas, USA spans: 1. 4,000 square feet 2. 9,000 square feet 3. 12,000 square feet 4. 25,000 square feet C. The hotel that boasts in its marketing materials that it offers “one of the most famous suites in the world” is:The project’s architects, engineers and contractors considered various 1. The Ritz Carlton, New York, USAwaterproofing options – from densifiers to pore-blockers to crystalline formulas 2. Hotel Cala di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy– to protect the structure. In the end, they selected Kryton’s Krystol Internal 3. Hotel Regina Paris, Paris, FranceMembrane™ (KIM®) as the best choice. The waterproofing project was awarded 4. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAEto Lee Construction Pte. Ltd., the exclusive Kryton distributor for Singapore, in D. The hotel that offers a suite with a New ZealandAugust 2007. wool carpet made with twice the average number of tufts and 22-carat gold threats is called:Kryton’s team knew what they were up against. The construction timeline 1. Hotel Orfila, Madrid, Spainwas very tight and the waterproofing system needed to be easy and quick to 2. The Dorchester, London, UK 3. Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Southapply. Delays to the timeline could lead to unacceptable financial and logistical Sinai, Egyptcomplications. With the project’s proximity to seawater, the waterproofing 4. Mondrian South Beach, Miami, USAsystem needed to withstand salt water, rain water and significant hydrostaticpressure – the deepest point in the project is 25 metres below grade. Finally, the E. The mastermind behind Beenie Babies, Tywaterproofing needed to endure for decades without failure. Warner, has a penthouse named after him charging more than US$23,800 per night at which Manhattan, New York, hotel:KIM’s integral crystalline waterproofing technology transforms porous concrete 1. 70 Park Avenue Hotel 2. Soho Grandinto a permanent, water-resistant barrier. If cracks later form, the incoming 3. Four Seasons 4. Bryant Park Hotelwater will react with KIM’s dormant chemicals and trigger further crystal growth F. The luxurious hotel that features a suite withthat will keep the structure watertight. It was just what the project team needed. bulletproof walls and windows, an armoured entrance, private elevators to an undergroundDue to the project’s size, the work was divided into “packages” and awarded to garage, an independent telecommunicationsnearly a dozen different contractors. Lee Construction oversaw the addition of centre and five BMW limos for bodyguardsKIM directly into ready-mix trucks at the batching plant, which streamlined the is called: 1. Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, USAprocess and helped to minimize logistical challenges. Because KIM could 2. Savoy Hotel, Moscow, Russiabe added directly to the trucks, on-site application errors were also avoided 3. The Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamasand the construction timeline was maintained. In all, about half a million 4. Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, Germanykilograms of KIM have been used on the project to transformmore than 60,000 cubic metres of concrete – base slabs,suspended slabs, walls, tunnels and water tanks – into OWNER Las Vegas Sands Corp.watertight barriers. DESIGN TEAM Moshe Safdie and Associates READY-MIX Island Concrete Pte Ltd. CONTRACTORS Penta Ocean, KTC, Sembawang,As the project nears completion, the skyline is already Ssangyong, KTC, Sato Kogyo,changing and worldwide buzz about the project is building. Lian Beng, Sambo and McConnell D. 2; E. 3; F. 4.There is no doubt that Marina Bay Sands will put Singapore APPLICATOR Lee Construction Pte Ltd. A. 3; B. 2; C. 2;on the map as one of the best places to visit in the world and Answers:will change the identity of the country forever. Krystol® Magazine
  10. 10. Waterproofing aLuxury Hospitalin SydneyW ords like “airy” and “elegant” are not often used todescribe hospitals but that is exactly what patients and The high-end Norwest Private Hospital needed avisitors experience when they visit Norwest Private Hospital superior quality product to answer its waterproofingin Sydney, Australia – a hospital designed to provide all the needs and looked to Kryton for assistance.bells and whistles of a modern hotel. The hospital caters toa high socio-economic demographic and the majority of its team decided to use Kryton International’s Krystol Internaladmissions are private patients. Aside from featuring wall-to- Membrane™ (KIM®). They chose KIM because it was morewall windows and contemporary décor, it also offers 171 beds, cost effective than conventional membranes, provided a10 operating theatres, almost 700 car bays and more than longer warranty term and simplified on-site application by8,000 square metres of strata suites. being delivered in dissolvable bags added directly to ready- mix trucks. Most importantly, KIM was proven to work.Sydney lies in a coastal basin and surrounds Sydney Harbour.It is prone to heavy rainfall and flash floods. The architectural A total of 3,200 cubic metres of KIM was used to waterprooffirm, Health Projects International Pty Ltd., recognized the car-park decks, water tanks, on-site substation, groundthe hospital needed not only to look appealing but to be slab, roof decks and all other exposed areas throughout theconsistently dry for health and safety. levels of the building.The architects specified a waterproofing admixture as a The Norwest Private Hospital opened its doors to patients,solution. After considering multiple factors, the development staff and visitors on September 7, 2009.Sunset GardensS unset Gardens is a Beirut-based project touted for itslavish and luxurious amenities, from Botoccino marble tiles tohardwood parquet décor. Residents – who paid a heftyUS$4 million for each suite – will be able to enjoy the pinnacleof elegant living in this 14-storey development overlookingthe Mediterranean when they move in at the end ofDecember 2010. Sunset Gardens is touted for its lavish amenities and multi-million dollar suites.The complex is built at sea level, with a huge gardenlocated over a suspended slab at the ground entrance level, schedule, and this is a major factor resulting in more efficientsurrounding a circular pool. Waterproofing the concrete concrete work.”below grade, as well as the ground entrance, pool, gardenslab, water reservoir and patio, was essential and demanding. Kryton’s exclusive distributor in Lebanon, T.A. Group S.A.R.L.,Hani Haddad, the developer and owner of AH Construction waterproofed the project. They supplied and supervisedand Development, chose to use Kryton International’s integral the use of Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®), acrystalline waterproofing system because he had used it waterproofing admixture that is added directly to concretebefore and knew it worked. batches. T.A. Group also used the Krystol Waterstop System to seal the joints of existing concrete.“Having tried Kryton in waterproofing different parts of threedifferent projects before this one, I have to say that I felt quite The developer couldn’t have been more pleased with thecomfortable using it in this project,” says Haddad. “What I like outcome and has confidence the project will open on time,most about it is that it does not interfere with my construction with all elements dry – luxuriously dry.0
  11. 11. KMA TM Building Water Protection Right into Your Mortar Key Benefits Provides water resistance without requiring a surface applied sealer Reduces overall cost Kryton is introducing Improves resistance to cracking the new and improved Improves adhesion Krystol Mortar Admixture Improves durability into the marketplace.Construction methods in Southeast Asia, China, the MiddleEast, Southern Europe and Latin America still depend largelyon brick-based construction. Bricks can be manufacturedlocally and are a fairly low-technology solution to housingshortages and low-rise construction needs in these areas.But the finished buildings depend on surface-applied sealersfor waterproofing, as the bricks and mortar are porous. Krystol technology. Like other Krystol products, when addedMasonry mortar that’s not waterproofed against high to mortar mixes KMA reacts to form long, needle-like crystalshumidity and rain allows for leaks and seeping. Rendering that block the capillary pores and micro-cracks within themortar that’s not waterproofed allows for water damage to mortar, effectively blocking water passage. Not only doesthe substrate, mold growth and discolouration of the building. KMA reduce mortar’s permeability, should any cracks form in the mortar later, KMA reactivates in the presence of water toAlthough they’re often used, sealers are not a permanent re-seal the concrete.solution – chipping and flaking as buildings age. Kryton’sintroduction of Krystol Mortar Admixture (KMA)TM into the In development in Kryton’s labs, KMA has been improved toconstruction marketplace answers the need for a different ensure increased bonding with the building exterior whensolution. KMA offers builders a huge opportunity to reduce added to rendering mortars. KMA’s proprietary formula hascracking, reduce shrinkage and improve water resistance – all also been enhanced to decrease the amount of water in thewith one product. mortar, leading to fewer cracks in the finished product.KMA is a dry crystalline powder added to mortar during “We’ve tested and refined our admixture specificallymixing. It is used as both a masonry mortar and a rendering to address issues that our customers around the worldon the outside of buildings or for interior wet rooms like identified,” explains Kevin Yuers, Kryton’s vice president.kitchens and bathrooms. It is based on Kryton’s trusted “They wanted better adhesion, reduced cracking and increased water resistance – we’ve given them the best product to meet their needs.” KMA can be used with an existing mortar mix design and applied in the usual fashion. It’s easy to add KMA to the ongoing construction activity and get superior results. Ask your Kryton distributor for full details on this new and improved product. Krystol® Magazine
  12. 12. Waterproofing Tunnels This was no small job. The surface area on the leaking tunnelsin Sichuan, China was more than 125,000 square metres (1.3 million ft2). In addition, the repair location was remote, in the middle of a province known as among the most inaccessible in all of China.A mid the worldwide economic slowdown, the Chineseeconomy has been booming, thanks in large part to the Kryton International learned of the repair challenge and submitted a proposal to the China Highway Authority. Kryton’s team recommended using the Krystol T1 and T2government’s US$585 billion stimulus package. The People’s surface applied crystalline slurry coat system to repair theRepublic of China has poured billions of dollars into damaged concrete. The leaking tunnels had been builtimproving its infrastructure, spending a significant chunk of with cast-in-place concrete and a surface repair was thegovernment funds on transportation – express roadways, only solution.airport construction and improvements and high-speedrailways with target speeds of 320 kilometres an hour. Krystol T1 and T2 is a two-step, surface-applied integral system that prevents water intrusion and repairs cracksWith China’s transportation network being a key factor driving while maintaining the existing concrete structure. Krystol T1its economy, it is no surprise that much of the investment contains a high concentration of crystalline chemicals andover the past couple of years has gone into developing and is the first coat of the system, sealing the concrete againstimproving the country’s extensive highway system. China has permeating water. Krystol T2 provides a second dose ofspent more on its roads crystalline chemicals and protects and fortifies the initialsince 2001 than it has application of T1 as theover the previous 50-year Soil and rock conditions, combined with heavy seasonal rainfall, treatments penetrate theperiod. In the next 10 led to water leaks in multiple tunnels that were built in China’s concrete. The systemyears, it is predicted that Sichuan province. works together andthe number of miles waterproofs the existingof developed roads in structure from the inside.China will overtake that Kryton’s proprietaryin the United States. chemical formula causesConstruction has been millions of needle-likefast and not always with crystals to form whenthe best results. combined with water. Over time the crystalsIn 2006, as part of grow and fill naturallya project to create a occurring pores and voidshighway network that in concrete, along withwould connect all of the cracks from damage,China’s 31 provinces, to provide permanentthe government focused waterproof protection.its attention on a Once it’s applied, itsuperhighway project takes 28 days for mostin Sichuan province, in of the active crystallinesouthwest China. The chemicals to migrate intonew expressway was to span more than 180 kilometres and the heart of the concrete, creating a permanent water along the Yangtze River, connecting two major cities: At that time, the surface-applied slurry can be completelyChengdu, Sichuan’s capital city, and Leshan. The project removed from the face of the concrete, without any effect oninvolved building five pairs of tunnels in a mountainous its waterproofing abilities.region of the province. Although the tunnels were completedin early 2007, the soil and rock conditions, combined with Many of the crystalline chemicals sit dormant in concreteheavy seasonal rainfall, quickly led to concrete cracking and until the presence of water reactivates them. If water re-enterssubsequent water leaks. Only a few short months after they the concrete through cracks due to shrinkage, settling orwere built, the tunnels needed to be repaired. seismic activity, the presence of water prompts the crystals to grow again, re-sealing and waterproofing the concrete.
  13. 13. Kryton’s team used Krystol T1 and T2, a two-step, surface-applied system, to prevent water intrusion and repair cracks in the tunnel walls.This unique ability to self-seal against moisture makes from the wall surfaces by using a high pressure washer andcrystalline technology a permanent waterproofing solution additional water was applied to thoroughly saturate thethat becomes more effective over time and reduces long-term surface. Kryton’s crack repair system was also used to fix largerepair and maintenance costs. static structural cracks.About 250 tonnes of Kryton’s products were made in Scaffolding soaring six metres high was erected in the tunnelsVancouver, Canada, and shipped to China in the summer of to help the workers effectively apply the slurry. Once the2007. When they arrived in port, the products were delivered surfaces were prepared, the project team began applying theinland by truck and then transferred onto smaller flatbed Krystol T1 and T2 slurry coating. In total, the crews used 250trucks to navigate the roads to the tonnes of T1 and T2 to waterproofjobsite in the mountains. the tunnel walls. Another two tonnes of Kryton’s crack repairThe remote work location required system was applied to fix theextensive planning. Contractors 1,200 metres of cracked andneeded to be able to live onsite leaking concrete.for a long period of time. Kryton’sdistributor in Chengdu, Chengdu Only 18 weeks after shipping theKaidan Underground Works Ltd., products to China, the project wasassembled a crew of workers who Efflorescence and contaminants were leaching through finished. It was an ambitious andwould live at the remote location the concrete tunnel walls causing deterioration and aggressive timeline for a projectfor at least 12 weeks. All the spalling before Kryton was brought on to help. this scope and size. The Chinaworkers completed preliminary Highway Authority gave its stamptraining in Chengdu as well as in-depth, hands-on training at of approval on the project completion in late 2007.the jobsite with Kryton staff. It was essential that the workerscould be prepared to handle any challenges. They learned On May 12, 2008, less than a year later, a massive earthquakehow to store and mix materials for the best performance struck Sichuan, killing 90,000 people and injuring 375,000. Itand were taught application techniques, curing methods and was one of the deadliest earthquakes in world history. Thebest practices. earthquake left more than five million people homeless and destroyed entire communities. Despite the devastation allBefore any work could begin, the surfaces in the tunnels around the region, the newly waterproofed tunnels were notneeded to be carefully prepared to ensure the best adhesion affected. Today, they continue to provide dry and safe passageof the slurry. Dust and other loose particles were removed for everyone who travels China’s southwest superhighway. Krystol® Magazine
  14. 14. Kryton in CanadaI n spite of a tough economic ride over thelast couple years, Canada’s constructionindustry still employs an estimated 1.2million Canadians. Of that, 27,000 producecement, concrete and concrete constructionmaterials. In addition, according to theCement Association of Canada, cement andconcrete sales in 2008 contributed $3.2 billionto Canada’s gross domestic product.Canada continues to build innovativebuildings and infrastructure from coast tocoast. With almost four decades of answeringCanadian’s concrete waterproofing needs,Kryton has been part of the country’sinnovation and success.The Jameson House, Vancouver, British ColumbiaThe Jameson House is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. A partof the designated heritage district along Hastings Street, the developmentinvolves preserving two 1920s-era buildings as well as constructing anew 37-storey, $180-million tower. Kryton was brought on board in 2008to waterproof all above-grade exposed concrete surfaces. Using KrystolInternal Membrane™ (KIM®) admixture instead of a traditional externalsealer gave the development team the multiple benefits of using anintegral crystalline waterproofing system, including keeping the naturalarchitectural concrete finish and providing permanent long term protection.In all, 15,000 kilograms of KIM were used to waterproof The JamesonHouse. The project is expected to be complete in late 2010. South Health Campus, Calgary, Alberta Touted as the “future of health care,” the South Health Campus is currently under development in Calgary. Kryton began working on the 155,000 square metre facility in 2008. The development team needed a reliable waterproofing system for the shotcrete water tanks that were designed to catch rain water and feed irrigation systems spread across the 44-acre property. A number of suspended slabs also needed guaranteed waterproofing to protect electrical systems and insulation that were being installed underneath the slabs. The team turned to Kryton as a cost effective and reliable solution that is also compatible with shotcrete application. Approximately 6,000 kilograms of Kryton’s KIM were used on the water tanks while the company’s Krystol Waterstop System was used on the tank joints. Another 9,000 kilograms of Kryton’s Krystol Broadcast – a crystalline concrete waterproofing application with a dye that assists with uniform distribution – were used on the suspended slabs. The first phase of construction is expected to be complete in 2011.
  15. 15. Sherbourne Park Water Feature, Toronto, OntarioCovering almost four acres, Sherbourne Park was designed to be an iconic feature for Toronto.It is located in the centre of East Bayfront, a unique 55-acre neighbourhood, and features aone-and-a-half kilometre water’s edge promenade. Kryton was selected as the waterproofingsupplier for the project based on the durability and long-term reliability of its flagship product,KIM. The water feature will be filled with water year round. In the chilly winter months, thewater will turn into ice, and, as a result, the structure will face freeze-thaw cycles. More than12,000 kilograms of KIM were used to waterproof the project and it quickly became the mosthigh profile project Kryton ever completed in Toronto. Edmonton International Airport Tunnels and Water Cisterns, Edmonton, Alberta Edmonton International Airport is expecting annual passenger traffic to grow from six to nine million by 2012. When the airport’s management company decided to embark on a massive, $1.1 billion airport expansion project to accommodate that increased traffic, they faced strict deadlines to minimize disruption to service and passenger flow. Kryton was selected to waterproof airport tunnels and water cisterns because of its products’ effectiveness, cost savings and ability to be integrated into the concrete mix off- site. More than five tonnes of KIM have been used to date to waterproof the concrete. The project also called for the use of Kryton’s Krystol Waterstop System to protect joints in the tunnel and cistern walls.Beaumont Water Reservoir, Nisku, AlbertaWater reservoirs hold water that may eventually flow to taps in your home. So it’s crucial thatthe water is safe and protected from leaching contaminants. The concrete that surrounds thereservoirs must be reliably and effectively waterproofed. In 2009, Kryton’s products were usedto waterproof the Beaumont Water Reservoir in a small community called Nisku, Alberta. Theproject required a guaranteed defence against water contaminant and leakage. More than fivepallets of the surface-applied Krystol T1 and T2 were used on the reservoir.Kryton Distributors in CanadaKryton has distributors throughout Canada. Contact any of these distributors to find out more about how Kryton’s waterproofing products can save time and money.Check out to see other areas where Kryton distributors are changing concrete construction for the better, including America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.Calgary, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Medicine Hat, Alberta Burnaby, British Columbia Quebec, QuebecCascade Aqua-Tech Ltd. Northland Construction Supplies Construction Supply Ltd. Fairwind Construction Products Ltd. Specmont, Inc.Contact: Kevin Skogstad Contact: Bob Millard Contact: Alan Rose Contact: Jack Nicholson Contact: Michel GuevremontTel: (403) 571-4080 Tel: (780) 452-3481 Tel: (403) 526-6027 Tel: (604) 513-9944 Tel: (450) 449-2545Fax: (403) 571-4084 Fax: (780) 451-0966 Email: Fax: (604) 513-3660 Fax: (450) 449-0322Email: Email: bmillard@ Email: Email: Red Deer, AlbertaCalgary, Alberta Northland Construction Supplies Kelowna, British Columbia Saskatoon, SaskatchewanNorthland Construction Supplies Fort McMurray, Alberta Contact: Bill MacDonald Cascade Aqua-Tech Ltd. Brock White Canada Inc.Contact: Jeff Hutt Northland Construction Supplies Tel: (403) 342-1555 Contact: Steve Dmytry Contact: Brian StumborgTel: (403) 531-0050 Contact: Mark Schoonbaert Fax: (403) 342-1549 Tel: (250) 868-1331 Tel: (306) 931-9255Fax: (403) 531-0053 Tel: (780) 790-1804 Email: wbouchon@ Fax: (250) 869-1332 Fax: (306) 242-7113Email: trobertson@ Fax: (780) 790-1806 Email: Email: Email: mschoonbaert@ Burnaby, British Columbia Victoria, British ColumbiaEdmonton, Alberta Cascade Aqua-Tech Ltd. Cascade Aqua-Tech Ltd.Cascade Aqua-Tech Ltd. Lethbridge, Alberta (Headquarters) Contact: Andy Smith AUTHORIZEDContact: Kevin SkogstadTel: (780) 453-6682 Construction Supply Ltd. Contact: Stuart Ferguson Contact: Albert Nomura Tel: (604) 291-6101 Tel: (250) 381-3623 Fax: (250) 381-4085 DISTRIBUTORFax: (780) 451-9170 Tel: (403) 327-2700 Fax: (604) 291-7202 Email: asmith@cascadeaqua.comEmail: Fax: (403) 327-2151 Email: Email: Krystol® Magazine
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