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Informative Videos: Making Online Surveys


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Informative videos on how to make online surveys or questionnaires using Excel 2007 and using Google Drive. This is helpful when we need to give surveys to a huge sample size and need to collect data in a short time.

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Informative Videos: Making Online Surveys

  1. 1. INFORMATIVE VIDEOS: MAKING ONLINE SURVEYS Data collection is a major part in research. Everybody is busy and getting a participant to fill up the questionnaire has become a challenging task. In this era of e-mail, social networking sites and e-medias, doing a survey, online, has become a part of many researches. The habit of clicking and typing has overtaken writing by hand. The following videos explain how to make a survey questionnaire to collect data through online. Click the links below to see the video. Please remember to leave your comments and share if you have new ideas. Thanks Make online survey : With Excel 2007 Part 1: Part 2: With Google Drive