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Kryton's Krystol magazine 12-1 features 10 reasons to choose KIM admixture over waterproofing membrane systems, information about waterproofing concrete tank structures and also news from the American Concrete Institute, and how to build an Optimum Performance home.

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Krystol Magazine 12.1 -

  1. 1. Kryst l Magazine ® ® Leaders in Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Summer 2009 | Volume 12 | Issue 1Cover Photographer: Muneera Alobaidli Kryton in the Middle East 10 Reasons to Choose...KIM® Admixture over Waterproofing Membrane Systems Waterproofing Tanked Structures 3096602 PLUS: ACI Challenges Misconceptions Optimum Performance Home Krystol® Magazine
  2. 2. Make every yard count! Get KIM®-Certified Today! ® YOU WORK HARD FOR EVERY YARD Make each one count with the award winning KIM® admixture for waterproof concrete. Kryton introduced integral waterproofing admixture technology, was the first to provide it in mixer-ready bags and the only manufacturer to offer certified training in quality control and product sales. Get KIM®-Certified now and: Double your profit Tap into the multi-billion dollar waterproofing market Bid with confidence and support direct from the manufacturer Visit today! ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.
  3. 3. Contents Summer 2009 10 Reasons to Choose...KIM® Admixture over Waterproofing Membrane Systems ................................. 4 6 Commercial, Industrial and Residential Uses ................. 7 Optimum Performance Home .......................................... 8 What is NSF? .......................................................................10 A magnified view of Krystol® growth on a concrete surface ACI Challenges Misconceptions ....................................... 11 Krystol® Magazine is printed twice a year by The Kryton Group of Companies 1645 East Kent Avenue Vancouver, BC V5P 2S8 Waterproofing Tanked Structures ....................................12 Canada For information about this publication or about The Kryton Group of Companies, Kryton in the Middle East ................................................. 14 write to the above address, phone (604) 324-8280 or 1-800-267-8280, or email Copyright © 2009 Kryton International Inc. All rights reserved.8 Editors/Contributors Leo Connell Karen Ng Danielle Preston Sheila Calder Linda Munro Judith Walker Design/Production Yvonne Lee Lulu Zhou Cover Photo: Islamic Cultural Center Printed in Canada by Wayside Printers SW-COC-002234Optimum Performance Home Krystol® Magazine
  4. 4. 10 Reasons to Choose...KIM® AdmixtureoverWaterproofing Membrane Systems Crystalline waterproofing reacts with water and cement hydration by-productsC to grow water-blocking crystals oncrete is a porous material which has the ability to So, to protect your concrete structure and ensure it has aabsorb water and water-borne contaminants. Leaving the long, serviceable life, you have to waterproof it. Theconcrete exposed to the elements causes deterioration, and question is how?reduces the durability and lifetime of the structure. There are two main ways to classify waterproofing systems based on their application method: surface applied systems (i.e. coatings, sheet membranes, expanding clays) and integral systems (from within the concrete itself). Although advancements have been made in surface applied systems such as sheet membranes, the failures and limitations of these systems are still all too common and costly. It’s becoming clear to many leaders involved in the construction industry that waterproofing concrete from the inside out is the best choice. Commonly called integral systems, these are densifiers, water repellents and reactive/ crystalline products that are added to new concrete at the batching plant or on-site and react chemically within the concrete. Some integral systems simply increase the density of the concrete or increase its ability to repel water. These admixtures only “dampproof” the concrete, rather than waterproof it. But resisting liquid under hydrostatic pressure calls for a crystalline admixture made up of a distinctive blend of cementitious and proprietary chemicals – specially formulated by Kryton. Corrosive chemicals in the soil can cause Kryton’s KIM® – Krystol Internal MembraneTM – actually uses permanent damage to membranes available water in a chemical reaction within the concrete to system, leaving structures vulnerable to form crystals until all pores are blocked and no water can water problems penetrate the concrete.
  5. 5. Here are 10 reasons why Kryton’s KIM admixture should be your number onechoice: KIM eliminates the complications of blind-sided waterproofing 1. applications. KIM works within the concrete matrix so you do not have to over-excavate for membrane placement or risk membrane debonding from opposite-side water pressure. Membranes are usually inaccessible for repairs after installation, but 2. KIM-treated concrete contains chemicals that lie dormant within the concrete structure. If a crack forms, the influx of water causes more crystals to grow, re-blocking the passage against water and Saving Money, Saving Stress water-borne contaminants. Krystol Internal MembraneTM (KIM®) Using the KIM admixture system speeds up the construction schedule 3. and decreases labour costs. KIM combines the waterproofing step with the placing of concrete which means there is no labour-intensive, will save you both money and stress – at the construction site and over the lifetime of your concrete. costly and time-consuming surface preparation, installation, sealing and protecting. KIM will decrease your maintenance costs and increase the durability Using KIM will save you money. 4. of your building. Because the crystals grow throughout the concrete, the waterproofing is impervious to physical damage and deterioration. KIM lowers the cost of waterproofing It is permanent. by up to 40 per cent. It eliminates the cost of labour and materials typically Placing KIM-treated concrete is as easy as placing regular concrete. associated with traditional membranes. 5. Unlike installing membranes - which calls for careful finishing, temperature control, clean and dry concrete, and dependable surface A permanent waterproofing solution, KIM lowers replacement and adhesion - good quality placing, finishing and curing are all that maintenance costs. It self-seals minor is needed. cracks and allows for easy negative-side repairs so you don’t have to dig to Avoid costly application mistakes. Even the simplest membrane reach and access positive-side 6. systems require some level of skilled application…and even the most dedicated tradesperson can make mistakes when it comes to applying membrane damage. them. KIM is not subject to stringent workmanship requirements. In fact, it requires no application labour at all. Using KIM will save you stress. KIM combines the waterproofing step with concrete placement. This streamlines processes, lightens workloads and alleviates typical construction concerns. It reduces the potential for human error by being mixed directly into the concrete. It eliminates worries of insufficient seam coverage, poor surface preparation and inadequate adhesion inherent in traditional membrane application. KIM offers increased reliability, quality control and, above all, peace of mind. KIM is available in dissolvable bags for easy and environmentally friendly addition to the concrete mix Krystol® Magazine
  6. 6. KIM treated concrete lasts, Not All Integral 7. unlike membranes, which are at their best the day they are applied. It will not Waterproofing Systems debond or wear away. In fact, Are The Same in the presence of moisture, KIM concrete becomes stronger over time, protecting Many integral waterproofing systems reinforcing steel from corrosion do one of two things: (1) increase and preventing spalling, the density of the concrete (decrease cracking and deterioration. the pore size), or (2) increase the KIM concrete is great for hydrophobicity of the concrete (repel water). Those that increase the density 8. complex architectural designs. Without concern for the The reliability of external of the concrete are usually called membranes depends on densifiers and are materials such as limitations of membrane the skill and care of the pozzolans (finely divided silicates) application, you are free to be membrane applicator or other fine particle materials. creative - unencumbered by The mixtures that increase the traditional limitations of curved hydrophobicity of the concrete are surfaces, corners and usually stearates or other long-chain concrete finishing. fatty acid derivatives which repel water. KIM admixture requires no surface preparation. It does not require A third, unique type of integral 9. adhesives or smooth surfaces and can be placed in damp/wet waterproofing system is Kryton’s conditions. In fact, a saturated surface is one of the few preparation Krystol technology. Krystol products are requirements of the surface applied system. hydrophilic, meaning available water is consumed in the cement hydration And the number 10 reason to use Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM)? It’s a green process to form insoluble crystals that solution! Not only is it best for your job site, it’s best for the earth. block concrete pores so water can KIM-treated concrete is environmentally friendly and sustainable, unlike no longer penetrate. The crystals are integrated into the hydrated cement gel 10. membranes that are made from petroleum or other environmentally harmful materials. KIM concrete is LEED friendly, contains no volatile to restrict pore continuity, blocking the passage of water through the concrete organic compounds (VOCs) and when the time comes for demolition, structure. KIM concrete can be completely recycled. The crystalline nature of this integral For more information about KIM and the difference between KIM and other waterproofing system allows for the types of integral systems, visit Kryton’s web site at or talk to a concrete structure to self-seal hairline Kryton representative. We are “by your side” to assist in your specification. cracks up to 0.5 mm (0.02 in), resist hydrostatic pressure more than 140m (460 ft) water column of head pressure and penetrate deep into, often throughout, concrete structures. This unique ability makes the system highly versatile, useful and reliable for a wide variety of applications. KIM combines the waterproofing step with concrete placement; saving time and money
  7. 7. KIM can be added directly to the concrete mix providing a green solution for any job siteCommercial, Industrial and Residential UsesKryton’s Krystol concrete waterproofing technology includes the KIM® admixture for new construction, acompatible Krystol® waterstop system for construction joints and the Krystol® surface applied and crackrepair systems for existing concrete structures. Krystol has been used in hundreds of projects around theworld – with outstanding results.Commercial Industrial Residential Underground parking structures, Water containment reservoirs and Concrete homes, basements, foundations, elevator pits, water treatment tanks, sewerage and foundations and exteriors condominiums and office towers manholes Swimming pools, decks, bathrooms Recreational facilities such as aquatic Traffic tunnels, below-ground and garages centres, aquariums, zoos, water parks pipelines and subway tunnels and marinas Bridges, dams and highway KIM’s innovative technology raises the Architectural water features like infrastructure waterproofing bar. fountains and waterfalls Krystol® Magazine
  8. 8. The final slab under construction at the Optimum Performance HomeOptimum Performance HomeI In the construction industry, green steps The team started by reintroducing a wildlife were being taken as early as the mid-to-late refuge, native grasses and wildflowers, as n the past few years, green has become 1800s. One of the first notable sustainable well as taking steps to reduce the effectsa mainstream phenomenon. High profile building architects was Alexander “Greek” of erosion by planting thousands of trees.politicians, celebrities and advocates have Thomson (1817-1875). Thomson is credited In addition, they conducted studies on thejumped on board the green bandwagon, with introducing key aspects of sustainable area’s soils, plants, animals and climate.touting the benefits of eco-sensitive products housing to the industry, from glazing streets With this information, they developedand practices. Legislation has passed to to retain heat to improving ventilation a community master plan with strictreduce greenhouse gas emissions and through simple building techniques. construction guidelines to ensure homespeople are working together to reduce would be built to minimize their physicalour collective footprint. In the 21st century, the bar was raised and aesthetic impact on the environment. with the development of an entire greenIt’s reported that 35 million Americans now community. The Sea Ranch, a 43-year-old Totalling 5,200 acres, the Sea Ranch ispurchase eco-friendly products instead of development in Sonoma County, California, composed of 2,310 individual building sites,the traditional alternatives. While consumer has been and continues to be celebrated 1,500 acres of forest preserve, 40 miles ofawareness on sustainability issues has worldwide for placing environmental private roads and common, open space. Inadvanced significantly over recent years, awareness and preservation at the forefront 1988, the last of all the individual sites wasthe green movement planted its roots of design and construction. sold. Since then, the community has begundecades ago. to expand to accommodate the demand Though the ranch existed in many different for ownership.Many people believe the movement forms from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, itwas launched with Rachel Carson’s 1962 wasn’t until 1963 that architects and planners The famed community approaches a newlegendary book Silent Spring, which began to transform it into an eco-mecca. milestone this year with the completionfocused on the effects of pesticides on the Architect and planner Al Boeke wanted to of the Optimum Performance Home® - anenvironment. Others trace the beginnings create a community that complemented and innovative type of home that embraces theof the movement to intellectuals from the respected the environment. His vision was so Sea Ranch principles.1800s, such as transcendentalist Henry David compelling that a number of environmentalThoreau, who is renowned for his calls experts joined his team, helping to create the Conceived and owned by Californian Garyto action for conservation of and respect world’s leading eco-community. Reber, the Optimum Performance Home isfor nature. a showcase project that integrates universal
  9. 9. design with eco-friendly, sustainable standards for residential construction. Tobuilding methods and materials. No accomplish this goal, the team turned toother residential development combinesso many diverse, progressive ideas Kryton International Inc. Did You Know?and technologies. It was the first of Kryton’s concrete waterproofing admixture,two custom homes to qualify for the Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM), wasLeadership in Energy Environmental selected for its environmental attributes Optimum Performance Home ownerDesign (LEED) for Homes pilot program and waterproofing ability. KIM is a chemical Gary Reber wanted to design a spacein California. admixture in dry powdered form that is part that would allow him and his wife to of Kryton’s Integral Crystalline Waterproofing age in their home without having toThe three-building, 4,500 square foot System. When combined with water and move or relocate to a seniors’ facility.compound was designed to be a Zero unhydrated cement particles, it reacts to form Known as “universal design”, theEnergy Home. It will include solar millions of needle-like crystals. These crystals concept is to build homes withoutpanels on the roof for electricity and hot grow and fill the naturally occurring poreswater. It will also adopt net metering and cracks in concrete, providing permanent physical barriers that could limit theto pull power from the electrical grid waterproof protection. Using KIM eliminates movement of people of all ages andwhen needed while also pushing and the need to use conventional waterproofing capabilities.selling excess energy back to the electric membranes by protecting the concrete fromcompany, resulting in an annual net the inside out. Upon completion, the Optimumenergy cost of zero dollars. Performance Home will incorporate KIM is touted in the industry for its dozens of universal design elements.The Optimum Performance Home environmental properties. It is non-toxic,will use water efficiency techniques, non-flammable and odorless. Unlike surface- From designing the home to providenatural light, indigenous vegetation applied membrane waterproofing systems, one-storey living with only the guestand recycled materials. In the end, the KIM becomes part of the concrete matrix. Thishome will exceed California’s building means that the concrete can be recycled bedrooms on the second floor, tocode requirements and will achieve for future use. KIM is also available in eliminating step entrances into andplatinum-level LEED certification. The pulpable bags, which assists in minimizing around the home, the space is ahome is an outstanding example of the construction waste. showpiece for aging-in-place. It willever-evolving green movement. use non-slip surfaces on all flooring In contrast, many traditional external and include handrails on both sides ofIts proximity to the Pacific Ocean posed membranes are petroleum-based. They the staircases. The stairs leading to thea unique construction challenge for use adhesives with highly volatile organic guest bedroom will be wide enough toReber and his team. Naturally-occurring compounds. The vapour from these fit an electric chairlift and provisionssub-grade water overly saturates clay compounds can cause respiratory problems have been taken to accommodatesoil in the area. The construction team and contribute to “sick building syndrome”.needed to ensure water remained an elevator. The kitchen will be builtoutside the building envelope while also Oil can also leach out and contaminate with various adjustable surfaces, pushabiding to the strictest environmental ground water. (continues on page 10) button controls and sliding drawers. Finally, lighting throughout the home is being designed to assist people with poor vision. For a full list of the Optimum Performance Home’s universal design elements, visit Artist’s rendering of the Optimum Performance Home Krystol® Magazine
  10. 10. (continued from page 9) While KIM is only one part of an extensive waterproofing system, it helped to solve a All Things Green Three concrete mixes have been created to date for the Optimum Performance Home: design and environmental challenge. It is now part of a legendary community with – Test Your Knowledge a specifically engineered Controlled Density a green history spanning more than four Fill (CDF), a standard foundation footing decades. More importantly, it is part of a and mix for the Amciv ICF’s, as well as a new type of home that will change A. Who sang “It’s not easy being green”? slab-on-grade. KIM has been used in every the face of green development and 1. Frank Sinatra mix except for the engineered CDF. building practices across the globe well 2. Diana Ross into the future. 3. Kermit the Frog 4. All of the above B. The word “green” is closely related to the What is ? Old English word “growan”. This translates to: 1. nature 2. money 3. grow 4. life C. Which country’s currency has green colouring in some or all of its bills? F ounded in 1944, NSF International is a non-profit organization leader in The NSF test report contains data that compares several properties of Krystol 1. Russia Internal Membrane™ (KIM®), Krystol 2. Canada developing national standards, product certification and education for public health T1/T2® and the Krystol® Waterstop System 3. United States to specifications as set out by this standard. 4. All of the above and safety. It is also widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise These specifications determine whether in health and environmental discipline. products are suitable and safe for use in D. The green movement began in the US as a potable water applications. Primarily, result of: With its head office located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, NSF operates with state of the art Krystol-treated samples are tested for 1. Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” presence of heavy metals and organic 2. the Industrial Revolution testing facilities and accredited laboratories worldwide. NSF audit staff conducts more chemicals that may be a concern to public 3. Woodstock health at certain dosage levels. 4. the assassination of John Lennon than 30,000 inspections in more than 80 countries every year [1]. The report makes the following E. Which musician/group has won the most important conclusions: Grammy awards? NSF offers certification programs that 1. Green Day, rock band benefit regulators, consumers and manufacturers. The two former groups 1. Krystol products do NOT contain 2. Al Green, Gospel singer dangerous levels of heavy metals such as 3. Douglas Green, musician can be assured that a credible, objective and independent party endorsed by public arsenic, chromium, lead or mercury. 4. Adolph Green, lyricist health officials has tested and verified that products comply with specific standards set 2. Krystol products do satisfy the criteria of F. What is green concrete? NSF/ANSI Std. 61. 1. Concrete that has set but not hardened out by the NSF Committee. 2. Concrete that has been made out of 3. Krystol products are suitable for contact recycled alternative materials Manufacturers who participate in the NSF Certification program agree to rigorous with potable water. 3. Concrete that has been treated with a tinted green waterproofing agent testing, annual retesting, inspections and audits. Participation and test success To maintain NSF approval, Kryton must 4. Both answers 1 and 2 undergo re-certification each year. demonstrates the manufacturers’ competence to produce products that Inclusion on the Official Listing confirms perform according to recognized standards. that Krystol products are safe for use These standards specify the requirements in potable water structures such as and include criteria relating to material, water reservoirs, concrete rain water design, construction and performance [2]. collection structures, fish ponds and recreational facilities. Since 2001, Kryton International Inc.’s ----------------------------------------------------------- line of Krystol® products has achieved [1] certification to NSF/ANSI Std. 61: nsf.asp “Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects”. [2] what-does-nsf-certification-mean.htm0
  11. 11. CEO COLUMN ACI Challenges Misconceptions Concrete’s reputation as not sustainable based on confusion, not fact. Kryton’s President and CEO Kari YuersT But it’s also renewable and recyclable. sustainability issues, enhanced content It can easily be recycled and reused about sustainability in its documents as the base material for roads, and products, and entered into an he American Concrete Institute sidewalks and concrete slabs, which understanding with the National Ready(ACI) is tackling concrete’s reputation saves manufacturing and trucking new Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA),as environmentally unfriendly head on. materials. It doesn’t rust, rot, burn or the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute,It has signed a memorandum with decay, which is why we can still see the National Concrete Masonryother concrete organizations aimed Roman structures from more than 2,000 Association, the Precast/Prestressedat aligning the industry’s sustainable years ago. Concrete’s versatility allows Concrete Institute, and the Portlanddevelopment activities. it to be used in any design, from big box Cement Association (PCA) to provide retail centres to elegant building spires. advocacy, technology and educationalConcrete is one of the most sustainable And concrete is a huge help when you’re resources to convey the social andbuilding materials available, states Kari trying to reduce energy use. Buildings sustainable value of concrete structures.Yuers, CEO of Kryton and a member of with exterior concrete walls use lessthe ACI Board of Directors. “What could energy to heat and cool. The memorandum of understandingbe more sustainable than having things signed by these organizations recognizesthat work and last?” Yuers says. Concrete gets its “bad rap” from its concrete structures’ social values, association with cement, the primary including resource efficiency, safetyYuers and the other board members are building block for making concrete. and protection, financial responsibility,working to increase the understanding Manufacturing cement is energy operational continuity, long-termof sustainability issues among ACI intensive, calling for finely ground durability, aesthetics, reduced productionmembers and improve the public limestone, clay and sand to be heated of byproducts and societal connectivity.perception of concrete. and rotated in a kiln to temperatures reaching 1,450°C. “I see environmental sustainabilitySince the days of Roman civilization, improving in our industry and asconcrete has been the building material Promoting concrete’s sustainability has awareness grows it’s only going to getof choice because of its strength become a primary goal for the ACI. It better,” says Yuers.and durability. has earmarked resources to support Krystol® Magazine
  12. 12. Waterproofing Containment Tanks Two large communities recently chose Kryton products to ensure their water storage was safe and secure. An Underground Cistern in California Based in Los Angeles, California, TreePeople is a non-profit, community-based environmental organization that addresses urban ecosystem issues focusing on tree caring and planting, general environmental education and water conservation. The TreePeople Center for Community Forestry is an environmental education campus that opened in October 2008. Located in California’s Coldwater Canyon Park, the centre spans 1.6 ha (4 acres), cost $10 million and is designed to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating. A critical aspect of the centre is anThe TreePeople cistern is the largest of its kind in the United underground concrete cistern that storesStates — 21 m (70 ft) in diameter and 4.5 m (15 ft) deep up to 818,000 L (216,000 gal) of rainwater from the roof and parking lot. Once filtered,I the water irrigates the centre’s gardens and forests. Capturing the runoff rainwater n communities all over the world, concrete Sheet membranes can be punctured reduces flooding risk, the amount oftanks store drinking water, wastewater before and torn during backfilling operations. pollutants entering storm drains and theand during treatment and reclaimed water. Membranes are often applied with adhesives need for imported water. It also acts as anWithout reliable, waterproofed concrete, containing volatile organic compounds emergency water supply for the localthe tanks that hold the water can become a and membrane materials are often made fire department.massive health hazard. from petroleum, an unsustainable and environmentally-unfriendly resource. Finally, The cistern is the largest of its kind in theLasting environmental problems can result membranes eventually deteriorate, leaving United States—21 m (70 ft) in diameter andif wastewater leaking from treatment plants structures unprotected. Repair is difficult and 4.5 m (15 ft) deep—and is covered withcontaminates the surrounding soil. But lasting expensive, and leaks often go undetected in landscaping and an elaborate problems, or even death, can result underground tanks until the damage is done. When the centre and cistern were first underif contaminants leak into a community’s construction, the project team recognizeddrinking water storage tank. That is why the Kryton’s Krystol Concrete Waterproofing maintenance and repairs on the cisternchoice of waterproofing method is critical to System is a safer and more cost-effective would be almost impossible. If cracking orcommunities large and small. solution. Krystol blocks water penetration leaking occurred, the organization would through a chemical reaction that causes face a major disruption to daily activitiesIn the past, concrete tanked structures needle-like crystals to grow within the and debilitating costs. The team needed awere often waterproofed using external concrete. It halts the spread of waterborne permanent waterproofing solution for themembrane systems – polymeric sheets contaminants, protects steel reinforcements cistern upfront.or liquid-applied coatings installed on the from corrosion and safeguards the purityexterior of set concrete. of potable water. Certified non-toxic by NSF “With extensive landscaping planned International, Krystol is safe for use in all for the surface above the cistern, accessHowever, membranes are labour-intensive facilities where potable water is stored. for maintenance and repairs will beand time-consuming to install. virtually impossible,” explains Tim Yeiser
  13. 13. Not only did all construction materials need to be non-toxic, but a tight construction timeline provided just 30 hours for each section of the tank to be poured and set. Seletar’s project architect specified a crystalline waterproofing admixture for the project. The project team used Kryton’s KIM admixture system because it provided superior waterproofing, corrosion protection and was certified by NSF International to be safe for contact with potable water. More than 400 cubic metres of KIM concrete was used in the Seletar water tank. By eliminating the time and costs associated with installing conventional membranes, KIM enabled the builders to meet their tight construction timeframe and financial obligations. The finished tank is permanently covered by landscaping, Investing the time to research, compare and making repairs expensive and difficult select the best waterproofing system for water tanks not only saves time and expense in the future but also provides peace-of-mindof Epicenter Sales, Kryton’s Los Angeles method incorporates steel strands that to the community by knowing theirdistributor. “Recognizing the limited lifespan run throughout the concrete slab. While water supply is safe and healthy for manyof conventional external waterproofing this reduces cracking and enables slabs to years to come.membrane systems, the Center’s bear more weight, it requires additionalarchitects and designers needed a more waterproofing to prevent corrosion andpermanent alternative.” deterioration of steel cables.After a great deal of research, they selectedKryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM)and the Krystol™ Waterstop Joint Design.By eliminating risks of costly repairs andmaintenance, this complete system providedworry-free waterproofing for the lifeof the cistern.Containing wastewater in SingaporeSingapore is currently working towardbecoming self-sufficient in the production offresh water and also reducing the quantityof water it must import. The Seletar WaterReclamation Plant, part of a network of watertreatment plants in Singapore and a keycomponent in the country’s long-range waterplans, processes nearly 250,000 cubic metresof wastewater per day from the city’s sewers.Using reverse osmosis and conventionalwater treatment, the plant now produceshigh-quality water that is used asdrinking water.Recently, the plant added a post-tensioned The concrete containment tank at the Seletar Water Reclamation Plantconcrete containment tank to hold recycled required waterproofing to protect steel reinforcement from corrodingwater. The post-tensioning construction Krystol® Magazine
  14. 14. Kryton in the Middle EastT and promises of sustained growth are raising MembraneTM (KIM®) admixture over hopes for riding out the economic downturn. waterproofing membranes. The seminars he Middle East is home to some of the were extremely successful, attracting 150world’s fastest growing economies. Driven Kryton is already ahead of the game. The of the top consultants and contractors inby oil and natural gas revenues, and backed company began its involvement in the each city. BMC is the largest waterproofingby decades of saved petroleum revenues, Middle East in 2001 and established local company in Saudi Arabia and Kryton ismany countries in the Middle East are business operations in Dubai in 2004. Since looking forward to its new partnership withfueled for growth. This is creating a building then, it has been a part of numerous large the company.and investment boom with large scale scale development projects. Today, with aninfrastructure projects throughout the region. impressive list of accomplishments in Dubai, Kryton has built a solid reputation as a Kryton is actively expanding its reach. The trusted source for concrete waterproofingDubai, UAE, in particular, has gained company has distributors in Oman, Bahrain, solutions. This reputation is backed bynotoriety over the past decade for the scale United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon the certification standards and approvalsand ingenuity of its construction projects. and Qatar. It is an active player in the rapid received by its products from Kuwait (2004)Projects such as the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj industrial development taking place in Saudi and Dubai (2007) for use with potableDubai tower, Ski Dubai and the Dubai Marina Arabia and the rebuilding work of the Beirut water, resistance to water under hydrostatichave transformed Dubai into an international suburbs development project. pressure, durability and compressivedestination. However, the current global strength. In addition to its growing list ofeconomic crisis is causing some Dubai-based In February, Kryton co-hosted a series distributors, Kryton has opened a salesdevelopers to refocus their sights in places of seminars with BMC, the company’s office in the UAE to better serve its customerssuch as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, distributor in Saudi Arabia, showcasing in the region.where expansionary government budgets the superiority of its Krystol® InternalHere is an overview of 5 current or recent Kryton projects in the Middle East:Chirag Residential Commercial Building, Dubai, UnitedArab EmiratesChirag Residential Commercial Building is located in Al Barsha, a sub-community withinDubai that incorporates residential and commercial buildings. Kryton was involved inwaterproofing three basements in the community – some of the deepest in Dubai. Somebasements reached 12 metres deep with the water table at 9.5 metres. In the ChiragBuilding, around 29,000 kgs of KIM-HS was used in the raft slab, retaining walls and watertank, of which more than 20 tonnes was in the raft slab alone. About 1,250 lineal metresof the Krystol Waterstop System was used to waterproof six horizontal joints and the wallto slab joints. The contractor says choosing KIM-HS over a membrane waterproofingsystem saved over 45 days in construction time. This project is scheduled for completionin 2010.Al Mashfa Hospital, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaThis 10-storey full-service private hospital is located one kilometre from the banks ofthe Red Sea. After discovering an underground lake while excavating for the two-levelunderground parking garage, construction was behind schedule and the project teamcould not afford further costly delays. “KIM-HS was the only solution,” says Eng. HamidElmas, the project consultant. More than 51,000 kgs of KIM-HS treated concrete wasused to cover 6,413 cubic metres of concrete over an area of 4,045 square metres.Using Krystol concrete waterproofing products, the Al Mashfa Group saved 48 days inconstruction and thousands of dollars in waterproofing and cold joint construction. Theproject is scheduled to be completed in late 2009.
  15. 15. Islamic Cultural Center, Doha, QatarLocated in the historic area of Doha, Qatar’s capital city, this important building wasfirst waterproofed using waterproofing membranes. However, the membranes failedalmost immediately and water seeped in all over the 5,000 square metre building. Theconstruction team selected the Krystol Crack Repair System to repair all leaking cracksand holes in the one metre thick raft slab and basement walls from the negative side.In addition, the entire area was coated with Krystol T1 and T2 to provide a permanentand watertight basement. As a result, the building is now dry and open to the public forworship and learning. The Bahri Gardens, Beirut, Lebanon Kryton’s Krystol waterproofing system was chosen to waterproof the water tank, raft slab and four levels of basement walls at Bahri Gardens. This luxurious 25-storey apartment tower is located on the seafront in Beirut’s most prestigious neighbourhood facing the landmark Raouche Rocks. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the depth of the basement made waterproofing a critical element of the building construction. Using KIM-HS and Krystol Waterstop Treatment for joints provided the concrete supplier with peace of mind. The project is scheduled for completion in 2010.Bahrain Bay Water Treatment Plant, Manama, BahrainContractors for the Bahrain Bay Sewage Treatment Plant selected the Krystolwaterproofing system to accomplish the difficult task of treating pile caps at thefacility. Krystol T1 and T2 were applied with a brush as a slurry and damp cured forthe recommended 48 hours. As a result, the pile caps are completely protected fromwater ingress today. The application was completed in 2008.Kryton Distributors in the Middle East RegionKryton has distributors throughout the Middle East Region. Contact any of these distributors to find out more about how Kryton’s waterproofing products can save time and money.Check out to see other areas where Kryton distributors are changing concrete construction for the better, including Europe, South East Asia and Africa.United Arab Emirates (UAE) Bahrain LebanonGiant Star Trading Modern Home Group T.A. Group SarlContact: Kapil Arora Contact: Tariq Issam Mahimoud Contact: Hassan SaabTel: +971-4-347-3800 Tel: +973-1-724-5289 Tel: +961-1-350-271Fax: +971-4-347-3866 Fax: +973-1-727-5072 Fax: +961-1-343-708Email: Email: Email: Web Site: Web Site: www.ta-group.netSaudi ArabiaIssam Kabbani Group of Companies Oman QatarDivision: BMC (the concrete waterproofing and protection Silver Shell Contracting and Trading Unicon Limiteddivision) Contact: Kirti Singh Contact: Bijoy Pati or Zahid KhanContact: Wassim Mahfouz Tel: +968-2-483-0438 Tel: +974-442-5722Tel: +966-2-627-8444 Fax: +968-2-483-1336 Fax: +974-442-5727Fax: +966-2-627-8333 Email: Email: Web Site: www.unicon-qatar.comWeb Site: Krystol® Magazine
  16. 16. FOR EVERY PERSPECTIVE, WHATEVER THE PROJECT ENSURE PROFITABILITY Kryton saves developers ten’s of thousands of dollars and shaves weeks off the construction schedule through a proven concrete foundation tanking system. Krystol® ® technology features the award winning, original crystalline waterproofing admixture and 100% compatible, patent- pending crystalline joint system and proven crack- repair application. By Your Side.™ ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.