WCA2 Krystle Herbrandson- I want the REMOTE


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Remote Work: Business, Culture and Hiring for the Remote World

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WCA2 Krystle Herbrandson- I want the REMOTE

  1. 1. I want the REMOTE I WANT THE REMOTE: Business, Culture and Hiring for the Remote World Krystle Herbrandson @Kherbrandson
  2. 2. I want the REMOTE Who This Talk Is For? The workforce landscape is evolving.  Curious about remote working  Considering hiring new staff  Looking for remote positions  Currently working on a distributed team  Interested in having a remote team
  3. 3. I want the REMOTE Sucuri, Inc. is a globally distributed team with over more than 100 security professionals spread over 26 countries around the world. Why Remote?
  4. 4. I want the REMOTE Remote. Virtual. Distributed The Future of the Workforce. 50% of the US workforce hold jobs which are at least partially compatible with remote work. 20-25% currently virtually works at some frequency. 80-90% say they would like to telework at least part time. 3.7 million employees (2.8% of the workforce) now work remotely at least half time. *Telecommuniting Statistics: http://globalworkplaceanalytics.com/telecommuting-statistics Why Remote?
  5. 5. I want the REMOTE The Remote Worker Advantages  Valuable talent from anywhere  Increased Productivity  Employee Satisfaction and Retention  Cost Efficiencies  Positive Customer Impact  Distributed Coverage  Scalability
  6. 6. I want the REMOTE The Remote Worker Considerations  Proper Vetting Process  Remote Necessities  Communication Factors  Work Life Balance  Accountability and Trust
  7. 7. I want the REMOTE The Right Remote Worker Finding the ideal candidate is sometimes a challenge in it of itself. Now add in 1000’s of miles between you.  Thorough interview process  Candidate Rating System  Referrals / Job boards  Evaluation Period  Comprehensive Onboarding & Training
  8. 8. I want the REMOTE Remote Way Of Life Setting Expectations and Boundaries is a Must!!  Have a Defined Workspace  Have a Routine  Be available  Manage Interruptions  Take Care of Yourself
  9. 9. I want the REMOTE Remote Found Here  Referral Sources / Social Media / Employment Page  FlexJobs- Freelance to full-time  We Work Remotely- everything from customer service to programming  Working Nomads- Remote jobs directly to your inbox  Freelancer.com / Guru / Elance – Create a profile and start bidding on your next job  Dribble / AngelList / Stack Overflow- Tech Industry
  10. 10. I want the REMOTE Virtual Onboarding Having a defined company training system provides consistency and measureable results.  Build in a centralized place  Use your own valuable content  Create Individualized Training Plans  Gather Feedback  Knowledge Checks  Team Specific Training  Shadowing
  11. 11. I want the REMOTE Cultivating Culture “For remote teams, there are no walls, there are no tribes, there are no executives on the 5th floor, there’s no on watching over your shoulder, and there’s no one babysitting you. It’s simply individuals bound by TRUST with on common GOAL.” ~ Ryan Chartrand- 10 Secrets to Becoming a Great Remote Developer
  12. 12. Communication & Collaboration
  13. 13. I want the REMOTE Successfully Collaborate Remote Communication Tools  Slack  HipChat  IRC  Social Media  Zoom  Hangouts  Skype Remote Collaboration Tools  Trello / Asana  DropBox  BaseCamp  Google Drive  Google Calendar  Confluence  CloudApp  Team Timezone Map
  14. 14. Feeling Connected
  15. 15. I want the REMOTE Coaching Virtually Remote Coaching Misconceptions  Remote coaching is the same as in-office  Face to face is always better  Assuming people know the right direction Remote Coaching Concerns  Isolation  Team Bonding  Burnout  Meeting Overload  Tone and Delivery Remote Manager Insights  Myers-Briggs Personality Types vs Remote Work: http://www.slideshare.net/remoteworkmate/myersbriggs-personality-types-vs-remote-work
  16. 16. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1f/MyersBriggsTypes.png
  17. 17. I want the REMOTE Scaling Remote Teams  Process and Culture Shift  Project Management like Tools for internal teams- Trello, JIRA examples  HR System to Handle a Distributed Team- BambooHR  Company Policies for a global workforce  Defined Departments and Functionality  Cross-Functional Communication
  18. 18. I want the REMOTE Team Meet Ups
  19. 19. I want the REMOTE Securely Working Remotely The the concern for security is high now more than ever and a remote team introduces different risk factors.  Password Managers  Two Factor Authentication  VPNs  Open Wi-Fi- Cloak tool  Internet & Computer Safety Protocols  Disaster Planning
  20. 20. I want the REMOTE Q & A