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Kryton's Krystol Magazine 11-2 features an in depth look at integral crystalline waterproofing, illustrates how kryton products can waterproof shotcrete, provides information about Kryton's free continuing education courses, details green building tips, and features kryton news & products and a spotlight on Southeast Asia.

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Krystol Magazine 11.2 -

  1. 1. Kryst l Magazine ® ® Leaders in Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Fall 2008 | Volume 11 | Issue 2 A Lesson in Shotcrete from San Francisco The ABCs of Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Building “Green” 3096602 PLUS: Introducing Easy-Cure Spotlight on Southeast Asia Krystol® Magazine
  2. 2. FOR EVERY SITE INSPECTION, WHATEVER THE ALTITUDE WE KNOW WHAT WORKS When it comes to waterproofing concrete, we know what works…and what doesn’t! Thirty-five years of world-wide success in creating dry, durable concrete structures has ® made us leaders in crystalline waterproofing technology. Extensive product research and development, two concrete permeability laboratories and a field-tested technical support team stand behind every project. Put our expertise to work for you! By Your Side.™ ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.
  3. 3. Contents Fall 20084 The ABCs of Integral Crystalline Waterproofing 66 A Lesson in Shotcrete from San Francisco8 By Your Side 8 Shotcrete - Test Your Knowledge9 Applauding Recent Moves by the ACI9 Upgrade your Knowledge with AEC Daily’s Free Continuing Education Courses10 Building “Green” Krystol® Magazine is printed twice a year by The Kryton Group of Companies 1645 East Kent Avenue12 Introducing Easy-Cure Vancouver, BC V5P 2S8 Canada www.kryton.com12 Hot Weather Concreting Challenges For information about this publication or about The Kryton Group of Companies, write to the above address, phone (604)13 Kryton Questions – Ask a Kryton Expert 324-8280 or 1-800-267-8280, or email info@kryton.com14 Spotlight on Southeast Asia Copyright © 2008 Kryton International Inc. All rights reserved. 10 Editors Leo Connell Karen Ng Sheila Calder Linda Munro Jerry Colman Design/Production Yvonne Lee Printed in Canada by Hemlock Printers Ltd. 10% Krystol® Magazine
  4. 4. The s ofIntegral Crystalline Waterproofing A lthough crystalline waterproofing technology has been around for more than 50 years, it is still considered “state-of-the-art” and has only recently been embraced by the construction industry as a superior replacement for conventional membranes. Used in virtually every country around the world, integral crystalline waterproofing has been repeatedly and successfully tested.Though concrete looks like a dense, rock-hard material, it’s actually full of pores, capillaries and micro-cracks invisible to the naked eye. It’s through these openings that water Microscopic, needle-like crystals fill the pores and capillary tracts of concrete for guaranteedcan enter and cause damage, making waterproof structures.waterproofing necessary. Traditional membranes only cover the outside of fraction of the chemicals are used to Easy Applicationconcrete whereas crystalline chemicals facilitate crystal growth when they are Crystalline chemicals come in actually work deep below the surface, initially mixed or applied to concrete. powder form and can be conveniently within the concrete matrix itself. The unused chemicals sit dormant. added to new concrete at the time of When future cracks occur, water batching or at the jobsite to create a The revolutionary technology of acts as a catalyst to the crystalline powerful water barrier in slabs, walls integral crystalline waterproofing is chemicals, triggering additional and joints. There is no need for any changing the way concrete structures crystal growth to seal the crack. type of surface application at the around the world are protected from construction site.the corrosion and water damage. A Permanent and SustainableWhen crystalline chemicals come Choice Crystalline formulas can also be into contact with water, a catalytic Integral crystalline waterproofing is brushed or sprayed onto existing reaction occurs that produces a permanent solution – it will not concrete in slurry form or broadcast crystals that plug the natural pores crack, peel, tear or wear away, even onto fresh concrete flatwork by way and microscopic voids of concrete. Crystalline technology waterproofs against high hydrostatic pressure, of the “dry-shake” method. Products concrete by forming long hexagonal so it never needs replacing. It’s non and application methods also exist prisms that block concrete’s pores and toxic, safe for potable water tanks for crack repair, construction joints, transform the concrete itself into a and contains no volatile organic pipe penetrations and form-tie holes strong, durable waterproof barrier. compounds. In comparison, external to protect against contamination and membranes are usually petroleum- steel reinforcement corrosion. The A Better Choice All Round based and can leach oil into the best waterproofing systems can be ground, contaminating drinking applied to the positive or negative side Unique Self-Sealing Ability water. Membrane-coated concrete of concrete, allowing the structure to One of the unique traits of an integral also goes straight to the landfill while be waterproofed or repaired without crystalline waterproofing application crystalline waterproofed concrete can the costly process of digging up the is its ability to “self-seal.” Only a small be safely recycled. perimeter landscaping.
  5. 5. When applied to existing concrete, day they are applied, crystalline Silicate-based products react with crystalline chemicals are absorbed by waterproofing becomes better with compounds in concrete such as natural capillary action and diffusion. time. calcium hydroxide or free lime. The Once inside, the chemicals begin reaction binds the compounds into an growing crystals that fill the naturally Crystalline Copycats – insoluble solid and does not penetrate occurring pores, capillaries and more than a few millimetres into What’s the Difference? the concrete. These products do not microscopic voids of concrete. possess self-sealing capabilities and Kryton’s flagship product is Krystol since they are insoluble, the presence Internal Membrane, better known of water in the future has no effect on as KIM. KIM is an environmentally them. friendly admixture that is mixed directly into the concrete. It can be Stearate-based products are also thrown into a ready-mix truck in a hydrophobic, which means they repel convenient dissolvable bag. water. These products have minimal penetrating ability and merely fill the KIM is also the world’s first and initial surface pores of concrete. They leading crystalline waterproofing are best when first applied and will admixture. Being ‘the original’ Regular concrete continually deteriorate. In addition, means there are plenty of and Krystolized hydrophobic compounds will not copycats on the market. It’s easy concrete under a withstand hydrostatic pressure over to confuse crystalline waterproofing microscope time and cannot effectively provide with products that are simply long-term waterproofing. Time and Cost Savings concrete densifiers or pore blockers. Using crystalline systems can actually It’s important to stay away from stearates and sodium silicates and Stick to the Original: KIM accelerate project schedules by Kryton’s KIM is a cementitious eliminating the need for conventional beware of hydrophobic products. chemical admixture that contains membrane application. Backfilling no stearates, sodium silicates or There are many crystalline products can begin right away and the cost harmful chlorides. KIM works that claim permanent, in-depth of labor and surface membrane through a proprietary blend waterproofing. However, the materials are reduced. chemicals, promoting crystal growth majority of these contain stearates and sodium silicates. Stearates and that counteracts water intrusion. Reliability sodium silicates are often classified as Moreover, KIM and other Krystol Crystalline technology is impervious dampproofers and not waterproofers products are hydrophilic – they use to physical damage or deterioration. since they are known to break down water to facilitate a chemical reaction While membranes are at best the and leach out of concrete. that creates an impermeable concrete mass. More water equals more crystals, until no additional water can penetrate. KIM’s self-sealing hydrophilic properties mean it’s able to grow throughout the concrete, increasing resistance to hydrostatic pressure and allowing it to become stronger with age. In short, KIM works. It is a true crystalline waterproofing admixture that has become the industry standard for new construction. Guaranteed. Kryton’s Krystol® waterstop system for construction joints is patent pending Krystol® Magazine
  6. 6. A Lesson in Shotcrete from San Francisco Recently, shotcrete has been gaining popularity along North America’s West Coast. Southern California, for example, has seen a dramatic increase in the certification of shotcrete nozzlemen to support the demand of existing and future projects. Developments are now looking to shotcrete to meet deadlines and budgets. In addition to providing waterproofing for the perimeter walls of the five-level parking structure, Kryton products were also used to waterproof the foundation slab and elevator pits. The cold joints between the slab and wall were treated with the two product Krystol waterstop system for a completely watertight San Francisco’s newest landmark residential condominium foundation. In all, almost 80 tons of community spans a full city block and consists of four Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) waterproofing admixture was used, buildings rising eight, nine, 37 and 41 floors. which is enough to fill 1,100 ready Beyond its elements of style, Making the situation even more mix concrete trucks. The ready luxury and function, this high-end unique, this steel and glass mix concrete was supplied by Bode condominium development is also development with a concrete core Concrete. defined by its superior location. required a 14-foot thick concrete Mere steps from the Ferry Building slab as its base to keep the buildings Generally, shotcrete is challenging and the Embarcadero Centre in the settled into the ground and withhold to waterproof with conventional, vibrant “South of Market” or SoMa the immense hydrostatic pressure. surface-applied waterproofing neighbourhood, it is surrounded by methods. The high speed in which the world-class restaurants, retailers and The mixed-use residential complex concrete is forced out of the nozzle entertainment venues. attracted attention from industry can displace or tear conventional stakeholders who were curious to surface applied systems. The project Located one block from the San see how shotcrete and waterproofing team recognized those challenges and Francisco Bay and 50-feet below with an admixture would interact and set out to find a waterproofing system the water table, there was never what results it would produce. that would withstand the immense any question the area’s newest hydrostatic pressure found so far development was going to require Invented in the early 1900’s, shotcrete below the water table. waterproofing. To save time and involves spraying concrete or mortar money, the main development team through a hose at a high velocity After researching many possible opted for shotcrete, or sprayed onto a steel-reinforced surface. Due solutions, the team opted for Kryton’s concrete, to form the below-grade to the force with which it is projected Krystol Concrete Waterproofing walls. While shotcrete is not a new from the nozzle, shotcrete undergoes System. The Krystol Internal construction methodology, using placement and compaction at the Membrane (KIM) is an admixture the application structurally and same time. It is seen as an effective that eliminates the need for external waterproofing it with an admixture way of saving time and money waterproofing membranes, making rather than an external membrane is. because it involves half the forming the application process more and equipment of regular cast-in- straightforward and conducive to place methods. shotcrete application. The admixture
  7. 7. can be integrated with the concrete was used in the concrete to assist in mix at the ready mix facility, setting and achieving the required lift mitigating concerns over damaging heights. This resulted in the concrete membranes during the shotcrete setting more quickly but also led application and eliminating the need to unexpected cold joints forming for detailing around soil nails. KIM between the shotcrete lift lines. This also saves time and money because was one of the key lessons learned in on-site preparation isn’t required developing a waterproofed shotcrete and a subtrade isn’t needed to apply application process. Kryton continues the waterproofing membrane. The to work on developing systems to project team was pleased to find that address this issue for future projects. Kryton met their needs and most The team had to complete a minimum 25-foot liftimportantly, Kryton stands by its Although not a lesson in shotcrete each day to make full height on schedule.products and guarantees that KIM application, bleed water from will last the lifetime of the structure. the 14-foot slab posed a unique measures were in place. Kryton challenge. Typically bleed water provided additional inspection However, even with all KIM’s benefits, rises to the surface of concrete and services to check details as well as there were challenges faced on this evaporates. In this case, the slab was monitor the ready mix trucks and mammoth waterproofing project. exceptionally thick so it took longer shotcrete application. Test panels for the concrete to stop bleeding, were created with each new mix to Due to the size and scope of the which made finishing difficult. When check concrete properties. A shotcrete project, the construction team working on the slab, the Kryton team demonstration was also created to test divided the site into quadrants and recognized the bleed water needed to rebound and rebar stabilization. 40-foot sections. Often with less than be controlled and managed on thicker two days to top off each section, the slabs – a key lesson taken from this Kryton’s San Francisco based team had to complete a minimum project. distributor, Ron L. Bishop Associates 25-foot lift and two-foot depth each (RLBA), provided local support day to make full height on schedule. Due to the unique nature of the to the entire team and assisted The fast paced schedule posed development, Kryton took extra in monitoring the waterproofing Kryton’s first waterproofing challenge. measures to ensure no shortcuts were aspect of the project. Kryton To meet deadlines, an accelerator taken and the strictest quality control also consistently had a factory representative on site to monitor the waterproofing process and Did You Know? troubleshoot as necessary.When construction crews began The luxury development opened its digging the 60-foot pit that would doors to new residents and business become the foundation, the last thing owners in the summer of 2008. The they thought they would find was an result is a showpiece for the city of old relic from San Francisco’s history. San Francisco and a high-quality Twenty-feet into the excavation of home to more than 640 people. The the site, crews came across a 125-foot novel approach of using Kryton’s ship which was later identified as the 1818 whaling ship The Candace. Back admixture in combination with in its heyday the ship was used for sea shotcrete assisted with meeting a trades and sperm whale hunting in demanding construction schedule. the South Atlantic, Pacific and Indian For Kryton and others in the industry Oceans. After a voyage to the Arctic with watchful eyes, the project was damaged the ship, Captain Norman The 1818 whaling ship The Candace discovered educational and revolutionary. It Starr guided the leaking vessel to San during excavation helped to demonstrate that shotcrete Francisco, arriving on July 4, 1855. and Kryton’s KIM admixture could The Candace was buried under the tact under the city, The Candace has found effectively work hand-in-hand and city and forgotten until crews working a new home as the centerpiece of the San positions Kryton as a leader in on The Infinity made her discovery. Francisco History Museum.As the only ship to be discovered in waterproofing shotcrete. Krystol® Magazine
  8. 8. By Your Side Brought on board in 2004, Kryton With the daunting task of recognized the scale and scope of constructing four buildings rising the project was going to require eight to 41 storeys above the ground comprehensive on-site support and and sitting 50-feet below the water guidance. Brian MacNeil, territory table, the developer knew they needed manager for Kryton, provided an efficient and dependable team. in-person support as the project Kryton’s “By Your Side” philosophy team began to work with Krystol made them a prime candidate for the products. Brian provided advice for project. specifications, application training and quality control methods. Over the As a world-leader in concrete span of two years, he travelled from waterproofing, repair and his base in Vancouver, Canada to San maintenance, Kryton assists architects Francisco more than 30 times. and engineers to solve complex challenges through a dedicated Choosing Kryton’s Krystol technology support program that includes third to waterproof projects ensures long-party application training, ready mix term security and peace of mind, quality control programs and the while potentially saving clients tens industry’s leading warranty program. of thousands of dollars and shaving Kryton meets the demands placed on weeks off construction schedules.the construction industry for durable, long-term infrastructure across Kryton’s Brian MacNeil travelled from For more information about Kryton’sthe globe and does so with a total Vancouver to San Francisco more than 30 By Your Side service, visitcommitment to its clients’ success. times in two years. Shotcrete – Test Your Knowledge A. Shotcrete was invented in: D. Shotcrete’s cousin, gunite, F. The term nozzleman is used 1. the 1950s was named because for the person 2. 1885, as part of the world’s 1. it was applied with a rapid-fire 1. who controls the nozzle that first skyscraper in Chicago gun delivers the concrete to the 3. the early 1900s 2. it is a misspelling of “gummite,” surface 4. the time of the Roman Empire a sticky substance that adheres 2. who cleans the nozzle that to walls applies shotcrete B. Shotcrete’s inventor was a: 3. its original application was for 3. who brings supplies for lunch 1. structural engineer internal sides of gun towers and coffee breaks to the job site 2. gladiator 4. it was applied with a “cement 4. who holds the hose and feeds 3. taxidermist gun” the hopper 4. carpenter E. The inventor of shotcrete had G. The inventor of shotcrete C. Shotcrete can be applied: a special interest in: also 1. on vertical surfaces 1. aquaducts 1. made improvements to the 2. on slopes 2. gorillas and elephants motion picture camera 3. on overhead surfaces 3. Romance languages 2. wrote stories for children 4. all of the above 4. meteorology 3. led an expedition to the Belgian Congo 4. all of the above A. 3; B. 3; C. 4; D. 4; E. 2; F. 1; G. 4 Answers:
  9. 9. Applauding Recent Moves by the ACIThe 104-year old American Concrete through a recent e-student membership Institute (ACI) is taking a new direction drive, has added more than 3,000 new following the Spring 2008 Convention. student members.With a dynamic and innovative strategic plan, the institute will not only continue “Students are often made aware of the to develop education and certification ACI through their mentors or professors,” programs, but will also emphasize says Kari Yuers, CEO of Kryton and one collaboration with related organizations of the ACI’s board of directors. “The ACI and associations. wants to make sure they are offering them something, at no cost, to enhance their Realizing the next generation of concrete training.”workers and engineers require a solid education and easy access to information, Student membership is now free and the ACI’s board of directors requested a ACI members can download technical task group be formed to evaluate existing documents for free as well.programs, determine if other educational opportunities exist and identify programs Another important goal of the strategic or products that could produce additional plan was improving the quality and revenue for the institute. sustainability of concrete construction through enhanced collaboration The task group identified four new with ACI-related organizations and initiatives to enhance the ACI’s current associations. The board recognized the educational programs. They include: need to develop tools and resources to creating an audio version of the book The further the international growth of ACI Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete certification programs. As a first step, the Construction; creating and maintaining a board approved a proposal to help new web page on sustainability and emerging international ACI certification sponsoring Kryton’s President CEO Kari Yuersor innovative technologies; developing groups in arranging and promoting ACI and promoting programs for inspectors certification programs. “The bottom line is the role of the ACI is to support ACI certification programs; to improve our industry for the benefit and developing an e-learning product on In addition, reorganizing the 318 Code of everyone – from workers to customers a wide range of topics in partnership with and continuing to develop and regularly to the people who work around and use Elsevier Ltd. update the practice-oriented Concrete concrete every day,” says Yuers. Knowledge Center web site, will be key In addition, the institute has placed a for the ACI in the coming years. Given The ACI has more than 20,000 membersnew emphasis on recruiting academic the enthusiasm with the new direction, in 108 countries around the world. Yuersgraduates or university members and, the board will meet again in March 2009 was nominated and appointed to the 19- in San Antonia, Texas. member board in 2007. Upgrade your knowledge with AEC Daily’s Free Continuing Education Courses. Check out Kryton’s web-based course the factors that can lead to wear on Integral Crystalline Waterproofing and tear on concrete structures and Technology. The course is CE certified applications that can be used to prevent and can be found on AEC Daily, a degradation and increase durability. web site for architecture, engineering and construction professionals. It The course is self-administered online is approved by the AIA, CSI and and professionals who take the course CSC as well as many other industry automatically earn credit toward their associations. continuing education program. The specialized integral crystalline Take the course today at waterproofing course provides an overview of what makes up concrete, Kryton’s course recently unveiled on AEC Daily Krystol® Magazine
  10. 10. Devastation of Greensburg, Kansas after a Force 5 tornado wiped out the cityBuilding ”Green” Green Concrete With growing global pressure to go I green, more eco-friendly products are n May 2007, a force 5 tornado Throughout North America, construction being developed. “Green concrete” used hit Greensburg, Kansas, industry stakeholders are increasingly to refer solely to concrete that had set destroying 95 per cent of the recognizing green building capabilities but not hardened. Today, it also means town’s homes and businesses. as the right thing to do. Building “green” concrete that’s made with recycled But the city council decided is becoming a necessary part of a firm’s alternative materials such as reclaimed to see this disaster as an opportunity best practices. Instead of just being a fly ash – a by-product of coal burned to rebuild as a green community. They niche sector, green building is now at the at power plants. Usually trucked off to passed a resolution requiring all city forefront of design and construction. landfills, the tiny glass particles of fly ash building projects to be reconstructed to are now being used in place of traditional LEED platinum level standards and have The rigorous LEED (Leadership in Portland cement to make concrete. an energy performance of at least 40 per Energy and Environmental Design) Not only does adding fly ash increase cent better than the current building code Green Building Rating System is rapidly concrete’s strength and durability but it requirements. becoming the standard for measuring a reduces the greenhouse gas footprint of building’s environmental performance. concrete. Every ton of standard cement Who could have predicted that a fringe Only introduced in the U.S. in 2000, and produced requires about one-and-a-half movement begun little more than a in Canada in 2004, LEED standards are tons of raw materials and an intense use decade ago to try to set standards for encouraging the construction industry to of fossil fuel – so much so, the worldwide developing environmentally-responsible create buildings that are environmentally production of Portland cement accounts building would have such far-reaching responsible, healthy and profitable. for approximately eight per cent of all effects? Governments at all levels across the U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from human and Canada are imposing regulatory sources. Carbon dioxide is the primary requirements to ensure new public greenhouse gas causing global warming. buildings meet a certain LEED standard. 0
  11. 11. Another green innovation is a new Environmentallyconcrete recipe spiked with titanium dioxide – a compound often used in Responsible Waterproofsunscreen products. This new cement Concretebecomes chemically active in sunlight and While concrete on its own has huge neutralizes air pollutants such as benzene, advantages as a green building material, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and making it waterproof using old-others. fashioned, externally applied membranes is less acceptable in today’s eco-conscious Originally used a century ago in Europe environment. KIM® Admixture comes in mixer-readyas structural insulation, pervious concrete is a permeable, porous material. It is also bags, reducing waste material External membranes are often petroleum an environmentally friendly material based and are typically applied using and is now making a resurgence in places weaken or destroy concrete and corrode adhesives with high volatile organic such as parking lots because it allows steel reinforcements. compounds. The high vapour emissions storm and nuisance water to filtrate from these compounds can cause into the ground, recharging ground Kryton’s integral crystalline respiratory problems and contribute water and resulting in zero discharge of admixture creates strong, waterproof, to “sick building syndrome.” Oil from polluted runoff into waterways. This in environmentally-safe concrete. conventional membranes can also leach turn reduces urban flooding, improves out and contaminate ground water.the health of adjacent trees and reduces Although only buildings, not materials, or eliminates the need for storm drain can be certified as meeting LEED Kryton products are a solution to today’s infrastructure. standards, Kryton products can pressure to change the way we build. contribute to achieving valuable LEED Kryton can help developers, points in a variety of ways: Reduced site disturbance – No need to excavate to provide space for the application of a physical membrane Concrete waste management – Krystolized concrete can be recycled while membrane-coated concrete cannot Indoor environmental quality – Krystol contains no volatile organic compounds and is non-toxic Enhanced durability – Krystol contributes to the overall durability and life expectancy of a building by stopping corrosion and other detrimental effects It’s predicted half of North America’s existing infrastructure will need KIM® treated “green” concrete is poured and placed like normal concrete replacing in the next 20 years – whether due to natural disaster or natural However, more often in buildings and engineers and architects go green with decomposition. Kryton is working toward construction, it’s waterproof concrete environmentally responsible building ensuring sustainability plays a big part that’s needed. Increasingly, in the practices. in the billions of dollars that will be new LEED-based paradigm, the old spent to rebuild North America. Strong, methods of waterproofing concrete Kryton’s crystalline technology waterproof concrete — waterproof from with oil-based membrane sheets are not permanently seals concrete by plugging its the inside out — is key to tomorrow’s environmentally acceptable. natural pores and capillaries and blocking environmental sustainability. the movement of water. It reacts with That’s where Kryton’s products have two incoming water to self-seal the cracks that To follow the progress of Greensburg as advantages – waterproofing while also develop in concrete, protecting structures the city rebuilds, visit being environmentally friendly. against water and contaminants that can Krystol® Magazine
  12. 12. Introducing Easy-Cure Kryton has recently unveiled a cost-effective curing compound that meets the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C309). Easy-Cure, the new membrane-forming liquid curing compound, helps to properly cure concrete by slowing the evaporation of water from freshly finished concrete. The strength, durability and water-resistance of the concrete are enhanced by minimizing cracking and promoting hydration – the chemical reaction between cement and water. The product works hand-in-hand with other Kryton technology such as the Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) waterproofing admixture system. Easy-Cure helps to decrease the permeability of concrete and retains the internal water necessary for maximizing KIM crystal growth. As a waterborne compound, Easy-Cure can be easily sprayed or rolled onto the surface of concrete after finishing is complete. It is available in clear or white pigmenting to reduce heating from the sun and help with the application process. Easy-Cure™ meets the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C309)Hot Weather Concreting ChallengesWhile many industries may flourish finishing difficult, can reduce the in warm climates, high temperatures overall concrete strength, and increase and humidity create many challenges cracking. An effective solution is for the construction industry. Hot, to use an admixture to slow down dry weather can lead to excessive setting times and reduce shrinkage surface moisture evaporation and cracking.during concrete curing. This can cause shrinkage, cracking, finishing Concreting in warmer temperatures difficulties and reduced concrete calls for extra care and makes the strength in buildings – problems that curing process even more essential. must be mitigated from the onset of Proper curing practices protect and throughout construction. concrete by maintaining a satisfactory moisture content and temperature. It A loss of concrete consistency is enhances the durability and strength another major concern when working of warm weather conditions. On site equipment that interacts with While there may be many challenges the concrete – from the mixers to of placing concrete in warm weather, conveyor belts – should be kept with extra care and the use of a curing Excessive surface moisture evaporationshaded and cool to protect the can cause shrinkage, cracking and reduced agent, the effects can be minimized. concrete. Warm weather impacts the concrete strength The result is a positive outcome for setting time of concrete by causing builders and those who live and work it to dry too quickly. This makes everyday in concrete buildings – no matter what the weather.
  13. 13. Kryton Questions – Ask a Kryton Expert!What is curing? What is a membrane-forming curingConcrete curing is the process where sufficient compound?moisture and temperature conditions are maintained A membrane-forming curing compound is a liquid in order to promote hydration – the chemical reaction that, when sprayed or rolled onto the surface of between cement and water. freshly finished concrete, helps to reduce the rate of evaporation of water from the concrete surface.Why is it important to cure?Properly curing concrete is an essential step in Can curing compounds replaceproducing durable, high strength concrete. Adequate traditional water curing methods?hydration through curing minimizes drying shrinkage Yes – Curing compounds conforming to ASTM C309 cracks. Over time, curing pays for itself by increasing are a suitable replacement for wet curing according to the concrete’s durability and lifespan and by reducing the American Concrete Institute’s Standard Practice for the need for repairing cracks and leaks. Curing Concrete (ACI 308). Easy-Cure™ Without Easy-Cure™ What is the benefit of using a curing compound over other curing methods? Curing compounds are preferable under many conditions due to their ease of use, practicality and low cost. In addition to assuring a consistent quality cure, curing compounds are especially useful in situations where water curing is not feasible. For example: In areas where water is not accessible or available A curing compound helps to reduce the rate of evaporation In remote areas where there are increased labour of water from the concrete surface. costs associated with travelling in and out of the job What are some curing methods? siteAccording to the American Concrete Institute’s Standard Practice for Curing Concrete (ACI 308), In windy or hot areas where the evaporation of curing should be continuous for a minimum of seven water is excessivedays or until 70 per cent of the specified strength has been attained. How does Kryton fit in the curing process? When used with Krystol technology, curing compounds Proper curing techniques are commonly categorized help to waterproof concrete by retaining the internal into two groups: water necessary for maximizing KIM crystal growth. In addition, curing compounds help to decrease 1) Continually or frequently applying water (e.g. the permeability by reducing the number of drying ponding or immersion, spraying or fogging, using shrinkage cracks.saturated wet coverings, etc.) Any other question on curing or curing2) Preventing excessive evaporation using sealing compounds?materials (e.g. covering with imperious paper or plastic With 35 years of international success in creating dry, sheets, using a membrane-forming curing compound, durable concrete, Kryton is the leader in crystalline etc.) waterproofing technology. Put the Kryton knowledge and experience to work for you – if you have any The curing technique used depends on a variety of questions, just ask a Kryton expert!factors. Krystol® Magazine
  14. 14. Spotlight on Southeast AsiaD espite uncertain times in the The Southeast Asian construction Malaysian government-run, market- global economy elsewhere industry has been a key player in the driven organization, is the national in the world, the Asia-Pacific growth of crystalline waterproofing for authority on research, technology, region continues to work at years. For Kryton, the area represents a standards and quality. full speed in the construction rapidly growing portion of the company’s sector. “Robust growth in developing revenues and already in 2008, year-over- Similarly, the complete Krystol crystalline Asia will make a welcome and significant year sales have increased well over 50 waterproofing line of products recently contribution to global growth in 2008,” per cent. The company also recently obtained CPRU certification in Brunei. says the Asian Development Bank’s global implemented permanent, full-time Formed by the Ministry of Development, outlook for 2008. The ADB suggests that regional representation in Singapore and the Construction Planning and Research just over one-fifth of global growth in continues to invest and grow the market. Unit (CPRU) promotes safety, quality 2008 will be attributable to developing and universal standards in Brunei. Asia.1 Recently, Kryton’s flagship product, Certification provides Kryton with access Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®), to all government-owned projects in the This continues to be good news for achieved SIRIM certification in Malaysia. oil and gas-rich state.Kryton, as more development firms, SIRIM certification is necessary for property owners and contractors in the all government projects and will Take a look at five of Kryton’s most recent region are taking advantage of Kryton’s allow Kryton to expand its pool of mega-projects in the Southeast Asia area:complete crystalline technology solution opportunities in the region. SIRIM, a for waterproofing below-grade, concrete 1 Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort and Casino, SingaporeLocated at Marina South in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands resort will feature Singapore’s first casino, three hotels, theatres, a waterfront promenade and a convention centre. Construction on the sprawling 560,000 square metre site began in November 2007 and called for more than 50,000 cubic metres of concrete to be waterproofed with Kryton’s KIM admixture. It is one of the most extensive single-site waterproofing projects undertaken by Kryton to date and is due to be complete in late 2009.Big Box Mega Store, SingaporeSpanning almost 27 football fields, the Big Box Mega Store located in Jurong East in Singapore is using Kryton’s waterproofing products for all below-grade surfaces. Approximately 15,000 to 18,000 cubic metres of concrete will be waterproofed with KIM admixture. Construction on the store is under way and due to be complete in 2009. When finished, the store will contain retail space, warehousing and offices.Scotts Square, SingaporeScotts Square, in the heart of the renowned Orchard Road shopping district of Singapore, is a two-tower condominium and retail space complex that will use Kryton’s KIM admixture in the four floors of the project that are below ground. The 43-storey towers will include residential and office space, and is expected to be complete in 2011. When complete, sculptures by Henry Moore, Dale Chihuly and Salvador Dali will grace the grounds. Construction began in September 2008.
  15. 15. KK Times Square – Phase 1 and 2, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MalaysiaKK Times Square is located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, a popular tourist destination near Borneo. The project’s first phase of 12 blocks of business suites, shops, offices and retail outlets, was completed in 2007 and used a combination of Kryton’s KIM admixture, T1 T2 surface treatment and Krystol Waterstop System from top to bottom. In light of the project’s proximity to Sutera Harbour in the South China Sea, the project called for a waterproofing system that could withstand constant hydrostatic pressure, protect against the corrosion of steel reinforcements and withstand the uncompromising heat and humidity of Sabah for many years. More than 100,000 kilograms of KIM admixture in 15,000 cubic metres of concrete were used in the basement slabs and elevator pits of KK Times Square Phase One. Kryton’s waterproofing products were also used in the elevated car ramps, pedestrian walkways, retaining walls, drainage areas and rooftops. With that proven success, Kryton’s products are also being used in Phase Two, which is now under construction.Phase Two is a 15-acre development comprising a five-star hotel, shopping complexes, exhibition facilities, restaurants, cineplexes, two prime office towers and condominiums. Kryton is waterproofing another 15,000 cubic metres of concrete for this phase. When complete, KK Times Square will be completely waterproofed with Kryton’s Krystol Waterproofing System.Zenith Corporate Park, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaZenith Corporate Park is designed to be a leading business centre for Kelana Jaya in Kuala Lumpur. Kryton has been actively involved since April 2008, waterproofing more than 15,000 cubic metres of below-grade surfaces. In total, over 80,000 kilograms of KIM admixture will be used. The nine-acre project is expected to be completed by mid-2010 and will be Kryton’s flagship project in Kuala Lumpur.Kryton Distributors in the Asia-Pacific RegionKryton has distributors through the Asia-Pacific Region. Contact any of these distributors to find out more about how Kryton’s waterproofing products can save time and money. Alternatively contact Alain Lok, Kryton’s Regional Manager, at or by phone at 1-800-267-8280. Check out to see other areas where Kryton Asia-Pacific distributors are changing concrete construction for the better, including China and India.Korea Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Central Region and ThailandBuil Keonwha Co., Ltd. Concrete and Foundation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Contact: Mr. Im Sang Gyu Sarawak Contact: Mr. Doan Binh Rovski Technology SDN BHDTel: (822) 3473-4066 Tel: (66) 02-81-837-66 Contact: Mr. Mohd Hairunnazim Suli or Mr. Azhdrel HashimFax: (822) 3473-4642 Fax: (66) 02-81-837-67 Tel: +6 (035) 633-2908Email: Email: Fax: +6 (035) 634-1186Website: Email: or Website: Australia (NSW, Victoria, Brisbane and W.A)Taiwan Krystol Pty Ltd.Poplar Co., Ltd. Contact: Mr. Aaran Duncan or Mr. Claude FradelContact: Mr. Franco Kao or Mr. Andy Chen Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Tel: (02) 9545 3111 Concrete Waterproofing Technology Sdn BhdTel: +886-2-2561-8191 Fax: (02) 9545 3022 Contact: Mr. Tee Ah ChongFax: +886-2-2561-8008 Email: or Tel: (601) 88-726-386Email: Website: Fax: (601) 88-7120386Website: Email: ahchongt@gmail.comPhilippines New Zealand (Wellington and South Island)Jalipa Crystalline Waterproofing Services Brunei Fraser Brown Stratmore Ltd. Brunei Darussalam Contact: Mr. Hamish Stratmore or Mr. Craig MeiklejohnContact: Ms. Yassi Figdor BUE Enterprise Tel: (64 4) 567 8436Cell: +63-91-5319-1596 Contact: Mr. Chris Yong Or: 0800 835 699Tel: +63-28407-0359 Tel: (673) 233 9191 Fax: (64 4) 567 7232Fax: +63-2887-3724 Fax: (673) 233 3007 Email: Email: Website: Singapore New Zealand (Auckland)Gia Phu Dinh Construction Trading Co., Ltd. (based in Ho Chi Minh City) Lee Construction Pte Ltd Fraser Brown Stratmore Ltd.Contact: Brian Doan Contact: Mr. Dick Lee Contact: Mr. Denis MarraTel: +84 918 030 431 Tel: (65) 6842-2345 Mobile: (64) 27 245 9003Email: Or: (65) 9667-4326 Tel: (64 9) 535 3139 Fax: (65) 6842-4812 Fax: (64 9) 535 3039 Email: Or: 0800 835 699 Website: Email: Website: Krystol® Magazine
  16. 16. FOR EVERY PERSPECTIVE, WHATEVER THE PROJECT ENSURE PROFITABILITY Kryton saves developers ten’s of thousands of dollars and shaves weeks off the construction schedule through a proven concrete foundation tanking system. Krystol® ® technology features the award winning, original crystalline waterproofing admixture and 100% compatible, patent- pending crystalline joint system and proven crack- repair application. By Your Side.™ ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.