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Using krumbs 151205

Photos are the new documents. Krumbs builds on the dual nature of photos: memories and compelling information. Krumbs Personal builds your personal visual web. Here is how to use it.

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Using krumbs 151205

  1. 1. Have fun.  Capture, Discover, Share Krumbs Personal: Connect Experiences.
  2. 2. Krumbs is an eco-system for visual experiences Capture Analyze Share Connect Inform Aggregate Act
  3. 3. Create a Visual Web by connecting along What: Objects Who: People When: Events Where: Location Why: Intent/Emotion Manual: Create your own.
  4. 4. Krumbs Personal: Weaving the Visual Web one experience at a moment.
  5. 5. Collecting Moments: Save Now, Share Later Save – Moment information – Your Intent/reaction – Photo Normal capture mode. Just richer information.
  6. 6. Instant Share: Share First, Then Save. • Instant Share – Tap and Share – Edit the message if you want One touch Creation of the message for share.
  7. 7. Emoji’s express your reaction to a situation. Capture experiences by tapping on an emoji. Each Emoji is an intention/reaction tag for your experience in a specific context.
  8. 8. Krumbs creates reports for you. • Your intent/reaction • Event • Location • Short audio • People • Objects Share it! Uses:
  9. 9. Krumbs identifies situations and suggests emoji’s for you. Selfie mode changes intent and messages automatically. You love selfies! Well change the mode.
  10. 10. Your experiences are linked in your personal Visual Web. ---- is your steering wheel. Navigate through experiences.
  11. 11. You drive! Select which direction you want to go by tapping on a link: People, Places, Emoji, Event. Want to see moments with the person in the photo?
  12. 12. Voila! Here are moments with Laleh.
  13. 13. Such as the Awesome Experiences icon. Find related experiences (or information) by tapping on the icons.
  14. 14. Awesome Experiences. Everything is linked for you .
  15. 15. Personalized Intelligent Search Find all experiences in Bordeaux?
  16. 16. Here is a recap of Bordeaux trip.
  17. 17. Wow! Look at that. Guess people do walk on water… I must share this. Can I edit it? Of course!
  18. 18. Edit brings you to the Krumbs Factory. Edit or create new experiential Krumbs .
  19. 19. Change/modify any of the Krumbs. Your contexts and choices are maintained and remembered.
  20. 20. Reports created for you, based on Krumbs.  Communicate with ease.
  21. 21. Audio Experience with each Photo • Each click records 5 seconds of audio. • Listen this as background sound. • Or, use this as a speech tag.
  22. 22. No Photo Left Alone You receive a photo from a friend. Save it in Krumbs Automatically linked in your Personal Visual Web.
  23. 23. Connect experiences by importing photos from your camera roll  Krumbs creates links from camera roll photos to broaden your personal visual web.
  24. 24. Ready!!! Let’s Connect Experiences.