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Fire Sprinkler System Solution


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Fire Sprinkler System Solution

  1. 1. Easy Design Platform / SprinklCAD for Sprinkler System —— SAVE 80% OF YOUR DESIGN TIME Easy Design Platform - Design Sprinkler System with High Performance  All kinds of LAYOUT Function - Apply to any Irregular Room / Combined Room  Automatic ADJUSTMENT Function - Visible Dynamic Adjustment after Initial Design - Re-layout breaks traditional concept - Connect nozzles automatically after adjustment  Make your drawing more Standardized - No Overlap / Breakpoints / Broken Line ...  Estimate Pipe Diameter automatically according to NFPA 13 - TREE / LOOP / GRID System - Different Colors to distinguish pipe diameter SprinklCAD - Generate ISOMETRIC VIEW/CALCULATION REPORT/B.O.Q  Generate ISOMETRIC VIEW quickly  Accurate Hydraulic Calculation according to NFPA 13 - Select Application Area automatically - TREE / LOOP / GRID System - More than 2,000 Pipes / Nodes ability - Detail Calculation Report output to WORD / PDF  Get B.O.Q from Fire Fighting Drawing in a few SECONDS - Say Goodbye to Manual Statistics - Accurate Result, Correspond to drawing - Output to EXCEL / DRAWING