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EarsPeeled Project


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How do I sound in English? And does it matter? The Ears Peeled Project has some answers; it was co-designed with learner groups and has assisted them in overcoming fears and improving skills while helping them find their own voice.
Workshop delivered at the TESOL MTh 2018 Convention.

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EarsPeeled Project

  1. 1. The Ears Peeled Project Learner Voices:
  2. 2. Failure? Opportunity! “When I speak in English, others just look at me. They don’t understand me. I don’t sound right”
  3. 3. “ S. Krashen “We acquire language when we understand messages, when we understand what people tell us, and when we understand what we read”
  4. 4. Observation Inquiry Task Brainstorm Try out ideas Offer Solutions
  5. 5. Offer Students the Chance to Listen and Speak Learning: Task-Based Project-Based
  6. 6. It’s a Team Effort Students: Assign roles Design tasks Create rubrics Monitor each other Reflect individually and collectively Teachers: Observe and Empower Monitor input and output Assess process and results Reflect individually and collectively
  7. 7. A Collection of Processes Weekly Tasks ◦ Read-Alouds ◦ Recordings ◦ The PM Board ◦ Self Assessment - Did I achieve the goals I set at the beginning of the week? - How? Are my products in my portfolio?
  8. 8. The PM Board Phonetic Message Board - ˈɡriːtɪŋ - tɑːsk of the deɪ - njuː və(ʊ)ˈkabjʊləri
  9. 9. Rubrics & Portfolios Self-Assessment Peer-Assessment Group Evaluation Criteria 1 2 3 4 Feedback ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 1 = criteria not met; 2 = criteria partially met; 3 = criteria met; 4 = exceeds expectations Holistic Rubric
  10. 10. Podcasts A Collection of Products Website Presentations -at schools -at community centers Community Reading LibriVox
  11. 11. Deliver Results Impact & Leave Your Mark Formulate Change
  12. 12. Levels of Impact Community Project Group World
  13. 13. Students Taking Part in The Ears Peeled Project Region Age Range Total Number of Students Competence Levels (CEFR) Athens 14-16 25 B1-C1 Naxos 14-16 8 B1-C1 Korinth 14-16 10 B1-C1
  14. 14. The more, the merrier! Join us!
  15. 15. Thank You! ANY QUESTIONS? Christina Chorianopoulou @kryftina