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Lil bibby


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lil bibby class assigment work on wide middle and closes up shots

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Lil bibby

  2. 2. Lil Bibby real name Brandon G, Dickerson is a 22 year old rapper born and raised from the hoods of Chicago
  3. 3. In 2013 he release his first big mixtape titled Free Crack and the following year Free Crack 2 which got him to be on XXL freshman class of 2014
  4. 4. Lil Bibby was a high school drop out and looked to selling drugs and rapping was more his life style but recently has went back to school and earned his GED
  5. 5. Lil Bibby recently decided to go to college and attend Virginia commonwealth university (VCU) for computer engineering
  6. 6. Lil Bibby continue to rise as a artist and have been praised by top artist in the industry from the likes of Drake ,Jay Z, and Nicky Minaj