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Krystol Magazine 16.2


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Krystol Magazine 16.2

  1. 1. KRYSTOL ® Volume 16 | Issue 2 THE CONCRETE WATERPROOFING MAGAZINE Award Winning Dunedin Mews: redefining spaces in london FIVE Reasons why Concrete is better than Steel 40 TH Anniversary Special • Spotlight on Construction in Digital Version India
  2. 2. DID YOU JUST MAKE YOUR LIFE HARDER WITH THE WRONG WATERPROOFING SOLUTION? ONLY KRYTON PROTECTS CONCRETE PERMANENTLY AND MAKES YOUR JOB EASIER. The wrong waterproofing solution will cost you time and money. Productivity decreases. Headaches increase. Deadlines are missed. Kryton’s self-sealing technology keeps concrete watertight for the lifetime of the structure. Our comprehensive system shaves weeks off schedules, cuts waterproofing costs by up to 40%, and simplifies your life. Take the Risk out of Concrete Waterproofing. 1.800.267.8280
  3. 3. contents volume 16 | Issue 2 6 4 five Reasons that Concrete is Better than Steel 6 Ask an expert How do you measure the durability of concrete? 7 chairman’s COLUMN krystol® volume 16 | issue 2 8 cover story Award Winning Dunedin Mews Redefining Spaces in London 10 kryton news Celebrating 40 Years! 11 Marketing in an interconnected, cross referenced and socialized world 12 Standing the Test of Time 14 Regional Spotlight Kryton in India Editor: Jillian Turner Art Director: Yvonne Lee Contributors: Ali Biparva Jeff Bowman Anandita Kakkar Rolf Skala Racy Sidhu Jillian Turner Ron Yuers Kevin Yuers Krystol® Magazine is printed by Kryton International Inc. 1645 East Kent Avenue Vancouver, BC, V5P 2S8, Canada For information about this publication, email or call 1.800.267.8280 or +1.604.324.8280 Copyright ©2013 Kryton International Inc. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Five Reasons that Concrete is Better than Steel In Kryton’s home city of Vancouver, it is not uncommon to see concrete trucks go by with a short saying displayed on their mud flaps that I like very much. It says “Concrete is Best”. Now clearly the owner of that truck has a personal and professional bias, as anyone would expect. But is the statement true? Is concrete really best? In the construction world, reinforced concrete competes with structural steel – especially in building construction. Here are five reasons why you might consider using concrete instead of steel in your project: 1 2 Speed/Cost sustainability The manufacturing of cement has a reputation for producing a high amount of greenhouse gases. But we must remember that cement is only a small component of concrete. Concrete is mostly sand and rock and these materials are not only natural and abundant, they are usually found very close to where the concrete is made. Steel production contributes its own level of greenhouse gases and steel is often transported over large distances; using fuel and creating exhaust. Using local materials is much greener. Concrete also has the advantage of being a considerable thermal mass. Concrete can absorb, hold and release heat very slowly. This property can help to control temperature fluctuations between day and night thus reducing energy use for heating or cooling in concrete structures. The cost of steel will vary greatly depending on your location. In some parts of the world, all of the steel must be imported. Concrete is always manufactured locally with at most only a small portion needing to be brought it. Of course, in a city that makes steel, they will likely have an edge. But for the most part, the material cost of concrete and steel construction is roughly the same. Where concrete has an advantage is with speed. Concrete construction projects can begin immediately – with little or no lead time required. Steel construction requires considerable lead time while the steel components are being manufactured. This gives concrete projects a big head start. And once they are going, concrete projects can go up fast. It is not uncommon for concrete buildings to add a floor every two days. This rate of construction is not typical of steel projects. Speed equals less time and time is money. And finally, concrete can claim to be the most sustainable building material simply because of its demonstrated long life. There are many concrete structures in the world today that were built centuries ago. Concrete has stood the test of time. What could be more sustainable than that? 4
  5. 5. 3 design 5 SAFETY It is common for designers to choose concrete for residential construction, but prefer steel for commercial projects where long, clear spans of floor space are desired. But concrete is not at a disadvantage here. Pre or post-tensioned concrete can easily span just as far as steel. In fact, concrete floor sections are normally much thinner than steel floors. This is because steel floors are typically “framed” with joists sitting on beams sitting on girders. A steel floor cross section can easily be twice as thick as a concrete slab. Using concrete instead of steel might allow a designer to place additional floors in a tower of the same height. The greatest danger to any building is fire. Concrete is naturally fire resistant. It will not burn and it will not melt. Concrete structures are able to withstand many hours of extreme temperatures caused by a building fire without losing its strength. Structural steel members can be insulated and protected in other ways, but will typically lose its rigidity and load carrying ability much sooner than concrete. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain Another design advantage is, of course, concrete’s unique ability to be cast into any shape you choose. The possibilities are endless. 4 comfort Steel is flexible. And while flexibility may sound good, it is not always desirable. Earlier we talked about how both steel and concrete can be used for long spans. But concrete’s rigidity has an advantage over steel because this rigidity makes concrete better able to avoid any springiness or bounce that can be experienced with some long-spanning steel floors. Tall buildings are especially prone to sway caused by wind. A flexible steel skeleton will sway more than a rigid one. Badly swaying tall buildings can actually give their occupants motion sickness. For this reason, even steel buildings of any height will incorporate a concrete core to provide stiffness. Concrete also provides superior sound insulation. Steel, on the other hand, is a great conductor of sound and steps must be taken to add sound proofing to steel structures. Kevin Yuers Vice-President of Product Development krystol® volume 16 | issue 2 In regions that are prone to earthquakes, it was previously believed that steel structures would perform better than concrete structures because steel structures are ductile and concrete structures are rigid. But investigations following the 1994 earthquake in Northridge, California conducted by FEMA and UC Berkeley discovered surprising results. Steel moment-frame constructed buildings exhibited serious damage and generally fared no better than reinforced concrete structures. These findings were repeated in investigations after an earthquake in Kobe, Japan the following year. Since there is not much difference in performance and considering that earthquakes often result in catastrophic fires in their aftermath, it seems that concrete is still best for construction in earthquake zones. Another safety consideration on some designers’ minds these days is blast resistance. Some structures are potential targets for terrorist attacks and the designer may wish to strengthen or “harden” the structure against attack. While both concrete and steel structures can provide similar performance against blasts, concrete structures can more easily and economically be hardened by simply casting the concrete thicker. Kryton’s business is built around customers who need concrete waterproofing so we naturally favor concrete. However, even steel buildings employ a solid concrete foundation so we are not biased against steel. The choice is yours. 5
  6. 6. Ask an Expert Q Don’t let How do you measure the durability of concrete? Concrete is a durable material. The durability of concrete is defined by the ability of concrete to resist weathering action, and chemical attack while maintaining its desired, engineering properties. However, due to the use of inappropriate materials, poor construction practicing, improper curing, and improper mix designs, many structures show premature and serious deterioration. Premature deterioration is a global problem that costs billions of dollars annually. To have a durable structure many factors should be combined, including a proper mix design. But what is the best way to quantify the durability of a mix? Nobody doubts that for having a durable structure, permeation of water into the concrete should be reduced. How should permeation be measured? Overall, tests such as water absorption, surface absorption, water permeability, or chloride permeability is commonly specified. Which test is more relevant? 6 Water absorption (such as BS1881 part 122) is an absorption test that measure water absorption of the sample by capillary suction. These tests are more relevant for an application in which concrete is exposed to low or no hydrostatic pressure. Permeability test (BS12390 / DIN1048 - Part 5): This is the true permeability that evaluates the resistance of concrete against the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure. This test should be considered as a predominate test to evaluate the case in which concrete is subject to hydrostatic pressure. Chloride permeability test (ASTM 1202- RCP): It is the standard test method for Electrical Indication of concrete’s ability to resist Chloride Ion penetration. As per ASTM, this test method is suitable for the evaluation of materials and material proportions for design purposes, and research and development. However, it has incorrectly become one of the tests that is used to evaluate the durability of concrete. this happ en to you ! In addition to the permeability, the tendency of concrete to crack plays a big role in order to have a durable mix, but this property is usually ignored. Overall, concrete can be exposed to many different environments, so a variety of different test methods are needed to evaluate the durability of concrete. Alireza Biparva Research & Development Manager / Concrete Specialist
  7. 7. chairman’s COLUMN Entrepreneurs Vision Remains Krystol Clear after 40 Years As my wife Jeanette and I reflect back on the past 40 years we are very pleased with all that Kryton has accomplished. I wanted to create a product that actually worked without sacrificing quality or performance, and now here we are 40 years later solving the world’s toughest concrete waterproofing challenges through our global distribution network. While working in Vancouver in my concrete waterproofing contracting company, I quickly became frustrated with the poor quality of the products available in the market. I began thinking about improvements and resolved to develop a product that reacted internally and remained permanent instead of the conventional ‘surface materials’ that were available in the market. From there we developed and began to use Krystol products for our own use but soon realized the demand in the market and formed Kryton International Inc. to sell the Krystol line of products to the global market. In the late seventies and early eighties I krystol® volume 16 | issue 2 began experimenting with adding Krystol to the concrete mix and developed what we know today as Krystol Internal Membrane or KIM the very first crystalline waterproofing admixture. By the early 90s our business was growing with projects and customers all over the world. At this time my daughter Kari joined the company. Kari led the charge on KIM and was integral in helping to define the crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture category through her work with specifiers and the American Concrete Institute. My son Kevin joined shortly after Kari, and we expanded our Krystol line of products to provide solutions for jointing, mortar and concrete restoration. Over the past 40 years I never diverted my thought patterns. If you’re going to succeed in anything and excel, you have to have a plan. You need to have a goal and know how to get there. Money is not the goal. It’s the reward. The goal is what you are trying to achieve. I had every intention of making Kryton and the product Krystol the most used material of its kind in the world - simply because it was and still is a product that has always worked for my customers the way it was meant to work. RON YUERS Founder & Chairman KRYTON FACTS 40 years in business Distributors in 44 countries 100 percent effective waterproofing 7
  8. 8. Green spaces for each unit. Modern kitchen design. Award Winning Dunedin Mews Redefining Spaces in London 8
  9. 9. Cover Story I n what was once a former brownfield site in the Streatham Hill area of London now sits an innovative, low carbon development which has revitalized the neighborhood. Formally a backstreet garage, the site now houses three leading-edge, urban homes including a penthouse and two duplex apartments each featuring a green roof, their own private entrances and parking. The lot features a landscaped shared amenity space plus each home includes their own private outdoor spaces. The KIM admixture was added to the concrete used for the raft foundation slab, because of the slab’s irregular shape, reduced site height and design it would have been incredibly complex and expensive to achieve a watertight slab using traditional membranes. KIM-treated concrete was also used in the first story of Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) walls to create a waterproof solution for the walls on one side of the building which are below ground. By using KIM there was no need for additional waterproofing or membranes and no additional labor costs. ICF construction was chosen for Dunedin Mews as ICF constructed buildings are more energy efficient and longer lasting. The use of ICF and the technology has been noted as a Modern Method of Construction by the Building Research Establishment, English Partnerships and Communities England. Former brownfield wasteland re-energises an entire community. Brownfield sites can have a negative effect on surrounding property values and a neighborhood’s entire image. When developer Leathwaite who specializes in sustainable construction services, took on this project they wanted to not only replace the brownfield site but also improve the entire community by using the most advanced construction methods and sustainable building practices for minimal impact to the environment. One of Lethwaite’s chosen construction materials was Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete waterproofing admixture. KIM extends the life of concrete structures, enables the future recycling of concrete and also reduces jobsite waste making KIM an ideal partner for Leathwaite’s award-winning and sustainable Dunedin Mews residential development. krystol® volume 16 | issue 2 The once bleak site is now a sustainable, chic, modern, urban living space and has improved the community. The project was awarded ‘Best Small Development’ at this year’s annual London Evening Standard New Homes Award where judges praised the development for its sustainability, ‘bold contemporary architecture’ and ‘innovative construction methods’. In addition to the prestigious award from the London Evening Standard Dunedin: Achieved compliance with Considerate Constructors Scheme, a voluntary Site and Company Code of Considerate Practice for Construction Companies which requires being considerate and good neighbors as well as clean, respectful, safe, environmentally conscious, responsible and accountable. Was certified as achieving Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The Code for Sustainable homes is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes based on the BRE Global’s Eco Homes scheme. It is a UK Government owned national standard to encourage continuous improvement in sustainable home building. 9
  10. 10. kryton news Kryton’s 40th Anniversary is just the start! By maintaining close relationships with distributors and customers worldwide, Kryton demonstrates its commitment to defining the future of concrete waterproofing. Friday, September 13th brought over 200 friends and customers to our Vancouver office. Together with music, food and drinks, guests got to experience our products up close with tours of our dedicated waterproofing labs and offices. Kryton’s CEO, Kari Yuers, was honored to be presented with an award from the office of Ms. Wai Young, Member of Parliament for Vancouver South commemorating the milestone anniversary. Also in attendance was Canadian Deputy Minister of Western Economic Diversification, Daphne Meredith who kindly congratulated Kryton on our 40 years of success. She added “It was a lovely celebration – so classy, such great spirit and pride in all those attending. I was so pleased to have been invited.” If you are going to be in Vancouver, we’d love to have you visit us, please contact us at +1.604.324.8280 or to arrange a suitable time and date. We are pleased to announce the winner of our Keeping it Reel content is Steve Williamson from Cypress Mountain. Steve has won a brand new Apple iPad fully loaded with all the Kryton literature for his video submission “Cypress Mountain Reservoir”. Thank-you to everyone who participated! Check out all the submissions at 10
  11. 11. Marketing in an interconnected, cross referenced and socialized world Being ‘visible’ to prospects that are searching for solutions, insights and recommendations (in order to make a buying decision) requires a much broader Internet presence than a single website. The following is a list of some of the basic areas that we explored in order to expand our visibility and become more “findable” on the Internet. Website: The website is a cornerstone of your communications strategy. Make it easy for prospects to find information. ( Google/Search Terms: Identify all your search terms and ensure that these are integrated within your website content. Review the rankings regularly. YouTube/Video: Humans are visual beasts, period. With the explosion of broadband, video is simply going to get bigger and bigger…. You can create videos that explain your service, product or customer benefit… at Kryton we’ve utilized video for years but recently we’ve refocused on creating videos like Keeping it Reel and our Stickmen to engage with customers much earlier in the sales process. Simplified messages are more memorable and they encourage the inquisitive prospect to find more detailed information on the website. krystol® volume 16 | issue 2 LinkedIn: Effective networking is the key to success. LinkedIn provides a platform that allows you to network, and every person in your enterprise should have a fully complete LinkedIn profile. Twitter: Short, fast and instantaneous updates from trusted sources. You can become such a trusted source with relevant audience specific information. Moreover, search engines also index tweets in real time. Tweets will help increase your Internet presence. Facebook: A well-designed Facebook page will help to increase your profile on the web. Facebook is evolving but a first step is to simply have presence and then decide on what content information is held on that format. At Kryton our strategy is to focus more on general news and the social aspects eg. from charity work to mentioning product information when linked to projects to attending trade shows and association events. Blogs: This is the arena for more technical and product specific information. It functions as both a central content library and a forum to interact with our customers more intimately. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be… the web is evolving constantly with revised algorithms making some platforms and services obsolete overnight and others come to the fore. We’re living in a new reality that is in more flux than ever. Therefore don’t worry about being perfect just start and do stuff… Start by making a list of what is the most important for your enterprise and your customers and simply begin the process. It’s more important to start than to worry about making everything perfect as it won’t be. Some items won’t work well but others will. The point is to learn and keep moving forward. Keep in mind that mastering your Internet presence is not a project that you complete; it’s an integrated process that you need to build into your ‘conventional’ marketing, sales, and customer service strategy. The web is now at the very heart of your business and how we communicate… Rolf Skala Director of Marketing 11
  12. 12. Standing the Test of time Report proves KIM is effective at preventing corrosion long-term under real-world conditions K ryton K IM Com pet itor A considerable amount of time, money and effort is spent trying to make concrete durable. In particular, testing the ability of concrete to protect the reinforcing steel from corrosion is paramount. Corroding reinforcement can cause significant damage to infrastructure, leading to millions of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Perform an internet search for the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, Canada to see what I mean. Unfortunately, it is difficult to design laboratory tests that adequately reflect the mechanisms that cause corrosion to occur in the real world. Many products will perform well during short term laboratory tests, only to perform poorly over the long term in the real world. While lab tests provide useful information and guidance, the ultimate proof of durability is long term field exposure. Visual observations of panels with Kryton’s KIM and a crystalline competitor. (Courtesy of University of Hawaii) 12 The University of Hawaii recently released the results of a 10 year study on the corrosion of reinforced concrete exposed to a marine environment. Concrete panels were placed in the tidal zone of Honolulu harbor, which is a highly corrosive environment due to chlorides in the ocean water, as well as constant weather fluctuations.
  13. 13. Corrosion can be prevented in concrete in two primary ways. If the permeability of the concrete is very low, the penetration of water and chlorides will be minimized, preventing corrosive conditions from developing. Alternatively, the concrete can be treated with corrosion inhibitors that act to chemically inhibit corrosion at the surface of the steel once corrosive conditions develop. For real projects both methods can be used, but for research purposes only one additive was used in each test mix. The Hawaii program used a good quality control concrete (water-cement ratio of 0.40) that would be considered durable. Even so, the control (plain concrete) showed corrosion induced cracking and rust residue after 10 years. The other materials evaluated included two supplemental cementitious materials (fly ash and silica fume) as well and four corrosion inhibitors and three permeability reducing admixtures, including Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM). As would be expected, using fly ash in the concrete mix showed good performance. Using fly ash as a replacement for a portion of the cement can improve performance and reduce cost, so fly ash is common in modern concrete mixes. Silica fume also showed good results, although poor dispersion of the silica fume particles compromised the performance of at least one panel, which highlights the challenges that can come with using silica fume. Kryton’s KIM outperforms all other concrete waterproofing admixtures including: BASF Rheocrete 222+, Sika FerroGard 901 and Xypex Admix C-2000. Calcium Nitrite, a common corrosion inhibitor, was found to be effective if used at a dose of 20 L/m3, however it did not provide reliable protection if used at only 10 L/m3. This confirms that calcium nitrite requires a threshold dose to be effective. In the severe marine environment, only the higher dose provided corrosion protection. Placing th e concre te panels krystol® volume 16 | issue 2 Hawaii’s harbor. At the conclusion of the study, the report published in 2012 made the following recommendations for minimizing corrosion: 1. Use a water to cementitious material ratio as low as possible, but not greater than 0.40. 2. Include fly ash with at least 15% replacement of cement, or silica fume with at least 5% replacement of cement. Mixing must ensure that the fly ash and silica fume, in particular, are well distributed throughout the concrete. 3. Include a calcium nitrite admixture at minimum dosages of 20 L/m3. 4. As added protection, consider including Kryton KIM at 2% by weight of cement. Other admixtures, including a latex modifier, organic corrosion inhibitors and a competitive crystalline admixture showed inconsistent to poor results, indicating that these materials did not provide effective corrosion protection. Concrete containing Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) performed very well during the exposure period, and showed low half cell readings (indicating a low probability of corrosion) and no visible signs of corrosion after 10 years. This result proves the effectiveness of KIM’s long term crystalline reactivity at protecting concrete from water and chlorides under real world conditions. While KIM is established as a waterproofing admixture, the results from Hawaii clearly demonstrate the relationship between low permeability and corrosion resistance. in the inte rtidal zon e of Jeff Bowman Technical Manager, R&D Reference: Ropert, J. and Robertson, I.N., 2012, “Performance of Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures in Hawaiian Concrete in a Marine Environment,” Research Report UHM/CEE/12-04, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI. 13
  14. 14. regional spotlight Kryton in india Following the global economic slow-down the construction industry in India has also dropped from a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10% to a CAGR of 4.5% over the past four years. This slowdown has led the construction industry to look for new technologies that save labor, money and reduce the time spent in construction. World of Concrete are entering India recognizing the potential of the growing construction market. Kryton with its local manufacturing unit, geographical footprint and the proven ability to deliver high quality products and advice are well positioned to increase its market share. Large national builders and leading government bodies including Engineers India Limited, Central Public Works Department, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation are embracing crystallization waterproofing technology which provide them with lasting water tight structures that are economic and fast. These organizations / engineers are specifying these new smart technologies in their specifications. Kryton has had a presence in India since 1996 when Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. offices and manufacturing plant were opened outside New Delhi. Since then the India team has worked with the construction industry to educate the Indian market on crystalline concrete waterproofing technology. Kryton has worked with International brands such as Pepsico, Raddison, Emaar etc. and has waterproofed a host of infrastructure projects. India’s real estate developers are predicting a construction boom in India thanks to large infrastructure projects and internal demand due to shifting of population densities from rural to urban. Year 2013 – 2014 is being called a pivotal year for the economy to start ramping up with construction being a leading driver. Growth rates are being estimated between 5-6%. Industry exhibition major’s like Hanley Wood and In 2007 Kryton went through a rigorous assessment and was awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification, signifying Kryton products adhere to all applicable requirements and meet designated quality management systems and standards, including the coveted Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark signifying very high quality products and exceptional manufacturing standards. 14 Kryton products in India have been reviewed and tested by: Engineers India Limited NCB India Shriram Institute for Industrial Research Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Racy Sidhu CEO, Kryton India
  15. 15. Civil Services Apartments, New Delhi Bodhi Tower, Pune, Maharashtra The Bodhi Group is a legal process outsourcing firm with offices all over the world. Bodhi tasked Clover Realty with the design and build of their new tower in the plush Salisbury Park area of Pune. After construction Clover Realty encountered massive leaks in the second level basement of their prestigious project. Clover called on Kryton’s team to find a solution. The Civil Services Apartments are government funded project, located in the capital of the country. The prestigious project was executed by the National Building Construction Corporation Ltd. (NBCC). The project includes two high rise towers; one tower has a one-level basement and the other a two-level basement. Both tower basements, totaling 3600 sq. m (39,000 sq. ft.), were waterproofed with Kryton’s Krystol T1 Waterproofing System. The raft slab was waterproofed using a dry-shake method and the walls were coated using the brush-on method. The complete project was made watertight in 2011 and has been dry ever since. The project team was very happy with the Kryton products and this success has paved the way for future work with NBCC. During Kryton’s site visit they discovered that the traditional waterproofing methods used during construction had failed, leaving the site susceptible to leaks. Kryton proposed the Krystol T1 & T2 Waterproofing System to waterproof the new basement. A test of the T1 & T2 System was done on the area with the greatest leaks. The test was a success and Clover engaged Kryton’s local applicator to waterproof the entire second level basement. The basement is now dusty dry. Vottigedda Reservoir, Andhra Pradesh Optus Sarovar Premeire, Gurgaon The Optus Sarovar Premiere hotel is a business hotel located in the heart of the commercial district in Gurgaon. The property features 80 rooms and luxury amenities geared to the business traveler. The hotel also features a rooftop pool with a view, waterproofing of the rooftop pool sitting above the deluxe rooms, restaurants and other amenities was a major concern. The construction team used Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete waterproofing admixture to waterproof the rooftop pool. The project was a success and earned Kryton their second project with the Optus team on another hotel, this time located in Delhi. Shanta Sriram Tech Park, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Designed by Zaki & Taqui Associates, Shanta Sriram Tech Park is located in the The Vottigedda Reservoir is located 175 KM from the software hub - Gachibowli in Hyderabad. populous city of Vishakhapatnam. Over the years the Andhra The building uses the latest materials and is finished Pradesh Irrigation Department has used Kryton and Kryton to compliment the contemporary architectural style. Construction was products for repairs to the reservoir. When another round carried out by the in-house construction company, of Shanta Sriram Group. of repairs was needed on the reservoir Kryton was again selected based on the past success they have had with our The building sits adjacent to a running stream and the water table is quite high in products. the area, the construction team needed a waterproofing solution that could standup to the high hydrostatic pressure while also upholding the buildings green build The project was awarded during peak monsoon season standards. Kryton’s concrete waterproofing products were selected to waterproof once the water fell below the danger level, contractor the three-level basement of the building because they are proven to stand up to high Siddhardha Construction Pvt. was able to get into the hydrostatic pressure and they offer many green benefits including no VOCs. Kryton’s reservoir and address the repair work. Kryton’s Krystol Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) Concrete Waterproofing Admixture was added to Internal Membrane (KIM) and Krystol Bari-Cote (a fastthe concrete mix to waterproof the raft slab. Kryton’s Krystol Waterstop Joint System setting waterproof grout for leaking cracks, holes and joints) and Krystol T1 Surface-Applied system were used on the joints and retaining wall to were used to repair the reservoir. The reservoir is now leak- completely tank the three levels of basement. free and providing safe, valuable water to the region. By: Anandita Kakkar, DGM - Marketing & Advertising krystol® volume 16 | issue 2 15
  16. 16. DID YOU JUST SPEC THE END OF YOUR CAREER WITH THE WRONG WATERPROOFING? ONLY KRYTON SELF-SEALS HAIRLINE CRACKS AND KEEPS CONCRETE WATERTIGHT FOR THE LIFETIME OF YOUR STRUCTURE. As an engineer you need a comprehensive system that delivers superior waterproofing both today and tomorrow. Our crystalline technology has been tested and proven by independent labs and by decades of performance in the field. We’ve achieved industry certifications such as CE and NSF. And offer unmatched technical support 24/7. take the risk out of concrete waterpoofing. 1.800.267.8280